How To Clean Macbook Pro Fan Without Opening

Your MacBook Pro is getting hotter than usual? It is highly likely that the cooling fan might get “choked” by dust and dirt. You are finding a way to rescue your Macbook fan but don’t know how?

Here’s a quick guide on how to clean your MacBook pro fan without opening it so you can get your laptop back to work in no time.


How To Clean Macbook Pro Fan Without Opening? 

By utilizing a hand-held vacuum, you can remove dust from the vents. You might also utilize a can-shaped air duster in this case, but we recommend you a suck type, instead of a blow one.

For cleaning the dust entirely, you can take off the bottom case to get rid of dust; of course, you must know how to clean a Macbook fan by opening and use the proper tools. It is no hard because we have guide in great details:

How To Clean Macbook Pro Fan – Steps Guide

Step 1: Unplug Your Laptop

Unplug your laptop before doing anything further to protect yourself from getting an electric shock and your device from having burned wire.

Step 2: Unscrew The Bottom 

Just like laptops, Macbook’s bottom panel is attached to the rest of the device by screws. A P5 screwdriver is what fits best when it comes to removing the bottom panel of a MacBook. 

However, if you don’t have a P5 screwdriver on hand, a pair of needle-nose pliers, electronics forceps, or tweezers might help.

Step 3: Understand The Situation 

After removing the bottom panel, you need to locate the fan and give it a quick tour to know the situation and what you are dealing with.

Step 4: Clean The Fan

There are two options that you can use to clean the Macbook fan – Manual or Compressed air.

– For the Manual Option

Hold the fan in position with one finger to prevent it from spinning.

Then, gently clean the fan surface with a clean cloth. You can use different parts of the fabric to rub the fan or wash the fabric right away. Because the last thing you want to see is to have dust falling inside the fan. 

Besides wiping the fan, cleaning the vents or other open areas where dust and dirt are nested is also an effective way to improve the fan’s performance.

Lastly, gently blow the fan to eject the dust. Repeat this process if needed. 

– Use Compressed Air 

Place your air output at an angle of fewer than 45 degrees, then gently release the air pressure. Dust blocks and dribs will be blown away in no time.

Step 5: Put Everything Back On

Once you’re done, reattach the bottom cover and make sure you press in the clips in the center to set them in place. From there, screw it back on, and your Mac is back in business.

See this video:

Dos and Don’ts 


  • Macbook’s screws are typically very small, so, to prevent the screws misplace, you can put them into a small cup, a small dish, or even a bottle lid, then mark the location of each type of screw.
  • Do turn your Macbook off, unplug, and take the battery out before using compressed air.
  • Place your air output at an angle of fewer than 45 degrees instead of blowing it straight into the fan. It’ll blow everything you are getting rid of right into the fan again! 
  • Clean the fan once a year for a healthier and more effective performance. 


  • Do not blow too long at a time. Otherwise, it will start blowing liquid gas.
  • Never take hardware out of the laptop unless you know inside out the laptop working parts. 
  • Never utilize a vacuum cleaner (while take off the bottom case) to get rid of dust because it might cause static discharge, damaging sensitive hardware.

Final Verdict!

That’s all you need to know about how to clean your Macbook pro fan without opening it. Isn’t it easy? 

Hope you find this article useful, and don’t forget to clean your macboọk pro fan once a year for better performance.

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