Can I Use Windex As Windshield Wiper Fluid: What You Must Know

Windex is the glass cleaner brand that has been trusted and used worldwide for so many decades. As it is an available product in our houses, some might want to use it for our windshield. But can I use Windex as windshield wiper fluid? Is it a good option for cars’s glasses and furniture?

During this blog, we will show you the useful information about Windex so you can decide whether you want to use this product for your vehicle or not. 

Can I Use Windex As Windshield Wiper Fluid?

If you have already used Windex as wiper fluid for your windshield, you would see how clean the glass looks. Does it mean this product is safe for the glass if applied for a long time? The answer is, “No.” No matter how handy and convenient it is to use Windex for your car, you need to avoid using it at any cost. Here is why!

The Negative Effects of Ammonia on Auto Glass and Car Furniture

To decide if a product is safe and effective for an object, you should know about the material and characteristics of the product you are going to use. 

Let’s talk about the product first. Although Windex is a great choice for cleaning our home glasses, it is not a safe option for windshields or even auto glass. 

Not only the glass, but this product can also harm some furniture in your car. The reason for this is the ammonia found in Windex. 

Unlike your home glass, auto glass is made from different materials, and it is really sensitive and damageable by ammonia. Ammonia can give your auto glass a glare when you are driving in the dark or at night, damage the tint of your glass no matter if it is the original tint or not. 

If you replace windshield wiper fluid with Windex or add some Windex in your windshield wiper fluid, the effects will be even more serious. The ammonia found in this cleaner will ruin the car’s washer system, dry out the car’s rubber moldings, and potentially dry out the car’s hoses, which connect the spray nozzles and the windshield washer. 

Moreover, this chemical can even destroy the windshield washer’s spray nozzles’ quality and function if applied for a long time.

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Windex Does Not Contain Helpful Chemicals Found in Wiper Fluid

Some new Windex products do not contain ammonia. But, it is still not a good choice for windshield cleaning as it does not contain helpful and functional chemicals found in windshield wiper fluid. 

In most windshield wiper fluid products, we normally find Ethylene Glycol, Methanol, and also a small amount of anti-freeze Ethanol. These chemicals were intentionally added to the windshield wiper fluid products to help the glass stay functional and remain in its best condition in the cold or even freezing weather conditions. 

Many of us might think the only function of auto glass cleaner is to make it clean. However, auto glass and windshield cleaner should be able to do more than just cleaning, especially when you need to drive in harsh weather, including snowy or rainy conditions. 

Moreover, a good windshield cleaner needs to have ingredients that can lubricate your washer fluid pump. If this part of your windshield cleaning system is not lubricated enough, it will leak, stop working, get corroded, and this is definitely not what you want to happen to your car. 

For all of these reasons, again, do not use Windex as windshield wiper fluid, but do your research and choose a real wiper fluid for your car. It is not easy to say what products are good or bad. To pick the best auto glass washer, you need to know what chemicals are helpful for the weather you are living in. 

In case you live in the warm weather, then most windshield wiper fluid will work pretty well. However, if you need to drive in freezing or snowy conditions, make sure you choose the ones that contain Ethylene Glycol, Ethanol, and other de-icing ingredients. 

There are also specific products made for rainy seasons or keeping bugs away. If you do not know so much about all the different ingredients, you can search on the Internet or ask the seller to pick the best option. When you already find your useful product, please do not change it unless you find something better. 

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What Are The Alternatives For Windshield Wiper Fluid? 

Before listing some of the good alternatives for windshield wiper fluid, we want to remind you that these alternatives might not have the chemicals that will help you drive in the best condition through really harsh weather. All of these alternatives are not supposed to be poured into the fluid tank. 

However, if the region you are living in has nice weather and all you want is to clean up the glass, then here are our suggestions:

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is also one of the ingredients added in commercial windshield wiper fluid. To use alcohol as an auto glass washer, you need to mix it with water first. Like any other alternatives, you will have to stick with the ratio and never add more alcohol than what you need. 

The good ratio between alcohol and water is one cup of alcohol and four liters of water or three small cups of alcohol and one (US liquid) gallon.


Vodka can be mixed with water with the same ratio of alcohol to be your glass cleaner. Follow the same instruction mentioned above to make your washer. 

Distilled White Vinegar

White vinegar is an effective ingredient not for household usage but also for auto glass cleaning. This ingredient will not freeze in the cold weather, so that it can be a great alternative for windshield cleaning in the winter. 

Even though vinegar is a good option, you should stick with the right ratio if you do not want the acid existing in vinegar to damage your car glass. Mix vinegar and water with the ratio of 1:3, stir it carefully until the two ingredients are completely mixed. You can spray this solution on a cloth or dip a cloth on it, then gently wipe the glass line by line.


Water can be a quick and cheap alternative for cleaning easy grease and dust off your windshield. With water, you can clean off your glass without worrying about damaging its quality. Unlike other alternatives, water is an exception because you can pour it on your washer tank. 

Even though this alternative is handy and harmless, you should not use it if you live in cold or freezing weather because the water will easily freeze. 

Glass Cleaner

Some commercial glass cleaners are acceptable to be used on your auto glass. Before using any of them on your car, make sure you check the ingredients carefully to ensure it does not have ammonia. One of the best ways to know whether a cleaning product is safe for auto glass is to read its label. Most auto glass-friendly cleaners will state it on their label.

Last Opinion

Can I use Windex as windshield wiper fluid? After reading this blog, we are sure you know the answer. Even though you should not use this handy product for cleaning auto glass, you can check other suitable commercial products or even alternatives to clean and protect your windshield quality.

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