Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners – Your Guide To Tipping Etiquette

The act of giving a small amount of money after someone serves you well has existed from ancient times, from east to west. Now, this has become normative worldwide. 

However, the questions of “do you tip carpet cleaners?” or “how much is the appropriate amount for tipping?” may confuse those who are not familiar with this tipping culture.

Carpet cleaners are the people who take care of your room. Their jobs include tasks such as removing stain, dust or allergic chemicals from your carpets and sheets. Since they are constantly working with cleaning chemicals and carrying a “mountain” of other unnamed tasks, tipping carpet cleaners is a way to show credit to their work.

Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners?

Absolutely Yes.

Tips can be understood as an extra amount of money that customers pay to foster employees to show satisfaction with their service quality. No matter how much, the tip creates motivation and joy for staff working in the service industry because it is a testament to the recognition and good reviews from customers.

We usually stay in our hotel room from the day we arrive until the day we leave. Cleaners in hotels, therefore, need to be careful and elegant enough to remember the position of all our luggage and belongings and not to mess them up. Also, carpet cleaners have to mind even the smallest detail like the scent of the room.

Carpet cleaners are like butlers, they need to make you feel like home. This job is way harder than services in restaurants, which only requires you to serve customers in a short amount of time. 

Professional cleaners know how to handle specific tasks such as removing tough stains or treating fabric that needs special care. Therefore, tipping for carpet cleaners is reasonable and understandable, and the act of giving tips needs to be more delicate.

How Much Should You Tip Carpet Cleaners?


The amount of tip depends on many factors based on your living experience at a specific hotel

When checking out, you should tip based on the sanitary of your room. Even 5-star hotels can make mistakes like: the toilet is not completely dry, the sink still has a few drops of standing water, the glass is blurred. If you found those mistakes, tip less!

If everything is perfect according to the relative evaluation above, on average, you need to tip about 10% of your bill for your carpet cleaners, plus 5% for the hotel itself. But this can be customary; consider your place of accommodation. 

For instance, a five-star hotel provides services such as meal serving or special order serving. These special will often be served by carpet cleaners who are in charge of your room. Therefore, their tips should be higher than those of two-star hotels, who only need to clean your room and make your bed. 

Moreover, tips are customary in different countries. In France, people often leave about 15% of the bill for tips, plus a penny to show appreciation to servers.

How To Leave Tip for Carpet Cleaners

As mentioned above, tipping is an art that requires elegance and delicacy. 

The best way to do it is to ask for a leather cover and then clip the money in. In some cases where you must put cash on the table, do it discreetly and quickly. It would help if you gently told the carpet cleaners to “Keep the spare money” or show them a sign. 

You shouldn’t ridiculously give the server tip just to score your girl or friends. This shows that you are a discourteous person and make the cleaners uncomfortable.

In Conclusion

Tipping is a great way to show appreciation to the people who serve you well in any hotel. There is no standard for how much you should tip; all must be considered based on your satisfaction and experience.

After reading this Clairoliviawayman‘s article, we hope that you now have the answer to the question “Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners“. Thank you for reading!

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