Can You Put Epoxy On Hardwood Floors?

Using ceramic tiles, granite, or wood to line the floor has become familiar and common today. But have you heard of beautifying the floor with epoxy paint?

If you are unfamiliar with this special paint, you miss out on a great option to help your floor look perfect. The following article will help resolve the question, “Can you put epoxy on hardwood floors?”

Can You Put Epoxy On Hardwood Floors? 

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The answer is Yes. The epoxy can be used to coat the surface of your boards with a protective coating. It’s frequently used to preserve wooden furniture from dampness, and it can do the same for your beautiful hardwood floors, but it’s not a perfect answer. 

Let me introduce you to a little about the specification of epoxy. Epoxy paint is made up of two parts: a resin and a catalyst. When these two ingredients are mixed, they form a tough covering that can resist abuse. Epoxy paint works well on concrete surfaces like those found in basements and garages.

From my experience with epoxy, epoxy won’t harm the wood, but it can go wrong in a few ways. For example, the floor-made bay wood’s moisture content expands and contracts in response to temperature changes.

When moisture is trapped, it seeks to escape and can cause blistering in the epoxy. Another factor to consider is that wood expands and shrinks, gradually weakening the epoxy connection until it cracks underfoot.

How To Apply Epoxy To Your Hardwood Floor? 

I have tried many processes to apply the epoxy to my hardwood floor. If someone told you that applying epoxy was hard, do not worry. Trust me; if I can do this, you can do this. And today I will show you the way to have the best result: 

Step 1: Surface Treatment

The floor always has protrusions, unevenness, or cracks. That’s the reason why you and I need to re-beautify them with epoxy. Before painting, use epoxy glue or use cement to treat all those positions; otherwise, it will affect the quality of the hardwood floor.

Step 2: Mix Paint According to The Manufacturer’s Ratio

Until the two components are mixed, the epoxy paint will stay wet. A wooden stir stick should be used to mix the resin and catalyst in a 5-gallon bucket for at least five minutes. My advice for this step is to mix thoroughly because inadequate stirring might result in uneven and streaky epoxy application.

Step 3: Epoxy Application to The Floor

A roller attached to a rolling pole should be used to apply epoxy paint. The roller, on the other hand, should have a shed-resistant nap cover. From my experiences, because epoxy hardens rapidly, the entire floor must be covered in a single session, as the epoxy will only last an hour or two.


The answer is always a yes when it comes to the question of “Can you put epoxy on hardwood floors?” However, remember that when covering the wood floor with epoxy, start with the furthest corner first and work your way back toward the room’s exit point. Otherwise, you would be stuck in wet epoxy paint. 

If you are not confident with your skills, you can ask for the help of professional units to renovate your wooden floor.

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