Holding your breath in a dangerous moment: The fierce story of a mother dog’s heroic struggle against a suddenly attacking cobra, shielding her vulnerable, sleeping babies.

Snakes rank high among the most perilous creatures worldwide. Earth is home to approximately 2500 to 3000 distinct snake species. Numerous of these reptiles possess such potent venom that a mere bite on a human can result in instantaneous fatality, without even granting a chance to quench their thirst.

A significant number of individuals experience a decline in their well-being upon encountering a snake directly in their path.

However, there are a few individuals who display an audacious nature and instead of fleeing, they try to handle the situation themselves.

The presence of a cobra snake, one of the deadliest species known, can swiftly result in a deterioration of the human condition due to its potent venom that has the capability to instantly claim a person’s life.

A heart-wrenching video has been circulating online, capturing the unfortunate demise of a mother dog and her newborn puppies. Tragically, just hours after giving birth to her precious little ones, the canine mother fell victim to a deadly snake attack, which took the lives of the entire family.

The news of the snake’s presence quickly spread among the grieving family members, who wasted no time in calling for help. Coming to their aid was a well-known rescue team led by the brave Murli, who is affectionately known as “Murli Wale Hausla”. With their expertise, the rescue crew embarked on a mission to locate and save the elusive snake, which had sought refuge amidst a maze of stone slabs.

After carefully navigating through the obstacles, the team successfully managed to reach the snake and safely extricate it from its hiding spot. The serpent was finally rescued from its bewildering capture, bringing a sense of relief to those witnessing the heartrending incident.

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