How to Clean Glasses between Lens and Frame? Easy Tips to Clean

Eyeglasses are an everyday item that most of us are familiar with, but cleaning your glasses is not always a favorable routine. Learning how to clean glasses between lens and frame is an important habit because dirt, bacteria, and grease can pile up there quickly, and they are hard to get rid of. 

Check out this article for an easy guide to clean the dirt between your glasses’ lens and frame in a professional manner.


Why Do You Always Need To Clean Your Glasses?

Cleaning your glasses regularly is a must to keep them hygienic and long-lasting. How often you clean your eyewear may vary depending on personal habits and hygiene, but it’s idealistic to clean them properly at least once a day.

The dirt and grease are built up quickly on the glasses’ lens and frame. Not only do they cause irritation and ruin the aesthetic look, but these stains also strain your eyes and cause permanent damage to the glasses. Dangerous bacteria will grow if you leave your eyeglasses unclean for a long time.

You need to pay attention to the parts where the glasses touch your nose and ears because they are normally the most contaminated areas. However, the most tricky part is the groove between lens and frame because dirt is often trapped in these cracks, and a piece of cloth cannot remove it.

Therefore, apart from cleaning your eyewear regularly, how you do it is important for maintenance too.

How To Clean Glasses Between Lens And Frame?


First of all, you need to prepare cleaner and microfiber cloth for your cleaning routine. You can use eyeglass-specific cleaner or any gentle dish soap that doesn’t contain too much acid.

Before you start the cleaning, make sure to wash your hands with mild soap and rinse the glasses under warm water to get rid of any debris that may scratch the lens and frame. 

Put a detergent drop on both sides of each lens, then gently rub the lens and frame in a circular motion. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the nose pads, the bridge, and the inside parts of the frame where most sweat and dirt are accumulated.

If you notice dust built up in the hinge or the screws of the frame, you can use a soft toothbrush to remove it carefully. For this step, you should do it as gently as possible to avoid any scratches.

When you finish cleaning every part of the eyeglasses, rinse them thoroughly under warm water and shake a few times to remove most of the water.

Finally, use a piece of microfiber cloth to dry the eyewear. Any other material might be too rough for the lens, damaging the surface. The fabric you use should be clean, and doesn’t use fabric softener.

After you dry the glasses off with the microfiber cloth, there might still be water left in the cracks. It’s okay to leave it to evaporate naturally or use an air duster to dry.

For your daily usage, you can use the fresh microfiber cloth and moisturizer to clean the eyewear. When not in use, remember to store the glasses in a case for protection.

Things Not To Do When You Clean Your Glasses

For the maintenance of your eyeglasses, there are certain things you should avoid.

Firstly, it is a misconception that you can use alcohol to clean your glasses. Though alcohol is useful for disinfection, the liquid can change the lens’ surface and weaken the effect. Any other product that has strong chemicals is also destructive for the structure of the eyeglasses.

Secondly, you shouldn’t rub the cloth on a dry lens because it’ll smear the grease and dirt even more. Always clean the glasses under warm water or use some moisturizer for the best outcome.

Finally, avoid using materials like shirt fabric, tissues, or paper towel for a quick clean because they will destroy the surfaces of glasses over time.


Cleaning your eyeglasses frequently and properly is definitely a must to keep them nice and shiny like new.

Although developing the habit is not easy, we hope this article can give you an idea about how to clean glasses between lens and frame. Thanks for reading!

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