Can I Use Diesel To Clean My Motorcycle Chain?

The motorcycle chain is an essential part of the vehicle’s movement. When moving, this part is degraded by dust, sand, stone, wear, and tear, etc. Therefore, we should clean the chains regularly. 

Well, can I use diesel to clean my motorcycle chain? Read this article to know!


Can I Use Diesel To Clean My Motorbike Chain? 

Diesel is a liquid fuel, produced from the gasoil segment. Diesel product is the result of direct oil distillation, between the kerosene and lubricating oil. It is heavier than kerosene and gasoline. And diesel has an evaporation temperature from 175 to 370 degrees Celsius.

It is perfectly normal to use diesel to clean the engine parts. Diesel is a solution that dissolves and is as strong as gasoline. But diesel is not flammable like gasoline and won’t affect your plastic chain or other materials (except metal), so it’s very safe. Because of the above characteristics, diesel can remove dirt, stone, and damage to the motorcycle chain from the environment without damaging the chain.

Also, the main cause of dirty slugs is soil and sand mixed with oil, so we can not wash it in the usual way, because they are attached to the engine, but diesel is a good oil cleanser. That is the exact answer to this question “Can I use diesel to clean my motorcycle chain?”

How Often Should You Clean Your Motorcycle Chain? 


When using motorbikes every day or traveling, many people forget that car chains can be dusty when riding on passes, bad roads, dirty, muddy, etc. So they do not pay attention to cleaning motorcycle chains. This will cause the motorcycle chain to deteriorate or damage.

Therefore, you should check, change the oil periodically, and clean the motorbikes chain when you have traveled about 150 km.

How to Clean Your Motorcycle Chain?

First, you prepare a liter of diesel oil and a dedicated palm tree about 10cm long.

Then, you stand up on the middle kickstand, lined the paper under the engine block, and proceed to turn the wheel while pouring some oil on the rotating chain to clean the overview.

Next, you dip your brush into diesel oil and scrub your motorcycle chain more thoroughly to remove dirt. After scrubbing, you take the oil tank directly on the slug again, pouring it while rotating the wheel. And if you see any area is not clean, use a brush to scrub again.

Use a dry cloth or a drying tool to blow the oil on your motorcycle chain. Finally, spray with the solution on the lower slack of the chain, while spinning the wheel.

Thus, your motorcycle chain has cleaned. Simply, right?

In Sum

Lots of people ask questions “Can I use diesel to clean my motorcycle chain?” And the answer is that diesel can clean the chain of your motorcycle and diesel safely, quickly, and conveniently.

I hope this information will be useful for you when cleaning your motorcycle chain with diesel.

Let’s give it a try!

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