How to Clean Bonded Leather Sofa: Easier Than You Think

Bonded leather, just like any other kind of leather, needs to be clean in the right way if we want to maintain its look and quality for a longer time. How to clean bonded leather sofa and what substances should we use to make our sofa in the best condition?

Keep on reading to find out how easy it is to do by following our in-depth guide!


What Should You Know Before Cleaning Your Leather Sofa?

Different types of leather need different cleaning processes. So, to do the best for your sofa, you should check your sofa carefully and make sure it is actually a bonded leather sofa and not any other kind. 

Besides, you need to understand that leather, in general, is pretty easy to be damaged by both sharpened tools and strong acidic substances. So, make sure you only use soft tools and the right soap to clean it and. In the next part, we are going to show you exactly what you need to prepare before cleaning.

How to Clean Bonded Leather Sofa 

What Do You Need for the Cleaning Process?

The bonded leather sofa cleaning only requires quite basic tools and substances for the whole cleaning process. It would be best if you prepared both dry and wet pieces of cloth, a bucket, water, and mild soap. 

The Step-By-Step Guide

  • Step 1: Remove the Sofa’s Debris

When we use our sofa, big and small pieces of debris might fall into and stay on the sofa. Before you clean your sofa, make sure you remove all the dirt, trash, debris to make your cleaning process run smoothly.

You also need to pay attention to the paper that might stick to your sofa. As you are cleaning your sofa with water or soap, the remaining pieces of paper might be broken into tiny pieces and make your sofa look so bad. 

  • Step 2: Dry Clean the Whole Sofa Surface

Now, use a dry piece of cloth to dry clean the sofa’s whole surface to remove the dust formed in there. Next, use a vacuum to take all the dust out. Remember to use the cloth first, and the vacuum later.

  • Step 3: Wet Clean the Sofa with Water

Put some water into the bucket we asked you to prepare, soak a piece of cloth there, and then slowly clean your whole sofa. When you see dark areas formed on the surface, clean those areas more. Those dark spots and areas are usually caused by water, other drinks, or our sweat.

  • Step 4: Clean with Mild Soap

Mild soap is perfect for bonded leather cleaning. Mix mild soap with some warm water, soak another piece of cloth, and clean a small area on your sofa. Carefully clean the whole sofa with this mixture, and wash it again with water after you are done. 

  • Step 5: Recheck

There are some dark areas on your sofa that will be hard to get rid of. So, after the water cleaning step, you should pay attention to the whole sofa to see any stubborn dark spot. If any, use the cloth with mild soap and clean the part of your sofa until the dark spots disappear or loose. 

  • Step 6: Dry the Sofa

After your sofa is completely clean with the last water cleaning step, use another cloth to dry off your sofa. 

  • Step 7: Condition Your Sofa (optional)

You do not need to condition your sofa every time you clean it, but it is recommended that you do this job around twice a year to protect your sofa’s condition, color, and quality. 

Tips to Maintain the Quality of Bonded Leather Sofa

Tip 1: Avoid the Sunlight

Direct and strong sunlight will gradually destroy the quality of your sofa. So, it would help if you did not put your sofa anywhere too close to the doors or windows with strong sunlight visiting every single day. 

Not only the quality, but the direct sunlight may also change the look and colors of a bonded leather sofa. 

Tip 2: Condition the Leather Annually

As I mentioned above, this action is pretty important for the condition of your sofa. 

Tip 3: Wet Clean Oftenly

Many people do not wet clean their sofas frequently, but only dry clean with a mop, vacuum, or a dry cloth instead. Dry clean only is not enough to make your sofa smell good and look good. 

The sweat formed on any leather will gradually become dark spots with a terrible smell, and you do not want that. So, make sure you clean your sofa with water often enough to make it smell good and look good. 

Tip 4: Clean the Poured Liquid Right Away

When we eat or drink on the sofa, our drinks’ water drops might fall on the sofa. Many people do not pay much attention and just let the water dry itself, but this is a really bad idea for your sofa. The liquid staying in there will lower the quality of your bonded leather. 

So, make sure you dry of any drop of water right after it drops to your sofa. 


Bonded leather should be clean in its own way, and during this article, Clairoliviawayman have shared with you how to clean bonded leather sofa while keeping the best condition of it.

Make sure you follow all of those steps, and we are confident the cleaning process will be much easier for you!

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