How to Clean Your House After Tapeworms? The In-Depth Guide!

If your pets have had fleas for a while, they may probably carry tapeworms. The bad news is that tapeworms can also be passed from animals to humans. To protect ourselves and the pets, we must clean the house carefully to get rid of the worms. So, what is the best way to get rid of them and how to clean your house after tapeworms?

This article from Clairoliviawayman will provide essential information about tapeworms, how to get rid of them, and how you can protect you and your pets from them. Stay tuned for it!


Are Tapeworms Easy to Get Rid Of?

Tapeworm is a common parasite that can be passed from pets to humans. They normally live inside of dogs and cats’ fleas. So, are they easy to get rid of? 

Luckily, for humans and other common pets (dogs and cats), tapeworms are quite easy to get rid of if we have the right treatments. To remove this type of parasite out of our body, we will normally need to take medicine that was made specifically for killing worms. 

Even when they are quite easy to treat, we should not wait until being infected to find a solution. It will be better for humans, dogs, and cats to check frequently in the beginning. 

Removing fleas and their eggs, on the other hand, is another story. To dismiss them, you will need to clean the house carefully after giving your pet the right treatment. If they and their eggs are still in your home, you might be infected again in the future. 

For this reason, the article today will focus mainly on how to clean your house after tapeworms so you can totally protect yourself from them.

Tapeworms live in fleas’ bodies (image by Megadeth’s Girl)

How to Clean Your House After Tapeworms? In-Depth Guide


You will not need so many things to clean your house from tapeworms. Daily house cleaners and tools such as mop, cloth-head mop, vacuum, water, and bucket will be enough. 

For your pet, you will need a cage or a leash to restrict them for a while. If you already have these things, then you can use it later. If not, then it’s time to get some. 

Step 1: Treat Fleas from Your Pet

No matter how frequently you clean your house, if your pet still carries tapeworms, then it will be impossible to keep yourself safe from them. The very first thing you need to ensure is that your pet has the right treatments. 

When your pets are still carrying fleas, make sure you use the suitable flea spray to kill all the adult fleas and eggs in their body. You can also ask for the vet’s opinion on what kind of spray is suitable for your pet’s species, ages, weight, and other health conditions (if any). 

Moreover, the pet will need to take a bath frequently with flea shampoo. Ensure you find the products that can kill their eggs. As inconvenient as it sounds, you will need to bath them often, even when you do not see any flea. You know, the eggs are not so easy to get rid of. 

Besides the flea and worms’ treatment, they need to be kept indoors to prevent being infected by fleas from other pets.

Step 2: Clean Your Pet’s Bed or Cage

Your pet’s bed and cage need to be clean carefully and dried under strong sunlight to ensure all the fleas and eggs are killed. While washing their bed, you can use strong washing products or flea shampoo to get the best result. 

Besides their bed, you will also need to clean the nearby areas. If you had been letting your furry friends sleep on your bed, then you have to wash your whole bed, too.

Clean your pet’s bed carefully before letting them laying there again

Step 3: Clean the House Carefully

To remove the eggs and all the fleas, the best way to go is vacuuming your whole house. Do not forget to vacuum under your bed, carpets, furniture, sofa, and anywhere you can clean in your place. The fleas and eggs can remain outside as well. If possible, try to clean outside of your house thoroughly. 

If you want better results, then Methoprener and Permethrin products will help fleas and flea eggs treatment. 

Step 4: Take a Shower

After cleaning the whole house, you should take a shower right away. Do not jump right into bed because while you are cleaning up, the fleas’ eggs might stick into your clothes or body. 

Step 5: Keep Cleaning Up Often

At the beginning of your pet’s flea and worm treatment, they might still have the parasite in their body. Moreover, you might miss some flea eggs on the floor in the first deep cleaning up. 

So, make sure you keep on cleaning the hose carefully, following all the steps provided above frequently (or every day if possible) to make sure you get the best results.

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Tapeworms?

Take Care of Your Pet Carefully

It is pretty easy for pets to have tapeworms because they might chew or swallow dirty things that might have tapeworms’ eggs. So, in this case, what you can do for them is to keep your house clean and do not let them go out eating something dirty. 

Another thing to care about is that your pet might have fleas passed from your neighbor’s pets, and these fleas may have tapeworms’ eggs also. It is safer if you keep your pets indoors. When you want your pets to interact with their fellows, make sure you check if the other pet has fleas or not. 

In general, keeping your pets indoor will be a great idea. It will not only protect them from the worms, but also accidents, getting hurt, or being stolen. 

Have Your Pet Checked Frequently

Even when you try hard to keep your pets from having worms, just like humans, they will have worms sooner or later. The best thing to do here is getting them checked frequently or give them scheduled treatment or prevention of this type of parasite.

Clean Your House Often

Cleaning frequently can prevent you from getting the tapeworms even when your pet is carrying them. As pet keepers, we should always keep in mind that they are just like humans and will still get worms inside their bodies no matter how clean their food is. 

Check Yourself Regularly and Take Medicine If Needed

It is a smart habit to take medicine for worm treatment following the guide of doctors. Even if you do not have tapeworms passed for your pets, you might get it elsewhere. 


Having a furry companion is one of the most amazing feelings for pet lovers. However, things do not sound “cute” anymore when we figure out they have tapeworms – the type of parasite that can be transformed from other animals to humans. 

As bad as this situation sounds, luckily, it is not too hard to avoid or solve this problem. After knowing how to clean your house after tapeworms, you can simply follow the steps listed above, then prevent the situation from happening again, and everything will be fine for you and your furry friends!

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