How to Clean Greasy Inside Windshield? 4 Easy Steps

Clean and polish windshield gives you a clear vision while driving and makes you feel better with your car’s good look. However, grease and dirt can form on the glass after time, and it is not so easy to clean off with water or cloth. So, how to clean greasy inside windshield?

With the information in this sharing blog, you will see how simple it is to make your windshield shine and clean again! Let’s find out!


Why is My Windshield So Dirty?

The causes of a greasy windshield can be numerous. If you have playful kids with you on the front seat, they might touch the glass with their hands, feet, or faces. Some naughty kids might also lick the glass, and this will cause stains after time. 

Besides, people who have animals with them on the cars, such as dogs and cats, might have dirtier glass as these furry buddies usually are excited about what they see and touch the glass with their paws often. 

Even though you do not have kids or pets with you in the car, the dust, the humanity, and the air itself can naturally add dirt and grease to your glass if you do not clean it frequently.

How to Clean Greasy Inside Windshield? Step-by-Step Instructions

Cleaner and Tools You Will Need

Let’s talk about cleaner first. To clean your greasy windshield, you will need cleaners that are suitable for glass. You can use specific glass cleaner made for cars but should avoid products containing ammonia because this chemical can damage your tint, vinyl, and leather in the nearby windshield areas. 

Besides glass cleaner, you can choose to use other kitchen ingredients, which are pretty safe for you and your car, such as vinegar water and rubbing alcohol. The ratio will be one bowl of water, one bowl of alcohol, and a vinegar cup. Carefully mix them until they all dissolve. 

To clean your windshield, you only need a few pieces of microfiber cloth to wipe away the dirt and grease on your glass area. That’s all you need. Now, get in your car and move to the windshield area. We are ready to make the glass shine again.

Step 1: Clean off the Dirt with Microfiber Cloth

Before doing anything else, you should clean off all the dirt such as soil, water stains, and dust off your windshield with a dry cloth. If you do not clean these dirt types first, the cleaning process will take longer as the dirt dissolves when it meets liquid substances such as alcohol cleaner and glass cleaner. 

We recommend you use a clean and soft microfiber cloth to clean the windshield to protect its surface. Other tougher fabric might scratch the glass and make it less shiny. 

Step 2: Clean off the Grease with Alcohol Cleaner

The grease is not so easy to clean off only with water because it is quite oily. So in this step, we will get rid of it with the alcohol, water, and vinegar mixture we asked you to prepare early on. 

You can pour the alcohol cleaner into a spraying bottle or on a clean microfiber cloth, then gently clean off the grease with a circular motion. After all the grease comes off, continue to clean the whole surface of your windshield until all the dirt is cleaned off. 

Not just the windshield, you can use this alcohol cleaner to clean your car’s window with the same technique. 

Step 3: Polish the Windshield with Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner <Via>

When all the grease is off, let’s polish the glass with a glass cleaner. While you are cleaning your windshield or car window, the cleaner might drop on your furniture and other parts of your car. So, make sure you do not choose ammonia-based cleaners because they can harm the furniture.

Step 4: Rinse All the Liquid Off

With the three steps above, you are basically done with the cleaning process. Before letting the windshield dry naturally, make sure you wipe off all the wet spots and remain cleaner on the surface vertically with the line-by-line motion. 

More Tips for Cleaning Greasy Windshield

Do not Quick Clean the Windshield with Tissues

When our windshield gets dirty, we might pick up some tissue to clean quickly. This action might be fine with dry clean, but it might leave paper fibers on your glass if it meets water or other liquid. 

Again, microfiber is the best way to clean off any dry and wet stains on your glass. So, make sure you always have some clean one in your car.

Clean the All the Dirt Right Away

No matter if it is dust or oily dirt, it is still the best if you clean them right when you see them. This might sound inconvenient to do this too frequently, but if you have a glass cleaner bottle or the alcohol cleaner bottle with you in the car, then the quick cleaning process will only take you a few seconds to finish. 

With this simple tip, your windshield will always be clean and polish. 

Clean More Careful If You Live Near the Sea

The salty air in the areas near the sea might easily create grease on your windshield. If you live in this area, it will help add some vinegar into your cleaner to neutralize the salt and wipe it up more effortlessly. 

Clean with the Right Motions

Some people have wondered why they always have streaks on their windshield or window after cleaning. Do you know why this happens? Because they do not wash their glass with the proper motion. 

Typically, it would help if you cleaned off the dirt and grease with circular motion. However, after all the dirt comes off, you should vertically clean the glass, line-by-line, while wiping the liquid off so you will not leave streaks after all. 


How to clean greasy inside windshield? Now, we guess you feel so easy to always have a clean windshield and car’s window after reading our guide and tips in this article.

Make sure you use the right products and tools with the correct cleaning technique, then your windshield will give you the best vision and feeling while driving.

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