Can You Iron Dry Clean Only – How To Do It?

We all have a time when our favorite dress has a “dry clean only” tag. And the time you take it out from your closet, the wrinkles founded on your favorite item are driving you nuts. The only way you could fix them is to use an iron. Right at that moment, you are wondering,  “Can You Iron Dry Clean Only – How To Do It?”.

Let’s dive right into this post to find your satisfying answer!


Can You Iron Dry Clean Only – How To Do It? – Steps To Follow

Step 1 – Heat Your Iron Beforehand 

The first step is to plug and turn your iron on in an appropriate setting. Remember to turn off your iron steaming function, as it might damage your lovely dress.

Step 2 – Cover Your Cloth And Iron

After your iron is ready, you will need to cover your cloth with a barrier like a cotton sheet or a paper sheet to diffuse the iron heat as you do not want your garment to look abnormally shiny, right? 

Then all you need to do is iron normally as you always do. It is best not to press your iron too much, but just let the weight of iron push your garment is enough! 

Step 3 – Hang Your Cloth

Hang your cloth after ironing is quite important

And the last step is to hang your clothes. Only when you are in a hurry, hanging your cloth will give it the time to cool down and reduce the wrinkles that might appear when you put on.

Now with the simple three steps above, you must be ready to make your cloth beautiful again, right? But wait, here is something you should note.

Notice When Iron Dry Clean Only

  • Make sure your cloth is ironed on a flat surface. There is nothing terrible than having an even worse shaped dress compared to its original form, right? 
  • With a suit, you can put it on a hot plate to stretch the pockets and many different parts of your suit.
  • Remember not to leave the iron on your dress too long to avoid burning.
  • To prevent any fingerprints from appearing on your item, you can have a napkin with you when ironing.
  • Another note for you is that you will need another iron temperature for each type of dry clean fabric. So be sure to read the instructions for the garments of your cloth carefully. 

The Final Words

With all the knowledge above, you might have the answer to the question, “Can You Iron Dry Clean Only – How To Do It?”. It is no surprise that iron dry clean needs attention to detail because of its unique fabric.

But you can have an outstanding outfit if you use your iron right. Try all the steps above and be ready for any party with your smooth and shiny clothes! Best wishes to you!

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