Are Silicone Utensils Dishwasher Safe?

In modern life, people tend to depend on automatic machines much more than they did in the past, and a dishwasher is an indispensable electric tool in the kitchen now. However, are silicone utensils dishwasher safe

Don’t get me wrong, we mean if it’s ok to put silicone tools into a dishwasher. You get no idea? Let’s find out now.


Why Do People Love To Use Silicone Utensils?

Physically, silicone has a great ability to tolerate high heat as well as low heats. It can withstand extreme temperatures, way about 200 degrees Celsius and down to -60 degrees Celsius. That is the reason why it is used to cover the handles of cookware.

Another plus for silicone is the slippery nature. It is a great nonstick choice for kitchen utensils.

One of the best benefits of silicone utensils is durability. For some items, you can fold it to store easily. Another point worth mentioning is that it won’t shatter like glass when dropped on the floor.

With all these amazing features, are the silicone utensils dishwasher safe? The answer is below, stay tuned and read on, please.

Are Silicone Utensils Dishwashers Safe For Our Health?

The dishwasher is based on a very simple mechanism. The pump and spray arms force and push the water through the dishes. Hence, all dirt will be swept away quickly. 

The machine will heat the water with electric energy so that it can dilute the detergent better. When the dishes are clean, the machine will use hot air to dry them out.

Some people worry that the silicone utensils are melted by the machine. In addition, they think the heat will create some unknown chemical processes. Hence, it is harmful to our health.

In fact, the temperature inside the dishwasher is about 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 53 to 60 degrees Celsius only. Whilst, the silicone objects, as we mentioned above, can withstand 200 degrees Celsius. 

Hence, the heats of the dishwasher machine are in the tolerance level of silicone utensils. Your kitchen tools won’t be melted or degenerated in the machine. So, you have no doubt about cleansing your kitchen tools with a dishwasher.

However, you need to take note. Some items are not recommended to use dishwashers due to their ingredients. Wherefore, we highly recommend reading the instruction from manufacturers clearly beforehand.

Some Items You Should Not Throw In The Dishwasher

Reading from the start to this part, you may think, “even silicone can go in the dishwasher, then everything can.” In fact, it’s a wrong idea.

Although the temperature in the dishwasher is not as high as your gas stove, it is harmful to some kitchen tools in case you overwash them with the machine.

Wood utensils, for example, may get curved or even cracked due to the effect of the heat.

Food containers with gaskets are not recommended to get washed automatically. The gasket can warp after a few washes. As a result, you should remove the gasket and make handy washes for this part solely.

In Conclusion

From now on, if anyone considers “Are silicone utensils dishwasher safe?”, you can firmly say “Yes.” But, take note of some tools that cannot go in the dishwasher, or you may cry over their breaking. Now, why don’t you buy a dishwasher and silicone utensils? Let’s go shopping! 

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