How to Clean Ceiling Fan without Ladder: Four Easiest Ways

Unlike other objects, ceiling fans are not easy to clean up as they are out of our reach. Normally, people have to use a ladder to touch the fans and clean them up.

However, not everyone has a ladder available in their house, and sometimes, we do not want to use it as it is not so safe. So, how to clean ceiling fan without ladder?

In this blog, we are going to show you the four best ways to clean your ceiling fan and provide you tips to make the cleaning process run smoothly. Stay tuned!

How to Clean Ceiling Fan without Ladder – The Four Easiest Ways

Long-Handled/Extendable Duster

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Unless you have a ladder, then a long-handled duster is the best choice. This duster will allow you to reach the ceiling fan easier and clean up all the dirt around. There are many types of duster nowadays, but we will list the three most regular-used ones.

The first type of duster is the short one. You cannot reach the ceiling for sure with these little guys, but you can attach it to a long wooden bar or a mop if you do not want to spend extra money buying a longer duster. 

The second type of duster is the long-handled ones. This one can be purchased easily in the market, and it will work pretty well with ceiling fans. However, we strongly recommend the third type of duster – the extendable one with a flexible head. 

This model will help you to dust many kinds of objects in different heights. As you know, the distance between the floor and the ceiling is not the same in every house. Moreover, a straight duster with a straight head cannot help you clean up all the sides and corners of your fan. The price of this duster is just somewhere between $15 and over $25. 

It is quite easy to use this duster. First, hook it in one blade of the fan, then clean it side-by-side. Keep on the work until all the blades are clean. Besides, you should be careful while cleaning and try not to let too much dust fall to the floor.

Magnetic Duster

Magnetic duster has all the benefits of a normal duster, but it will do a much better job of magnetizing the dust particles, holding them, and stopping them from falling to your floor. If you have a clean room, house, or office and really do not want to clean up all the things after on, then we highly suggest using this duster. 

As this product works in a special way, you should follow these steps to ensure the cleaning process runs well. 

Step 1: Charge the Magnetic Duster

You do not need any electrical charger to charge the duster. What you need is a clean and dry plastic bag. Rub the head of the duster against that bag for a while to make it magnetic. After you are done, you might see the duster start to attract dust particles nearby. 

Step 2: Clean the Dust Slowly

Now, hook the duster on one blade of your ceiling fan, then slowly clean it side by side and blade by blade. It is also important to do it slowly so the duster will have time to attract as many particles as possible. If you do it too fast, the dust might still fall off anyway. 

Step 3: Change the Duster’s Pad or Head When You Need to

If your duster’s head or pad is too dirty or you have been using it for so long, you can change it to ensure the fan is cleaned properly. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is a smart way to clean off dust because it will remove the dust quite easily. Once you already have a vacuum in your house, take advantage of it to clean your ceiling fan. 

Before you start dusting your fan, you will need to remove the default attachment from your vacuum cleaner and add a brush attachment to it. The brush will work so much better with the dust. However, you need to check carefully when that brush fits the extension rod properly. If not, you will have to fix it right in the nozzle not to fall off while you are doing the job. 

Most of the time, for those who are tall, the rod’s height will be long enough for you to clean your fan. Inevitably, you can step in a chair and start the cleaning process. While cleaning the fan, ensure you clean each blade carefully and slowly.

Chair/Stool with Fabric Cloth

A chair or a stool is another simple way to reach the fan ceiling. This method will work its magic for the ceiling not too high, and the requirement of the tall chair. 

In case you choose this cleaning technique, you will need a glove or a cloth to clean the fan. 

Besides, make sure the chair or the stool is stable enough so you will be safe. A good trick is asking a friend or a family member to stand next to you and hold the chair while you do it.

More Tips for Cleaning Ceiling Fan

Cover Your Stuff As Possible

No matter if you use a normal duster, magnetic duster, cloth, or a vacuum, the dust particle will somehow drop on the floor, especially when there is airflow on your space or when you clean the fan too fast. 

To prevent the dust from sticking in your stuff and food, make sure you cover all the stuff with boxes or plastic covers. You can even move the things out of the cleaning space, go for it!

Protect Your Eyes and Nose

Before cleaning, you can wear glasses and a mask to ensure the dust will not drop into your eyes or nose. Eyes and noses are not like other parts of our faces as they are really sensitive and vulnerable.

Turn off the Light (if any) 

Some models of ceiling fans will have a light attached to it. To ensure you are safe and have no risk with electricity or ruin your light, you should turn it off before cleaning your fan. Moreover, it would help you in case of only using dry tools, gloves, or cloth to clean fans that have lights on. 

Clean Your Tools Before and After Using

Before using cleaning tools, you should clean them to get the best results. A duster with so much dust on will not help you remove the dust from your ceiling fan so effectively. 

Not only before, but after cleaning, you need to clean all the tools to keep your house space clean and free from dust. As you know, dust particles are really small, and they can remain in our space or get in our lungs as we breathe. 

In Short

Most of the time, while mentioning cleaning ceiling fans, people will think about using a bladder first. However, if you do not have a ladder or do not want to use it for any reason, we guess you already know how to clean ceiling fan without ladder safely and effectively by following the methods and tips we had provided.

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