What is The Cleaning Procedure For A Hotel Room? (Only 30 Minutes Taken)

Finding out the proper solution to the question “What is the cleaning procedure for a hotel room” is to bring the room’s perfect cleanliness, thus enhancing the guests’ experience. Moreover, becoming knowledgeable in the cleaning procedure also represents a respectful and professional room maid.

If you have just entered the hotel service industry, keep following to explore our guide below to equip yourself with the proper knowledge.

Hotel room cleaning procedure

What is The Cleaning Procedure for a Hotel Room?

Before getting started, let’s learn about the first rule of hotel housekeeping. You should knock gently on the door and announce “Housekeeping” at first. 

With the guests’ response, you ask to know whether he/she wants to use the service immediately or later. Without any response, you open the door by master keys and ensure that the guests are not in the bathroom or deep asleep. Then, you can clean the room. 

The following is an only-30-minute cleaning procedure. Guess why it could be so quick?


We do not suggest you proceed to clean right after coming into the room. The first thing to do is to open the windows and draw curtains for ventilation. Then, you try to turn on electric appliances to check their working state. 

A Step-By-Step Procedure

Next, we move to the 12 detailed steps to make the room spotless. 

Step 1: Stripping the Bed

It is the first step of the procedure. You strip the bedspread, pillowcases, and duvet cover. If there is any stain on these sheets, you need to replace them with the new ones. At the same time, you have to remove all used towels and replace the new ones. 

Step 2: Making the Bed 

Firstly, you lay and secure the bottom sheet of the mattress. Secondly, work with the next layer – the top sheet. Thirdly, you lay the blanket carefully. 

Step 3: Emptying the Rubbish Bins

Sometimes, the bin is full with dry garbage only. In this case, wearing gloves and removing all of them will help to save a plastic bag. 

Step 4: Dusting 

You use a soft damp cloth to dust everything in the room, including furniture and frames.

Step 5: Wiping Baseboards and Walls 

If you see these positions are dirty, don’t hesitate to wipe them. 

Step 6: Checking Balcony 

In a standard hotel cleaning procedure, you do not focus only on the inside of the room. It is also a must to check the balcony. You collect rubbish (if any) and lock the glass door to reduce dust entering the room. 

Step 7: Caring TV Remote and Phone 

It’s undeniable that TV remotes and telephones are the dirtiest spots in the room. The hand sweat or skin oil stays when guests use these items to create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. So, it would help if you cleaned these items off with a dry cloth. 

Step 8: Cleaning Mirrors and Windows

Dirty spots on mirrors and windows may drive guests insane. With a dry cloth and glass spray water, you can remove all ugly stains easily.

Step 9: Replenishing Amenities

In case the guests prepare these things themselves, you can skip this step. But if needed, you should replenish amenities, including tissues, sugar, coffee, etc.

Step 10: Washing Glass Cups

After preparing warm water with some dishwashing liquid, you wash these cups gently with a soft sponge. And then, you rewash them with clean water. 

Step 11: Rechecking 

You recheck places like drawers to see if there is any dirt remaining. 

Step 12: Vacuuming the Floor

At first, you sweep out large pieces of trash. And then, you vacuum the floor. Finally, it is time to mop the floor with clean water. 


That is a quick 12-step guide about “What is the cleaning procedure for a hotel room”. Becoming familiar with these steps is likely to give you a smooth entry to the hotel service industry! Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to jot down these steps and become the best housekeeper ever!

And one more thing, remember to lock the door when you leave and move to another room! Is there any tip that you love to share? If YES, why don’t we try to discuss together?

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