Can You Wash Sheets And Towels With Clothes?

Can you wash sheets and towels with clothes? Definitely not!

You are probably wondering why you cannot do that as they are dirty and have to be laundered. Right?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should never do that. And if you want to discover these, let’s dive into the next parts of this Clairoliviawayman‘s article.

Should you sanitize towels, sheets, and clothes together?

Can You Wash Sheets And Towels With Clothes? 

Here, let me show you the main reasons why washing your clothes together, regardless of type, will do more harm than good.

Towels Produce an Enormous Amount of Lint

Have you known that towels are notorious for producing loads of lint?

Even if the dry screen acquires much lint, lint might get over your clothes when you wash towels and clothes in the same laundry. This problem might get worse as some fabrics, such as fleece, attract that lint like magnets. 

Moreover, your clothing having lint stuck can ruin its beauty, especially in  case of the dark-colored clothes. And if you want to get rid of this fuzzy and pesky problem, you will have to spend lots of effort and time.

Still not believe it? Try washing a black T-shirt with an all-cotton towel to see how tough it is to remove lint completely. 

Clothes Get Trapped Inside The Sheet.

Due to the giant size and design, the sheet tends to trap clothes inside of it when they ball up in the washer and dryer.

When this happens, clothes will have fewer opportunities to rub against the others to remove dust and stains. Thus, your clothes may still be quite dirty after washing.

Besides, as your clothes are stuck in the sheet, the dryer will not be able to dry them well. 

Towels and Sheets Require a Hot, Long Wash Cycle

While clothes can be laundered on a “regular” setting, towels and sheets need a heavy-duty wash. Why that?

Well, numerous skin cells you shed will stick on your towels when you use them to wash your face or body. The more times you use, the more skin cells are over your towels. And if you do not hang them up well, harmful bacteria and mold might grow on your towels.

What’s about sheets? They are the perfect environment for dirt and bacteria to accumulate as you leave a manyin layers and sweat when you sleep on them for around one-third of a day.

For those reasons, they need to be washed on a hot and long cycle to kill all the bad germs and get clean completely. 

How Often Should You Wash Towels and Bed Sheets? 

In the previous part, I have mentioned how dirt, harmful microorganisms can develop on your towels and sheets if you do not wash them often. 

But how often should you launder them?

Let’s check out the part below to figure out the answers.

How Often Should You Sanitize Your Towels?

To prevent germs growing on your bath towels, you need to wash them after three to five normal uses (ideally three uses).

Moreover, you need to hang them up in an airy and sunny place, such as your balcony or backyard, for them to dry before reusing them.

In case you use your washcloth to lather and scrub in the shower, you had better air-dry and wash it after every use. 

Besides, your gym towels should be washed after one use as they are usually damp and full of sweat.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bedsheets?

You might think that you only sleep on your sheets so that they are quite clean, right?

No, not at all. You might speed eight hours per day in your bed. During this time, sweat, dead skin cells, body oil, and other particles latch onto the sheets.

Thus, you must wash them regularly, at least every two weeks. However, if you sweat a lot at night, you need to wash them once a week.

Should You Wash Sheets and Towels Together? 

It is not a good idea to wash sheets and towels with clothes, but what’s about putting sheets and towels in the same laundering session?

It would be better if you avoid washing them together for these main reasons.

Sheets and Towels Have Very Different Fabric Weights.

While towels are usually made of terry cloth, sheets are usually made of pure cotton. Because of the different fabric weights, they take up the different length of time to dry.

Sheets usually become dry in 30 minutes while towels need at least an hour to drain.

The Sheets Can Trap The Towels When Rolling. 

What’s more?

Since the bedsheets usually come with large and thin designs, they usually catch the other smaller items as towels inside when they ball up in the washing machine.

This causes the towels are not going to be either washed or dried well during the laundering session.

So if you are trying to save your time by washing the sheets and towels together, you will end up having to rewash the towels to make them completely clean.


Now you have figured out the answers to your question, “Can you wash sheets and towels with clothes?”. Thus, let’s sanitize them separately and regularly for your health benefits.

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