How Do I Clean The Dust Out Of My Lenovo Laptop?

After using the laptop for a long time, many people will encounter the situation of the laptop getting dust. Anh then, “How do I clean the dust out of my Lenovo laptop?” will be one of the most common questions they often ask. If you want to know the solution, this article from Clairoliviawayman will reveal it to you right now.

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How Do I Clean The Dust Out Of My Lenovo Laptop? 

Case 1: You Can Open Your Laptop

For a desktop, to clean the dust, you can power it down, open the case, use compressed air to blow the dust out, and close it. Similarly, for a laptop, if you can open it up, you could dust it out like the way you’ve done with the PC.

Here is the detail! First, you need to unscrew your laptop’s bottom panel to approach the parts inside and examine your laptop’s manual. Then, power the laptop down, dismantle its battery and unscrew the bottom panel. If you have a service manual for laptops, you can proceed with these steps easily.

After that, take the laptop to the dust-free place (a garage, for example). Blow the internals out with a can of compressed air, but make sure to do it clean. To illustrate, you can blow it toward your laptop’s vents so that the dust will be removed through these holes and go outside. 

Importantly, when you blow the air at the fans’ laptop, don’t let them spin too fast since they can be destroyed seriously. The tip is to use short blasts of air to blow the fans from different angles.

What is more, we suggest using compressed air instead of a vacuum. In case you choose to proceed with an air compressor, remember to be super careful to avoid injuring yourself.

Once finishing, you could screw the bottom panel back on, insert the battery, and power your computer back on. We bet that the fans will spin less frequently, and your laptop will run cooler.

Case 2: You Can’t Open Your Laptop

There is the fact that most manufacturers don’t want you to disassemble your laptops by yourself to prevent any unexpected damages. Though you can’t open them, you could at least try to remove some dust. First of all, take your laptop to a large place to avoid soiling your favorite items.

Now, point a can of compressed/canned air at the vents with some fast jets of air. Then, the bursts of air will defeat some dust and make it out of the cooling vents. Although you won’t get rid of all the dust, at the very least, the parts won’t be plugged up by the latched dust.

If you point the air directly at the cooling fan inside the vent, your cooling fan can lead to the case of spinning too rapidly. Instead of that, take a long blast to hinder this awful situation.

Besides, if your laptop encounters overheating, which can’t let you clean yourself, you need to contact the laptop repairmen to require help. If your laptop has a valid warranty, they will definitely help you.

In case your laptop has been used for many years, the layers of dust are likely somewhat thick. It’s a great idea to clean your computer often, but don’t practice this too frequently. The status of your laptop and the environment nearby decide how often you should clean it.


1. Can I Clean My Laptop with Wet Wipes?

The answer is no! You had better use screen cleaners because they are safer for your laptop’s screen. A variety of screen cleaners are now available in the supermarkets. Please wring out all the water from your hand towel or sponge.

2. Can I Use Hand Sanitizer to Clean My Laptop Screen?

You can use hand sanitizer to get rid of all the dirty marks or smudges on glass surfaces. It does mean that you can use some simple sprays of the hand sanitizer to clear away dirt or dust from your laptop screen. Bear in mind that you need to purify the screen as clean as a whistle, and let it dry fully after then.

Final Call

By and large, there are two main solutions to the problem of cleaning the Lenovo laptop. Thus, after reading this writing, we hope you won’t have to ask: “How do I clean the dust out of my Lenovo laptop?” anymore since we carefully guided you on handling this matter.

Good luck!

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