How to Clean White Faux Leather? Remove Stains on Faux Leather

Furniture or personal stuff that is made from faux leather can give us a sense of comfort and fashion. But when it gets stains on, everyone can instantly see the stains before seeing the beauty of the leather, which gives an unpleasant feeling for our eyes. So, how to clean white faux leather and maintain its quality at the same time?

To clean and maintain white faux leather, you will need the right cleaners, the right tools, and the suitable methods. These are what we are going to inform you in this blog!


How to Clean White Faux Leather? Remove Stains on Faux Leather

Useful Home-Made Cleaner for Faux Leather

Besides faux leather cleaner products, you can make some home-made cleaner with kitchen ingredients if you wish to. Try using baking soda, rubbing alcohol, cornstarch, or vinegar to clean the stains off your faux leather.

These are the ingredients that will remove the stains off white leather without doing any harm to its surfaces and look. You can also use a mild soap to wet clean the whole surfaces of your faux leather furniture or wash your fake leather bags. 

Tools You Will Need

For cleaning, you will need mild soap to clean the whole surface of white faux leather, and pick one or some home-made ingredients listed above to clean your stuff. 

Moreover, other cleaning tools are also needed. It will help a lot if you have a spray bottle to spray the cleaner while cleaning and some dry cloth pieces to wipe out the liquid off your faux leather. That’s all we need. Now, let’s start with the first cleaning step!

Step 1: Use Mild Soap to Clean Your Faux Leather

When your leather objects have basic stains such as dust or some fruit juice, it will be best to clean them right away with mild soap water. Those stains are quite easy to get rid of, and you do not need to use stronger cleaners to remove them. 

  • For Furniture

To clean the whole faux leather surfaces, you will need to mix a few drops of mild soap into water, then use a piece of cloth to dip the mixture. After that, squeeze most of the water out and start cleaning the whole surface of your furniture.  

In the areas with more stains on, you should spend more time trying to remove all of them off the surface. If you cannot get rid of all the stains, do not worry, we will have other steps to treat them. 

  • For Bags or Shoes

With Bags or Shoes, you can dip them into a small bucket of water and mild detergent mixture and gently wash them with your hands. You should not wash faux leather personal stuff with a washing machine because the machine might destroy the surface of it.

Step 2: Use a Stronger Cleaner to Remove Hard Stains

In this step, we are going to remove all the hard stains that are remaining on the surface of your white faux leather with alcohol and vinegar. Mix alcohol and vinegar with the 1:1 ratio, then mix them until they completely dissolve. 

  • For Furniture

Next, pour the mixture into the bottle we asked you to prepare and spray it in a new cloth. In case you do not have a spray bottle, it will be fine to dip the fabric in the mixture, then apply it to the stains. 

Now, try to scrub all the hard stains off faux leather’s white surfaces until they are completely removed.

  • For Bags or Shoes

Same with furniture, you can use cloth and the vinegar-alcohol mixture to clean the stains of your bags or shoes. But do not dip the whole belonging into a big bucket of this mixture. 

Step 3: Water Clean 

After removing all the stains, you can use a wet cloth to clean your furniture’s whole surface or wash your faux leather belongings with water again. 

Tips to Maintain White Faux Leather

Scrubbing stains on your white faux leather might not be a pleasant job to do at home. So, it is better to prevent the stains from forming in the first place. Before finishing this blog, we want to give you some useful tips for maintaining white faux leather for longer. 

Wipe all the Dirt and Stains Right Away

The longer you leave the stains on the faux leather surface, the harder they are for you to get rid of. So, no matter how lazy you are at the moment, spend a few seconds or minutes wiping them off, no matter if they are just water stains, mud, or harder stains such as ink. 

Clean Your Furniture and Belongings Frequently

Our sweat and dirt can form dark stains on leather and look so gross, especially on the white surface. For this reason, make sure you clean your furniture or belongings frequently even when you have not seen any dirty spots there yet. 

When you clean them often, you can use water alone and do not need to use cleaner every time you wash it. So, it will not take you so much time and effort.


White faux leather looks beautiful, but only when they are clean. So, do not forget to clean them frequently and properly with the guide we provided above.

We hope you got useful information and know how to clean white faux leather after reading this article.

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