How To Clean A Leather Rug? This Way Might Help!

Besides its warming effect and noise absorption, a leather rug can also show your aesthetics, style, and taste. 

Unlike rugs made of cotton or wool, a leather version might cost you some extra money to maintain its durability and appearance. Hence, you must carefully take care of your rugs at any time. 

With the right cleaning way, you can keep your leather rug as a center decoration and valuable property for your house. It all comes down to the question “How To Clean A Leather Rug?”. You can find all the information you need in this post.


How To Clean A Leather Rug? – Steps To Follow

Step 1

Bring your leather rug outside and shake it to release the dust from your shoes or furniture remaining on the rug. After that, you can bring the carpet back inside to prepare for the cleaning process.

Step 2

Blend a light or natural soap with water in a washtub or bucket. The ratio is based on your rug size to decide more or less cleaning liquid needed. 

You should read the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your rug is available for soap washing or water cleaning. From that, you can choose a foam cleaner used for leather. 

Step 3

Dip a thin cloth into the cleaning liquid and gently wipe the leather rag in a circle.

Step 4

Prepare another moisture cloth to wipe the soap, foam, and any residue remaining on the rug.

Step 5

Stretch the rugs in a clean ground, and put dry, clean, and soft towels on top to absorb the water left in the leather. 

You can use heavy things (a book might be a great option) to press the towel into the rug. In this way, you can avoid making scratches on your rug or damage it due to the intensive squeeze. And last, you can let your rug dry naturally. 

Tips For Caring A Leather Rug

The first tip is to use the attached brush to clean your rug frequently. You should avoid having your rug exposed directly to the sun. 

For every year or every 18 months, you should bring your rug to a professional cleaner. Cleaning the rug frequently also makes it hard to tear. 

As leather can easily get stains when a strong chemical cleaner cleans it, you should use an environment-friendly cleaner. 

Remember not to overuse the cleaning liquid or foam; just a small amount is enough and make your leather dry easier. 

In A Nutshell

Now you must have all the information on how to clean A Leather Rug. Try all the above steps to have perfect rugs for your upcoming events! Hope you have the best time with a clean and nice leather rug! Cheer!

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