Does Bleach Kill Fleas? What Is Scientific Evidence?

I’m not sure if you know this, but there are over 2000 types of fleas in the world. The most common type is the dog flea, and it’s found in a lot of homes.

Many homeowners are prone to using bleach to deal with fleas, but some still have doubts about its effectiveness.

This blog post will answer the question: Does bleach kill fleas? Read on to learn more!

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Does Bleach Kill Fleas?

Yes. It does but be cautious when using it. Bleach is not just for laundry, it’s also a great way to get rid of pesky fleas! 

Bleach does kill the flea eggs and adults. It contains a chemical that is corrosive in high concentrations. When this chemical dissolves in water, it forms an acid. This acid can go inside the cell of fleas and kill them. 

Bleach can also irritate your skin or cause a burn if you touch it with bare skin. But its effect on fleas is more deadly because the gas it produces can strangle fleas that are very small.

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What Are The Possible Risks Of Using Bleach To Kill Fleas?

Bleach is good to get rid of fleas from home but can also cause serious health problems.

Keep in mind that if you are spraying down an area with bleach, make sure no one else comes into contact with these surfaces or smells any residual fumes!

How Long Does It Take For Fleas To Die After Treatment?

It takes mere seconds to kill fleas after spraying. The stronger the concentration, the more effective it is when killing these pesky fleas. However, the negative effects of bleach on your health and property are amplified with higher concentrations of this chemical – so use caution!

Why Are Fleas Difficult To Kill?

Flea season is tough on all pet owners. They are hard to kill because of their quick reproduction. Adult fleas can live on your furry friend for several months, so a flea infestation can arise quickly. 

A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Once flea eggs fall out of your pet, they grow into adults in the house areas. They will turn your house into a nursery, from the carpet, wall cracks, to crevices.

Flea eggs might be found in your house areas (source)

The worst part about having fleas is knowing how much our furry friends suffer in discomfort each time you brush them against your leg – it makes us feel bad for all those friendly critters. The serious health problems caused by fleas can be even more severe if your pet manages to swallow an adult. 

If you unknowingly come into contact with fleas, you could get bitten and experience the painful discomfort of a slight itch. It is sure to become infected when scratched too much, which will leave you in agony for days on end.

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What Do You Need Before Using Bleach To Kill Fleas?

Check If Fleas are Living in Your Home

One sign of fleas is itchy. But this can be caused by other things – mange, ticks, or even allergies! To tell if you have fleas and not something else, let’s check:

  • The pet’s bedding or any other surfaces that they may have been resting on. Flea droppings and blood can be found near their sleeping area, which will also give away whether your furry friend has this problem.
  • The body of your pet. Try flipping through its hair with your fingers. Fleas sometimes hide under its fur for warmth, so check carefully while brushing out mats.
Flea in dog’s body (source)

Find Out Exactly Where They Hide Out

Fleas love to be in dark and damp places, like the nooks and crannies of your house. That is where they lay eggs. Check where you sleep or spend a lot of time: carpets may have hidden pests that need eliminating.

How To Kill Fleas With Bleach

The key is to be as thorough and meticulous without running the risk of endangering yourself or those around you. Killing fleas using bleach can be accomplished in these five easy steps.

Keep in mind to put on rubber gloves when using bleach (source)

Step 1: Mix 1 oz Clorox bleach with 10 oz water in a spray bottle, shake the mixture to get rid of any bubbles! Remember to put on rubber gloves to protect your hands from the drying effects of Clorox

Step 2: Spray the hard-to-reach places where fleas are known to exist. Apply diluted bleach solution behind heavy furniture, along baseboards, window sills, and non-washable pet bedding carpeting. You could also spray it in a circle around your pet’s sleeping area to kill any potential eggs!

Always test an inconspicuous surface first before applying this method because some surfaces may be sensitive if not prepared properly beforehand.

Step 3: Continue to mix 1/4 cup Clorox bleach with 2 qt warm water in a bucket. Clean surfaces like pet crates and accessories with bleach. Wait at least three hours after you finish to keep pets and children away from these items.

Step 4: To kill fleas, larvae, and eggs completely, wash your clothes in hot water. Add one cup of bleach to the spin cycle when it is safe for the fabric.

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The Bottom Lines!

Does bleach kill fleas? The answer is Yes. If you want to get rid of fleas, this is a good way. Rather than spend lots of money on expensive treatments, you can utilize bleach as a tool to rid yourself of pesky insects like fleas on your pet or carpeting.

However, be careful when handling this chemical though; always wear gloves and protective eyewear before pouring it into any kind of container because some people report getting irritated skin from exposure.

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