Can You Mix Bleach and Pine Sol And Use This Combination Safely?

Pine Sol and bleach are undoubtedly two of the strongest cleaning products many families have in their houses, including mine. Unlike other mild detergents, these two products can effectively help us remove the worst stains on different surfaces and materials. 

Commercial products are effective because they contain harsh chemicals, and unfortunately, Pine Sol and bleach are not the exceptions here. Because of the chemicals, some people worry about side effects if they mix them.

So, can you mix bleach and Pine Sol? In this blog, I will tell you my experience and research after mixing these two cleaners!

Can You Mix Bleach and Pine Sol?

So, can you mix bleach and Pine-Sol? No, you should never mix these two products. As far as I know, if we combine Pine-Sol and bleach, this mixture will produce chlorine gas – a gas that is harmful to our health. 

I’ve heard somewhere that mixing strong cleaners like Pine-Sol and bleach together can form a super-effective cleaner that can help remove the worst household stain. So, I tried to mix a little of these two products, but luckily, I did some research after combining these two liquids and stopped using them immediately. 

Bleach should never be mixed with Pine Sol

What Are the Risks of Mixing Pine Sol and Bleach? 

If you are careful and read the information of one of these two products, you would know that the manufacturers and professionals already listed Pine Sol and bleach into the categories of “dangerous when mixed.” The chlorine gas coming out of this mixture can cause several problems like:

  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Respiratory passages irritation
  • Fainting
  • Respiratory failure
  • Even death

How to Use  Pine Sol and Bleach Safely?

1. Never Mix Them

The first rule you should always keep in mind is never mixing Pine-Sol and bleach for safety concerns. Yes, these two cleaning products are powerful and can clean the toughest stains on different surfaces, but combining them (which I have done) does not mean the combination will be any more powerful and help clean better. 

Ensure you use either Pine-Sol or bleach separately. If you want to use both of them, you should use one product at once and move to the other instead of mixing them. After applying one product, if you still see the stains, you can keep using another product as long as you do not use them simultaneously. 

2. Never Mix Them With Other Product

Cleaning products made with strong chemicals like bleach and Pine-Sol should always be taken seriously. Why? Because the chemicals can always react together and form some unexpected gas that is harmful or even deadly for us. 

If your friends or families suggest you mix Pine-Sol or bleach with some other product, you should not do what they say immediately but instead spend some time doing your research. 

3. Dilute Them with Water 

Unless the stains are extremely stubborn, you should always dilute Pine-Sol or bleach with water. The chemicals in these products are harsh and can negatively affect your skin if you use them in pure forms. 

To ensure that you mix the right amount of cleaner and water, read the product’s label or do quick research to follow the proper ratio. 

4. Wear Gears

Whether you use pure or diluted Pine-Sol and Bleach, it is still advisable to wear gear. One time, I did not wear gloves while cleaning my kitchen with Pine Sol, and the consequence is that my hand skin was severely affected. 

For this reason, prepare essential gear before using products made from harmful chemicals. Here, you need some gloves and a mask (if you do not want to inhale the harsh smell of these strong cleaners.) 

You should wear gear while using Pine-Sol (source)


So, can you mix bleach and Pine Sol? I bet you already know the answer is No. After sharing my experience with Pine-Sol and bleach with you, I hope you will always be careful while using these two products. 

Not only these cleaners, but before using or mixing anything made from harsh chemicals, consumers like you and me should always research to protect our health and get the best results.

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