Banana Peel Garbage Disposal – How To Make It Right?

Studying the banana peel garbage disposal is vital as banana peels have scads of other uses. Instead of discarding them in the trash can, do we have any interesting ideas to reuse them? The answer is yes.

This blog will show you a broad range of ways to take advantage of banana peel leftovers. So, let’s get the ball rolling!


Can You Put a Banana Peel in the Garbage Disposal? 

It goes on and on, saying you should throw banana peels in the waste disposal bin, and some say you shouldn’t. In our perspective, we highly recommend to stay away from putting the banana skins down the drain.

Fibrous materials like banana peels are tremendously rough on your garbage disposal. Nature gives these fruit firm jackets to protect the food inside. Thus, your disposal motor can’t cope with these harsh skins. They’ll plug the drain piping, resulting in loading up the local wastewater utility.

Banana peels are also not recyclable. They are food waste taking around one month to two years to decompose completely. 25% are thrown away and end up in landfills, where they emit methane – a harmful greenhouse gas.

However, should you dispose of them properly, they won’t negatively affect the environment.

How Should You Make The Banana Peel Garbage Disposal Work?

Compost It

Banana skins add lots of nutrients to the soil

After eating a piece of fruit, you shouldn’t throw them right away in a trash bin. Or, better yet, compost it. Banana peels are a fantastic item to mix into your compost pile.

Peels break down very quickly. They provide potassium and phosphorus to the pile to encourage root growth and overall plant health once integrated into garden soil.

All you have to do is get a compost bin for your backyard, fill it up about halfway with dead leaves, and start collecting your banana waste. Banana peels in a compost pile are the element to produce an aerobic environment with oxygen and a tiny amount of carbon dioxide.

Be aware, banana skins are green material, and too much of a good thing can offset the compost’s balance.

Feed Your Animals or Seedling

While humans can’t digest banana peels, plenty of wildlife will be more than happy to eat them as a snack.

After cleaning the peels of any wax or pesticide, add some ground up dried banana peels to feed your livestock like chickens, pigs, or rabbits.

What’s more? You can also feed banana waste to your indoor plants and seedlings.

To treat the indoor plants, immerse a banana peel in a big pot of water. After that, you have to mix one portion of the resulting banana skin water with five normal water sections in a watering jug to fertilize the plants.

To treat the seedlings, cut up the banana skins and bury one or two tiny pieces in the dirt at the foot of planting holes or pip-starting containers. Not only will this give your young plants a spur of nutrients but also support in root maturing and disorder resistance.

Please note that your seeds and seedlings don’t directly touch the ripening peels at the planting time as it may burn and damage roots and seeds.

Keep Aphids Out of Your Garden

Another common use for banana peels is to deter aphids from harming your plants.

Bury a few minor pieces of ready banana waste beneath the soil’s surface around plants vulnerable to aphids. The abominable pests hate the gases emission from decomposing peels. They will soon look for more attractive feeding grounds.

REMEMBER: Be certain to use just a few small pieces since the sharp scent of the whole skin may draw in wasps, rodents, and other bigger pests searching for a sweet meal.

Tenderize Your Meat

One more interesting use of banana peels is tenderizing your meat. Simply put a ripe banana peel in the roasting pan to deter boneless, skinless meat cuts from beefing up and drying off while cooking.

Super useful, right?

All banana peel garbage disposal tricks above should work for you. Or else, you can throw them in the trash can like what most people do.

Apart from the tips mentioned, banana peels also have tons of other potential uses, such as making vinegar or relieving rashes and itches.

Wrapping Up

Studying the banana peel garbage disposal methods is never a redundancy. Not only does it make a huge contribution to saving the environment, but it also gives you a hand to take care of your garden as well as your drain.

You are effectively killing two birds with one stone, aren’t you?

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