How to Clean Mesh Office Chairs – 3 Effective Methods

Mesh chairs are mostly used in the office environment. Admittedly, we spend a large amount of time sitting in our office chair at our desk due to its comfort for the users. The other bright side of these office chairs is that they fit users properly and go with the décor.

When you are using them, fresh air dust begins to build up in the mesh. Additionally, the chairs sometimes get grubby by the users themselves. Mesh chairs have likely accumulated spilled liquid stains and dropped food particles. These residues end up on your chairs over time, making it easy for chairs to lose their fresh-smelling condition.

This post will provide you with 3 effective methods on how to clean your mesh office chairs that help you make it spotless again. Before getting to some proven cleaning methods, it is better to know more about the mesh office chairs.


Why Mesh Office Chairs Are Preferable Among Work

There is a fact that the mesh office chairs are important options for furniture that people come across. The mesh office chairs are what make an employee comfortable in the workplace and quite productive, too. Customers that purchase mesh office chairs appreciate the comfort and productivity they offer the users.

Mesh office chairs were introduced as a revolutionary change in office furniture since they maintain ventilation, durability, and good support:


Office chairs with mesh material are famous for the air circulation they provide. Due to the nature of the porous material, fresh cool airflow can filter through the back of the chair. 

It’s possible for the body heat of an ergonomic mesh chair to be trapped, keeping the workers eased off fast and relaxed dry, especially during the hot season.


Some may find it quite hard to believe that a chair with mesh upholstery can withstand harsh conditions and unexpected accidents. The reason is that the mesh fabric is usually woven tightly. The strong plastic or metal frame and the weave of the mesh are the components that make the chairs even more secure and durable. 

Good Support

The mesh office chair collection has a supportive design and construction. The ergonomically shaped frames allow easy conformity based on the body contours. 

Area of mesh chairs such as the backrest is curved in such a way the user’s spine forms an s-shape and receives relief on both the lumbar and upper spine while sitting. 

Common Issues With Mesh Chairs Cleaning


Out of other chair upholsteries, mesh is going to require minimal maintenance.

Cleaning Improperly May Build More Mess And Damage

Cleaning up the mesh chair with napkins or wet wipe tissue may do more harm than good. You can notice how easy the mess is going to be built up after cleaning. The reason is because the mesh upholstery can shred the paper product and end up with more clutter.

Along with using paper products, cleaning with cloth towels and water may also be terribly tough. A cleaning towel combined with the mesh wet could result in friction,  fiber fray, and separation.

Pay Attention to Clean Padded Mesh

The padded mesh is another part to wash. Cleaning up cushioned mesh will also be risky since several stains will be intermediate to the mesh and seat foam.

Arm Yourself With Cleaning Tools And Products

Your mesh chair is bound to develop dirt and even stench with prolonged use. There are things you can arm yourself to combat the mess and strange odors, including cleaning foam, sponge, water-based cleaner, dish soap, dry cloths, and a vacuum with a brush attachment.

How To Clean Mesh Office Chairs – 3 Effective Methods

Cleaning options with mesh office chairs are going to be separated into three proven methods. Here are suggestions you can go for depending on your chair condition:

#1. How To Clean Dirty Mesh Chairs – Steam Cleaner Help

Do you always have little to no time in your busy life that your mesh office chairs are rarely cleaned? With a handheld steam cleaning machine, you don’t have to put much effort into regular cleaning. It’s the best non-toxic tool to clean an office chair and takes a few minutes to run a steam cleaner over the chair to eliminate the stains.

Handle The Steam Cleaner Around Every Corner

For every corner and hard-to-reach space, it’s best to move the steam cleaner across the whole area twice and more times, double-check to prevent any missing spot.

Suppose your chair has intense staining and residues. In that case, the handheld pressurized steam cleaner not only loosens the buildups of dirt accumulated in the mesh and mattresses but also kills a large number of dust mites, bacteria, and fungus.

High-heat Save Drying Time

The smart part is that the hotter the water, the quicker the moisture evaporates and dries. Thus, you can skip waiting for the mesh to dry. You restore your chairs to excellent condition and use them in minutes.

Out of steam cleaners in the market, many can thoroughly clean the mesh, also coming with different attachments for different surfaces. Be careful researching the requirement for attachment, thus. In the cleaning process, there might be unwanted heavy damage to the mesh material due to some attachments. The good idea is to go for a steam cleaner that comes along with a fabric attachment in the package.

Research Fabric Attachment

Fabric attachment must support pressing against the mesh’s parts, such as the seat to remove most buildups of dust and stains. The steam cleaner fabric attachment needs to be soft enough, or you can see the mesh is showing signs of fraying or tearing.

You can see that the discoloration is eliminated with reasonable effort and your mesh office chairs generate fabulous results.

#2. How To Clean Mesh Office Chairs The Right Way With Plot And Soapy Water

Along with a steam cleaner, rag and water are common methods to clean mesh chairs. You can clean your mesh office chair with things found in your home or office. To get started, prepare your cleaning tools, including a vacuum, a cloth, mild detergent, and warm water.

Vacuum Over The Chair

First, attempt a vacuum and be very soft at the mesh corner and hard-to-reach place. While the vacuum hovers over the chair’s seat, back and arms, avoid pressing down on the net. Instead of using a vacuum, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface. 

Mix A Cleaning Solution

Once you’ve done the cleaning with vacuum, mix a solution of liquid detergent and the warm water in a bucket. The detergent should be best tested on a small, inconspicuous part to make sure that the solution won’t do harms to the mesh and other upholstery parts. 

Now is the time to dip your cloth in a cleaning solution. The cloth you use must be clean, lint-free, that could otherwise tear the mesh. Squeeze your cloth well rather than soaking it before applying it to the mesh. In this way, you won’t leave an excess of cleaning solution on the chairs. 

Stubborn Stains

Harder residues and stains to remove call for more patience. Put more soapy water on the cloth and wipe the foam left in the area. It’s necessary to add a little more elbow grease and do this several times to remove the stains completely. 

For stubborn messes, hesitation in cleaning it makes it difficult to clean. It’s important to get started soon rather than waiting for the stains to dry and accumulate to the chair. Next, wipe away any water and soap residue with a dry cloth or sponge. Then allow the chair to air dry and wick away the solvent. 

#3. How To Deep Clean Used Mesh Chairs

Along with the first two methods I’ve mentioned, your mesh chairs could also likely use a deep-clean. 

Soak It With A Hose

First, prepare a dilute mixture with warm water and your favorite mild detergent. One thing to notice is that detergent should be free of strong laundry chemicals. Next, using a hose to soak your chair outside the office.

It’s important that you shower the water from the mesh because you don’t want it to ruin the chairs’ mechanical parts below. Once you have soaked the chair, dip a soft sponge in the soap mixture. Focus on areas of the chair that are dirty and rub it thoroughly on the backrest, armrest and the rest parts of the chair.

Repeat soaking to get rid of specks of dirt on every corner, and even casters if you want your office chair to be completely clean.

Rinse It Off

Wait for 10 minutes for the soap to soak up and remove foul odours embedded in your chair. Don’t forget to use a hose to rinse it off thoroughly. 

Ensure that all soap residue is gone by pressing against the seat to check whether soapy foam comes out. Lay your office chair lean to one side to remove excess moisture. Repeat the process until the chair gets rid of soap.

Outside Dry Up

After the final rinse, then air-drying. Six hours is pretty long but it ensures the entire chair dry completely. There’s a way to boost the time for drying, it’s to try to squeeze out the water and leave the chair in the sun outside.


Ultimately, your best research and efforts to mesh chairs cleaning will pay off. Additionally, prevention goes to limit the potential of the chair changing into dirty. Keeping the area around the chair as clean as attainable can cut back dirt and save up a lot of time.

Despite dirt accumulating over hours of use, proper cleaning approaches can sanitize and transform all mesh office chairs back into pristine-looking conditions.

With “How to clean mesh office chairs? – 3 effective methods” article,  you can remove any mark provided you maintain consistency and use trusty products.

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