Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer? Read This Before You Do It

It does not feel good when you have to wash your favorite shoes but want to wear it on the same day. In this case, if you dry the shoes by hanging them outside, it might take a few days until you can wear it. Now, you putting them in the dryer might be the best option, but can you put shoes in the dryer without damaging them?

In this article, we will show you how to safely dry your shoes with dryers and maintain their quality at the same time. Keep on rolling down for more information!


Can You Put Shoes in the Dryer?

Is It Safe for Shoes?

Is it safe to put shoes on dryers? The answer can be Yes or No, and it depends on the material your shoes are made from and the type of your shoes. Usually, standard fabric and sneakers will be fine if we put them in dryers, but many other shoes and materials cannot stand the intense heat from your dryers. 

So, the best thing to do before deciding to put your favorite shoes on dryers is to check their labels first. Most of the time, the labels on your shoes will tell you whether it is ok to put them on the washing machine or dryers. The label lets you know the materials of your shoes, also. 

If the label says it is ok to use dryers, you can move to the next part; we will show you how to do it step by step. But when the label asks you not to use a dryer, please do not take the risk and put them in the dryer no matter how urgent you want to use the shoes because it might destroy your shoes. 

In case you do not see the information on the label or already cut it, then we recommend you search on the Internet and learn about your shoes’ materials. 

With shoes that are made from polyester, nylon, or have nylon stickers on them, then do not put them on the dryer because these materials cannot stand the heat. If you use the dryer anyway, it might meltdown inside your dryers and get destroyed pretty severely. 

Besides, leather, fur, or wool are not suitable for dryers also. These materials often need special care because they are quite easy to get damaged. Another material you need to think twice before putting on the dryer is rayon. Even though this material cannot melt as fast and easily as the other ones, it is risky to be put under strong heat.

Is Using A Dryers a Good Option?

As many types of shoes contain materials that are not suitable for dryers, we recommend you only use a dryer when you do not have other options. Make sure you check the level first.

Moreover, if you have a chance and do not need to use your shoes right away, the best way to dry your shoes is to hang them and let them dry naturally. 

Is It Safe for the Dryer?

Dryers are durable, but just like any other machine, it can get damaged if you do not take care of them well enough. As you see, most shoes have hard soles, and these tough objects can do some harm to your dryer.

So, to make sure it is safe for both dryers and shoes, you must grab your shoes on washing bags or a towel. Please do not throw your shoes directly on the dryers and turn it on because both your shoes and dryers might be badly affected. 

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How to Dry Your Shoes in the Dryer? The In-Depth Instruction 

Step 1: Check the Label

As said earlier, you need to check the label of your shoes to see if they are fine for dryers or not. If you cannot find the information, then check the materials to ensure. 

Step 2: Hang the Shoes on the Dryers

Before drying your shoes, tie their shoelaces together and hang them on the machine. By tieing them, you can prevent them from falling while drying. 

If you want to protect your shoes more, consider wrapping them on a towel then hanging them later. 

The towel will protect the shoes’ bodies, their stickers, and decorations, especially when the decorations are made for nylon or polyester.

Step 3: Turn Your Dryer On

Now, turn your dryer on with the lowest temperature on the setting section. If your dryer has an air-dry setting, choose this setting because it is the safest option for your shoes. 

You should try to use as little heat as possible if you want to protect your shoes’ quality. Keep your shoes on the machine for a maximum of 20 minutes, then open the dryer’s door and catch them to prevent them from falling. 

Step 4: Hang Them

Remember that the longest time you should use a dryer for your shoes is 20 minutes. In case your shoes are still wet after drying, you will need to hang them and let them dry naturally instead of using the dryer for a long time.

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How to Get the Best Results Using a Dryer for My Shoes?

Do not Put Dirty Shoes on Dryers

Before drying your shoes, you should make sure the shoes are already cleaned. If your shoes are dirty, do not put them on the dryers because it will make the dryer dirty. Moreover, your shoes will not be clean effectively if the shoes are still clean. 

So, if your shoes get wet from the rain or other fluid, always wash them carefully first. Besides, when your shoes still smell bad, it will be better to get rid of the smell first with detergent or washer before putting them on dryers. 

Clean off All the Hard Dirt from the Soles

Sometimes, people forget to clean the soles before they are in the button, but if you use a dryer, you better clean off the soles carefully before putting them inside. Make sure you remove all the sand, dirt, hard dirt, or soil completely from your shoes. 

Take the Insoles Out


When the insoles are still inside the shoes, it will be hard to wash and dry the shoes. We recommend you to take the insoles out before you wash your shoes, then wash them separately. 

After you are done with the washing process, please do not put the insoles back in, but you can put them on a washing bag and then put them on dryers next to your shoes.

Rinse Water As Much As You Can Before Drying the Shoes

Before you put your shoes on the dryers, spend some time to rinse as much water as you can from the shoes. This little action will help your shoes dry faster. 

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How to Avoid Damaging My Shoes while Drying?

Do not Use Dryer for Too Long

As mentioned above, you need to check your shoes’ materials before deciding to use a dryer or not. But even when your shoes are fine for dryers, you should not spend so much time heating your shoes inside this machine because the strong heat might badly affect your shoes’ quality. 

Normally, the right shoes’ materials can be put on a dryer for around 20 minutes. If you can spend less than this time, it will be better. You can use the dryer to speed up the drying process, but when your shoes are not dried yet, take it out and hand it outside. 

Do not Use Dryer so Often

No matter what material your shoes are made of, they can also be damaged if you dry them with dryers so often. If you do not need to wear the shoes urgently and the weather is warm enough, you should choose to dry them naturally with wind and sunlight. 

Wrap Your Shoes on Towel or A Piece of Fabric

Direct heat can affect specific parts of your shoes. Sometimes, fabric shoes still have nylon or polyester stickers or decoration on the surface, and these parts can melt under the strong heat.

To protect your shoes, always make sure you wrap them on a towel or fabric. The towel only needs to be made from cotton or microfiber, and it needs to be thick enough. 

Put a Cloth or A Small Towel on Each Shoe

By putting a small towel or cloth inside your shoes, you can speed up the drying process. Moreover, the towel can also protect the shape and the inner surfaces of your shoes. 

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Last Opinion on Drying Shoes with A Dryer

Is it safe to put shoes in the dryer? We think you know what shoes to use with dryers and what types of shoes to avoid using this machine with the information we provided. 

Even though this method is quick, we still recommend you dry your shoes naturally and avoid using dryers as much as you can.

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