How To Remove Glued Down Carpet Pad From Concrete – Detail Instruction

Glued down carpet pad is commonly used in decorating houses and buildings. But over time, the carpet pads got old, and homeowners probably want to replace them with a new one. How to remove the old ones from the concrete floor with such carpet adhesive? It turns out to be a challenging task. If you … Read more

How To Get Flarp Out of Carpet – 4 Quick Steps

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Drywall Vs Drop Ceiling Cost – A Detailed Comparison

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Staining Maple Floor – How to Stain Maple Floors Properly

Maple is a type of flooring that I love due to its light color, high hardness, and smooth grain. Maple wood is perfectly suitable for lining modern-style houses, always ensuring the space with a clean, bright wooden floor surface and a natural look. However, maple flooring has a distinctive appearance because it is mainly creamy … Read more

Best Type Of Flooring For An Unheated Sunroom – Which One Will Suit You?

Unlike a heated sunroom with a heating system, an unheated sunroom receives warmth directly from the sun. For this reason, there is hardly anything placed in the room as decoration except for the flooring layer.  Finding the best type of flooring for an unheated sunroom is quite challenging for people who have first designed an … Read more

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Carpet Without A Stretcher

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How To Strengthen Floor Joists From Beneath

What are floor joists exactly? Floor joists support the floors that are not immediately linked to a concrete subfloor. They provide flooring the strength to bear the weight of humans, animals, and many other things in the house.  However, as time passes by, floor joists can lose their supporting strength and may sag or bounce. … Read more

Is Cork Flooring Waterproof? & How to Maintain It

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Is It Better To Glue Or Float An Engineered Wood Floor?

Engineers design engineered wood floors to have a perfect balance of strength, stability, and wear resistance. But what’s the best way to install them? The most popular installation methods are gluing or floating. So is it better to glue or float an engineered wood floor? In many cases, it will depend on your preference as … Read more