How To Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors

If you constantly use the shower, soap scum is an inevitable thing. Ironically, what makes us clean every day is also what causes the most annoying thing in the bathroom – soap scum.

But have no worries because today, we are going to give you a full guide on how to clean soap scum off glass shower doors. Keep reading to find out!

How To Remove Soap Scum


Do you know what causes soap scum? It is the product of the reaction between the paraffin wax in soap and hard water. According to some reports, up to 88 percent of American homeowners have had unpleasant experiences with soap scum.

We need to admit that soap bars are more skin healthy than other products. But along with its amazing use and convenience, a downside called soap scum is haunting people everyday. 

In this article, we are going through ways that can help you get rid of that soap scum and how to prevent it from coming back.

Clean with Vinegar

Cleaning soap scum with vinegar is one of the most common ways for homeowners. There are two ways that you can use to wash off that obnoxious stains on your shower doors.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

First, let’s take a bowl and put in a cup of baking soda. After that, put in white vinegar. Keep pouring until you can make a paste out of it, then mix them well.

After the mixture stops bubbling, take a sponge or cloth and spread that vinegar and baking soda mixture on your glass shower doors. Let it sit for about 20 minutes.

You need to remember that the longer you wait, the more soap scum will be taken away. And now, it’s time to wipe the doors! You can use water to spray it down if you want to.

Vinegar and Dish Detergent 

Pour vinegar and clean water into a spray bottle following the 1:1 ratio. After that, you add 1 tablespoon of dish detergent of any kind. Then slightly shake the bottle for them to mix well.

The following step is to spray the mixture onto every area that has soap scum on it. Again, you let it sit for 20 minutes and wash them off with hot water and a soft-bristle scrub brush.

Clean with Ammonia

Ammonia is a chemical with a strong odor. So it would help if you remembered to wear a face mask, rubber gloves, and seal the holes in your bathroom to avoid smelly odors from coming out.

After preparing all the tools and protective gear, you need to mix water and ammonia with a 3:1 ratio. For example, for 3ml of water, you need 1ml of ammonia. 

Then, you mist the soap scum areas. When it is still wet, take a scrub brush to partly take away some of the scums. Finally, you wash the surface with water and let it dry thoroughly.

Note: Do not use ammonia and vinegar together since the 2 combined can create toxic fumes.

Clean with Borax or Baking Soda

To make the job as easy as possible, you need to create a paste of borax and baking soda. Both of these substances are naturally capable of cleaning hard surfaces, so a mixture of thetwo will be great for your bathroom doors.

First, put some of the paste on a wet sponge. Then you apply it on the doors where there are scums to slack them. Finally, you just need to rinse the surfaces with water.

Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide

Vinegar and baking soda do not work because the soap scum is too heavy? You can try baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. One of the reasons for using hydrogen peroxide is that this is a strong cleaning substance.

After mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide well, spread it on your glass doors and let it sit for at least about 20-25 minutes (you can even wait longer if you want).

Lastly, rinse with water and dry.

Tips on How to Keep Your Shower Soap Scum Free

In all cases, prevention is always a ton better than cure. So we have picked out our top tips to help you keep your bathroom doors soap scum free.

  • Liquid soap over bar soap

There aretwo factors in bar soap that can create scums when you have used your bathroom for a period of time: talc and fatty acids. So if you do not want to see your glass door’s surfaces get dirty, you should replace bar soaps with liquid soap.

  • Your shower and tub must be dry

After every time you use your sink, tub, or shower, it is necessary for you to dry your shower in order to avoid the build-ups of the particles left behind. Give it a good wipe and leave it to dry naturally.

  • Soften your water

Hard water is a conducive environment for soap scum to build up. So if you do not want to experience this, you need to soften your water. 

One way to soften your water is to use a water softener. Water softeners are ion exchangers that can get rid of ions. Therefore, it will remove chemicals in your water that, when combined with soap, can create soap scum.

But, if you are not interested in water softeners, Epsom salts are also a good idea. This kind of salt, when added to bathwater, can help soften it. At the same time, it also keeps soap scum at a minimal level.

  • Clean your shower every day, or use an automatic cleaner

Automatic cleaners are a blessing to our world. If you belong to that lazy people category, then you definitely should invest in an automatic cleaner.

Your bathroom walls and doors will be grateful for that. And you will notice a huge depletion in soap scum on your glass doors. Plus, you will not have to do the exhausting chore of cleaning your bathroom every day anymore.


So did you find our guide on how to clean soap scum off glass shower doors helpful? Soap scum is not a harmful thing. But it can be unsightly, especially when you have a friend come over and use your bathroom.

That’s why you should clean your doors every day to avoid soap scum build-ups. The longer you leave it, the more build-ups it is going to get, and the harder it will be for you to clean.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next guides!

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