Can You Put Disinfectant In A Steam Mop Safely? – Answer And Tips

I have a question for you. It’s about your steam mop and disinfectant, but it isn’t the usual “what is the best way to clean a bathroom?” or “how do I get rid of mold?” type of question. 

No, this one is more specific, and it has to do with using chemical cleaners in your steam mop. This article will explore “can you put disinfectant in a steam mop safely”. If so, what are some things that need to be considered? What should never go into a steam mop? Read on! 

Can I put Disinfectant in my Steam Mop?

Can You Put Disinfectant in A Steam Mop?

The short answer is No. In case your manufacturers say you can add a certain cleaner into the tank, you can do it, but most of the time, you cannot.

Normally, you should never add disinfectant or any other chemical into the mop’s tank, or else you would ruin the mop. The majority of steam mop companies produce mops that only work with water and nothing else. So if you add cleaner or anything else but water inside of it, the system will be ruined. 

Damaging is not the only reason you should say no to adding disinfectant in your steam mop, but safety is the biggest concern. Sometimes, the cleaner you use might contain chemicals that can lead to an explosion.

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Does Steam Mop Cleaning Disinfect?

Yes, it does. You might think chemicals are the only things that can kill bacterias and germs, but the truth is that the heat itself can do a really good job in this case. 

While you are using the mop, you would know that the cloth can collect the dirt pretty well, and the steam will point directly at the surfaces you are working with. 

Only with pure water, your steam mop helps you get rid of the grease, dirt and disinfect your floors and other surfaces. For this reason, disinfectant is not necessary or required.

I feel lucky because I did research and read the label of my steam mop first instead of adding the disinfectant in my mop right at the start. Or else, I might have already ruined the mop or been in danger for no reason as a disinfectant is not needed.

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What Are The Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Steam Floor Mop?

  • Mistake #1: Plugging in your steam mop with a wet hand might cause electrical shock.
  • Mistake #2: Using your steam mop on laminate floors or hardwood floors can ruin the flooring.
  • Mistake #3: Leaving the running mop in one area for too long can burn the surface you are working on as the mop will get heated fast. 
  • Mistake #4: The mildew will grow eventually if you leave the wet mop on your steam mop. 


Can you put disinfectant in a steam mop? After reading my blog, you will know that among several cleaning methods, steam mopping is one of the most powerful ones for me as it can help me get rid of hard grease, dirt, and even bacteria. 

For this reason, you do not need disinfectant to clean your house with a steam mop. In case you still want to use it, make sure you read the product’s label first.

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