Can You Put Hardwood Flooring On Stairs?

As hardwood floors have high-end aesthetics and durability, they are widely favored and installed in many rooms of a house. Are you planning to reconstruct your house and also decide to give it a brand new elegant look with the help of hardwood?

Yet, is it possible to install them throughout the house or only a few rooms and corners? Can you put hardwood flooring on stairs? What stair design can you get with hardwood flooring?

Can You put Hardwood Floors on Stairs

As hardwood lovers and home install experts, we would love to share with you some of our advice and guidelines on this topic. Let’s follow us now!

Can You Put Hardwood Flooring On Stairs?

YES! You can absolutely put those appealing hardwood flooring on your stairs for easy cleaning, durability, and value improvement. 

Though applying hardwood flooring on stairs makes it slippery and quite dangerous to walk on, you can easily solve this issue by adding stair runners or an anti-slip floor finish. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Putting Hardwood Flooring On Stairs?

As mentioned, flooring stairs with hardwood comes with a lot of advantages. Now, let’s find out what they are one by one:

Added Aesthetic

The main reason why people favor installing hardwood floors on stairs is because of the aesthetic enhancement it brings to the home. Surely, no one can deny this fact, right? 

To be more specific, the beauty of hardwood floors mainly comes from the wood’s natural grain color and patterns. Despite the simpleness of those wooden patterns, the difference in wood tones possessed an irresistible classic charm. 

Have you noticed that the stair is the most visible eye-catching area in the house once you step inside? Hence, people often choose to decorate their house with wooden stairs to make a big impression on the guests. 

In addition, the wooden-colored floors applied on the stairs are also easy to match with any interior style and color, maintaining consistency and harmony inside the house.

Easiness For Cleaning

Staircases turn out to be one the most at-risk places in the home, as these areas easily get dirty quickly when people usually wander up and down more than one time a day. 

Sometimes, the carpet on the stairs is ruined by a glass of red wine or your kids playing with colored stuff or liquid. Stairs are also on the top challenging area to clean when there are carpets.

Meanwhile, it will be much easier to clean with wooden flooring. You can apply many cleaning and polishing methods to make the floors always look brand new. Those methods include using cleaner from household items, vacuum, or mopping. 

Increased Durability

No kind of carpet flooring could defeat wooden flooring regarding “life expectancy.” Wood will not get worn out quickly nor easily fade its in-depth color away.

Unlike carpet, you can refinish hardwood for any repairs and upgrades without replacing it. This feature of hardwood also saves you a load of money and time. Indeed, you won’t need to worry about buying new wooden floors every 15 years unless you have another reason.

There is a wide variety of hardwoods to pick from, ranging from styles, colors, and patterns. You can opt from solid, prefinished, or unfinished wood floors for your staircase based on your preferences. 

Hickory, Maple, and Oak are on the recommendation list due to their toughness.

Added Value

Wood Stairs Increase The Value Of The House

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, we also love these hardwood floorings for their values. Normally, people are willing to pay a little more for a property with wooden floors than one with carpets. 

Suppose if you want to sell the house in the future, wood stairs can be a plus point attracting buyers.  

Higher Safety

Installing hardwood floors means that you bring a healthy indoor environment to your home due to its ease to clean, hardly accumulate dirt and stains, and the non-toxic nature material. 

The wood stairs can be deep cleaned to kill harmful microorganisms, while carpets are ideal for bacteria to grow. Not to mention that carpets are easily stuck with dirt, such as pet hair and dust, causing allergic reactions.

Besides, wood floors can improve air quality as they do not keep moisture like carpets, which are often smelly after a period of time. 

How To Install Hardwood Flooring On Stairs?

To help you understand the process better, we will list down briefly the process of putting hardwood flooring on stairs:

– Before installing the hardwood stairs, it is necessary to remove the old flooring. Once you remove the old layer, it would be best to use a belt sander to deep clean the steps. 

Be mindful that you can not miss this step because the remaining dirt can make the stairs squeak after hardwood flooring is assembled.

– Now, we are ready to proceed!

– Flooring wood on stairs is pretty straightforward and should be done at the lowest step of the stairs.

– Measure your staircase size carefully. Normally, it only takes a day to complete this new hardwood floors project. 

– Next, the installation starts with measuring each stair, then cutting the plank of wood properly and utilizing a flexible adhesive to stick the wood floors to each step. 

As a small tip from us, you can apply stair nosing with the same adhesive to make sure that the wood stays firmly in place. 

– Finally, stain and finish the wooden stair for durability. Remember to get rid of all the sawdust before staining! Now your house has got ageless hardwood stairs!

The Final Verdict

Can you put hardwood flooring on stairs? Yes, of course, you can! Although hardwood flooring stairs have some cons regarding safety and price, the advantages of a hardwood staircase outweigh its downsides. 

Moreover, the guide on installing hardwood on stairs is just a summary and introduces basic steps. If you are not a professional in hardwood flooring installation, we recommend that you should hire an expert to handle this project!

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