How to Clean Ray Ban Sunglasses And Eyeglasses?

Glasses of any kinds are not just a solution for eyes’ problems, they are also fashion icons. And, Ray Ban offers both of the elements in its elegant and fashionable glasses. However, not many people know how to clean Ray Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses in the right way. 

Stay calm and let us(Clairoliviawayman) show you how!

Ray Ban Exquisite Products


Ray Ban is a luxury eyewear brand founded in America, offering a wide range of elegant and extravagant eyeglasses and sunglasses. As glasses are getting attention as a new essential fashion accessory, Ray Ban is becoming more famous than ever with its high-quality products.

However, we always have to consider cleaning the glasses. I mean, if you happen to have different glasses, corrective glasses or fashion glasses, you still have to clean it on a regular basis. So, do you know how?

How to Clean Ray Ban Sunglasses and Eyeglasses?

Over time, your Ray Ban glasses would definitely get dirty. Dust, fingerprints, water, etc. All the things would randomly appear on your lenses, somewhat scratch the lens, create difficulties in seeing through the glasses. So, how can we clean them?

I advise you to use a microfiber cleaning towel. This kind of fibre would normally be given to you in the case when purchasing the glasses. And remember to use an optical cleaner, too. You can buy one in a random eyewear store near your place, it’s not too hard to find one.

Whenever you want to clean your glasses, gently hold them in your hand and try not to touch the lens. Then, apply optical cleaner on both sides of the lens. You should hold the glasses a bit away from the spray bottle, about 20 cm, I supposed. 

After that, use the microfiber fabric to clean the glasses. This is a task that requires delicacy as you would have to rub the lens side to side, very gentle to make sure that the lens would not be scratched. When your lens is all clean, use a dry microfiber piece to wipe it again one more time. 

Also, you can use water in case you want to clean your glasses after falling on the ground or too dirty with food, dirt, etc. The water would help you wipe all those out of your glasses in no time. And do remember to do this step before using an optical cleaner as those things could scratch the lens while you rub your glasses.

My Suggestion

I have given you all the information you need to know to clean Ray Ban eyewear at home, but that’s not everything. 

If you want to keep your glasses clean, you should put them in the case whenever you don’t use them, to prevent them from being exposed to all kinds of dirty stuff. And also, try not to clean your lens with your clothes as they would probably carry loads of small dust that could stay on your lens when rubbing them.

And that’s it. Now, have you known how to clean Ray Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses?

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