Can Vacuum Cleaners Kill Cockroaches And Other Insects?

Cockroaches and pest infestations are encountered by almost all households, especially in cramped rooms or small houses. You are dreaming about ways to combat bad bugs and cockroaches, right? 

Have you ever wondered: Can vacuum cleaners kill cockroaches and other insects? We will help you get all the questions answered.


Can Vacuum Cleaners Kill Cockroaches? 

A vacuum cleaner is a familiar and popular dust cleaning tool in every home. You use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean the dirt easily. But what about annoying insects like cockroaches? Can you use a vacuum cleaner to “wash away” them from every corner of your home?

Using a vacuum cleaner to keep cockroaches out of every corner of a house or inn seems a bit silly. You may not have thought of this purpose of a vacuum cleaner.

Predictably, smoking disgusting cockroaches in a vacuum would probably make no sense. They cannot die. Maybe this is just a temporary way to “lock” them up. Then you need to take the next steps to thoroughly “kill” all cockroaches.

Cockroaches are a problem owing to their inconveniences

In general, most insects will die when vacuumed into a vacuum bag by a vacuum cleaner. But everyone knows that cockroaches are difficult to destroy because of their strength and endurance.

You know, most insecticides are not specifically intended for the destruction of cockroaches. Because most likely, you need a very large amount of insecticide to kill cockroaches. But cockroaches today are evolving in the direction of drug resistance, becoming stronger and stronger.

In particular, when it comes to the most common household pest, German cockroaches, almost everyone is frustrated and desperate. Many people – including yourself – are curious to know if cockroaches die after being sucked into the machine by a vacuum cleaner.

Can cockroaches and other insects get out of the vacuum cleaner bag easily and continue to multiply in your home?

According to a famous former entomologist, Elizabeth Uster has demonstrated that cockroaches can completely live in a vacuum environment. Even the eggs of a female cockroach can survive, develop, and grow into adulthood after being easily out of the vacuum cleaner bag.

Therefore, to ensure cockroaches’ destruction after being “confined” in a vacuum cleaner bag, take out the bag immediately and place it in the hot sun or the cold.

More simply, to “get rid of” or “expel” them from your home, you can immediately throw the bag with cockroaches out of the trash away from the garage and take it away for disposal.

Some other consumers put soapy water in cockroach-rich areas before vacuuming to suck all the disgusting cockroaches into the machine’s pocket. Soapy water has a chemical capable of breaking down the cockroach’s skeleton and outer armor layer quite effectively.

Vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters are also a great way to remove small objects such as cockroaches’ size quickly.

However, according to experts, using a vacuum cleaner is probably not an effective method for professional cockroach treatment. You need to consider and monitor whether this is effective to remove cockroaches from your living space.

Our Verdict

For many households, cockroaches are a problem owing to the inconveniences that they trigger. Yet, they are not eradicated easily. To restrict this issue, you need to have decisive and correct care.

Can vacuum cleaners kill cockroaches? “Maybe” is the answer. However, afterward, you need to provide concrete and extreme measures to ensure the cockroaches are removed.

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