Can You Flush Coffee Grounds Down the Toilet?

After brewing some coffee (except for instant products), we often leave a lot of coffee ground. Instead of using this waste for numerous benefits, many people flush it into the toilet to reduce the odor. But in some cases, a significant amount of coffee ground can clog the pipes.

So, can you flush coffee grounds down the toilet

Let’s get started to find out the answer.

Can i flush coffee grounds down the toilet (photo by E. v. Münch)

Can You Flush Coffee Grounds Down The Toilet?

It is NO because coffee grounds can cause the toilet to get clogged. Honestly, there could be no problem if you accidentally flush coffee grounds into your toilet. But the result may change when you do it too many times with a significant number of coffee grounds. 

Over time, coffee grounds clump beneath the toilet bowl and then settle through the drain pipes. The buildup of coffee waste can prevent water from flowing smoothly. It also catches foods, oils, and the other garbage that go by the drainage system for the worse plumbing issue. 

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What To Do If The Toilet Gets Clogged Due To Coffee Grounds?

Our recommendation includes two ways to unclog coffee grounds which are stuck in the toilet. Here they are.

Using Enzyme Products

The function of an enzyme product is to liquefy coffee grounds beneath the toilet. This waste removal is not only cheap but also eco-friendly. Hence, it is available in most households.

After applying the enzyme product into the pipe, you should wait for a few hours. Coffee grounds will slowly break down. And then, you can flush the toilet. 

Adding Some Hot Water

If the enzyme product cannot work alone, you should try to add some hot water. 

Firstly, you prepare a bucket of hot water. One note is that the hot water bathtub is good enough because the boiling water can damage the toilet’s porcelain coverage. The force of hot water can help to unclog the coffee-ground buildup.

How To Dispose Of Coffee Grounds?


It is unnecessary to flush coffee grounds into the toilet. Why don’t you try some alternatives to the following so that a clogged toilet will not drive you insane? 

Throwing Away

The easiest and environmentally-friendly solution for the coffee grounds is to toss them into the trash bin. Due to the odor absorption, they somehow can reduce the unpleasant smell from the garbage. 


Used coffee grounds are not entirely useless. On the contrary, there are many ways to take advantage of this like-waste stuff. But you have to dry used coffee grounds before storing them so that mold has no chance of growing. Two simple options to let coffee grounds are:

  • Option 1: Spreading coffee grounds on a baking sheet and placing it under the sunlight for about two days. 
  • Option 2: Drying coffee grounds in the oven at the temperature of 200°F for about 30 minutes. 

Now, it is time to use dry coffee grounds.

Removing carbon buildup from the bottom of pots and pans

You can use a small number of coffee grounds to scrub pots, pans, or kitchen sinks with the carbon buildup. If you do not want to leave an ugly tinge, don’t forget to ensure that your pot/pan/kitchen sink comes with the scratch-resistant feature. 

Scrubbing your skin

Using coffee grounds to scrub is one of the most beneficial ways for your skin. It helps to exfoliate, moisturize, and protect your skin from the sunlight. 

You mix a tablespoon of olive oil with ¼ cup of coffee grounds. If you have oily skin, we suggest replacing the oil with water. Next, you apply this mixture and massage your face. Then you wash your face with warm water.

Feeding plants

Another suggestion is to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer to help the plant with better growth. You add some coffee grounds onto the soil with water.

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Overall, coffee grounds are not safe for the toilet. They can damage your drainage system over time. If you are not confident about our guide for the stuck coffee grounds in the toilet, we suggest asking a professional plumber for help. However, it will never be better to pour the coffee grounds into the toilet. 

In case you need more explanation regarding the question, “Can you flush coffee grounds down the toilet?” let us know right away. We will surely be back with a more detailed discussion later.

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