The Most Effective Ways To Cool A Room With No Windows

A room with no window is quite inconvenient. How to do it as there is no way for air circulation?

You might be taken aback by how doable and uncomplicated these 10 effective ways to cool a room with no windows are!

How to cool a Room with No Windows

How to Cool A Room With No WindowsTop 10 Effective Ways!

#1. Reduce The Heat From Other Appliances

In the summer, the outside air temperature could exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It results in your room being heated throughout the course of the day. In that case, the room with no windows is certainly stuffy, with absolutely no wind coming through to cool down the heat. 

Additionally, appliances like stoves, computers, light bulbs, irons, and any heat-generating ones will even make the matters worse. 

A single device can’t raise the room temperature much. However, having multiple devices turned on at the same time will raise the room temperature significantly, especially ones with no windows. 

So, please remember to turn off any unnecessary devices! Since we are discussing appliances, you can also replace any incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or compact fluorescent light bulbs. 

Another piece of advice is to keep hot items out of the room. By doing so, you can greatly reduce the amount of heat that builds up in your room with no windows.

#2. Plan Bushes Outside The Exterior

If your home is a solar-heated one, please consider planting trees, bushes, shrubs, groundcover plants that can shade the ground and pavement. It reduces heat radiation and cools the air before it reaches your home’s walls and windows.

Deciduous trees with high spreading crowns should be planted in the south of your solar-heated house to avoid sunbeam in the summer. If your house faces the west, planting trees with crowns lower to the ground is more appropriate, preventing lower afternoon sun angles.

#3. Keep Yourself Cool

As effective as lowering the room temperature, you can cool down by lowering your own body’s internal temperature. 

Firstly, choose clothes made from the lightest fabric or breathable fabric. A couple of cups of cold water could be a wiser choice for you to reduce body heat naturally to reduce body heat. The last thing you can do is to take a shower to remove all the sticky sweats while making yourself more comfortable as well.

#4. Cover The Furniture with Clean Sheets

A simple but effective way is changing the bedsheet and cushion of the couch and chair to clean sheets instead of flannel or fleece. It makes the room feel cooler, especially doesn’t absorb the heat like other materials.

#5. Use The Exhaust Fan

Turning on the exhaust fans, either the built-in bathroom fan or the exhaust fan over the kitchen stove, is an effective way to release the hot air. A fan blowing allows the hot air to escape while drawing cooler air upward for improved air circulation in the room.

#6. Use A Fan With Ice

This option may remind you of a“prehistoric” period. It was the earliest form of the air conditioner (AC) before this device became widespread as now. 

It does show effectiveness if your room is not too big, and the hot phase only lasts a few months of the year. It saves quite a lot of money and is very friendly to the environment. 

To make a room with no windows cool by using a fan with ice, you would need a strong fan and a large bowl of ice placed in front of the fan. Make sure that the bowl is large enough so water doesn’t overflow when the ice melts. 

The fan will blow the cold air across the room, more or less releasing the heat. However, as you imagine, this DIY fan is less effective than an evaporative cooler.

#7. Install A Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan creates an artificial breeze and circulates the air in the room. Although it doesn’t actually reduce room temperature, it creates gentle air movement. You will feel cooler and more comfortable. The ceiling fan provides optimal airflow when hung at a minimum height of 7’-9 from the floor to ceiling height of the blades. 

A ceiling fan should be placed at the center of the room. For safety reasons, it shouldn’t be installed over the bed. To install the right ceiling fan, you also should care about room size and the height of the ceiling along with the electrical circuit.

#8. Use An Evaporative Cooler

As its name suggests, an evaporative cooler is an innovation of a fan with ice. You just need to fill a tank full of cold water or ice; the cooler will evaporate cold mist throughout the room. The mist in the air definitely cools off your room and brings you more comfort. The evaporative cooler is portable, so it is easy for you to move it from one room to another.

#9. Use Two Fans to Circulate and Remove Hot Air

By utilizing two fans at the same time, they will quickly cool your room. It’d better place these fans toward the doorway. 

The first fan lets you put directly across from position while another one is upward toward your ceiling. These ones help to circulate the air in your room and push the hot air out there. It’s similar to imitating a breeze indoors.

#10. Install A Suitable Air Conditioner With Your Room

A Portable Indoor Air Conditioner

Image by Eric

A Portable Indoor Air Conditioner takes in the air from outdoors through hoses, cycles it through the compressor, and exhausts the hot air back outside. 

With this operation, your room needs a place connecting to outside where the exhaust hose can release the hot air from your room. Otherwise, the hot air has nowhere to escape. 

Despite its outstanding features like easy installation, low price, and energy-saving, the portable indoor AC still has several things to improve. In fact, it requires more maintenance to keep it running efficiently. 

You will need to ensure that the intake and exhaust hoses are clean and free of debris, as well as the air filter. Moreover, the portable AC also has a dehumidifier with a water pan, which needs to be emptied regularly to prevent leaks and water damage. 

This AC works best for a very small room, especially when your room is hard to install other options. Otherwise, bear in mind that this AC consumes more energy than any other type.

A Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner 

As its name suggests, this type of AC will be installed directly into the wall with one side pointing outdoors so it can be vented properly.  This AC’s position enables it to provide airflow for the entire room. 

Thanks to this installation, it offers the room a streamlined and modern look. In comparison with the portable indoor AC or the window AC, it definitely doesn’t take any space in your room or block the window view. 

Wall ACs tend to have cooling capacity effectively in comparison with the window counterparts. Wall units with more BTUs can cool a room in an instant than fans. 

Besides, the internal thermostats alert the AC when the room reaches a specific temperature, saving you money in utility costs.

A through-the-wall AC is also a longer-lasting option, removing it from the wall unit as you will need to cover up the holes left in the wall. 

Another minor disadvantage is trickly cleaning and repairs because of restricted access.

A Ductless Air Conditioner 

The ductless AC unit gives you all of the conveniences and central air cooling, but there are no ducts. 

You only need to mount the indoor unit on the wall and connect it to the outdoor unit through a small space (often holes) via the refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring.

Final Thoughts

10 methods to cool a room with no windows above have both pros and cons. Factors we should consider before sticking to any choice are its installation and functionality, whether or not it is suitable and works for your room. 

It is necessary to determine if you remain in the current living situation for a much longer-term that is worth a big investment for the best comfort.  Or a tentative choice for the short-term in the rental room is sufficient for you? 

Furthermore, you should bear in mind whether you prefer to lower the heat of the entire room or just some parts of the room. 

Even though you use a fan or AC, please always remember to switch off unnecessary appliances and keep your inner body temperature cool as well. This combination helps save a lot of electricity expenses. 

Thank you for reading! Hope you already select the best choice once reading my post.

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