Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas? What You Should Know

Having a furry companion is one of the greatest things for pet lovers, but if we do not always restrict our pets indoors, they might carry fleas and spread them all over our house. When the fleas get into our carpets, many people choose steam cleaning and hope they can get rid of them totally. So, does carpet steam cleaning kill fleas?

This blog will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of this flea cleaning method and provide you with additional guides and tips for successful flea removal. Keep reading to find out!

Does steam cleaning kill fleas

Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas? What You Should Know about the Steam Cleaning Method 

This Method Works

Does carpet steam cleaning kill fleas? The answer is Yes, but there are also some disadvantages to this method that we will discuss in the next section.

Normally, steam cleaning is pretty effective when it comes to killing adult fleas. These fleas will definitely be affected by the high temperature (around 100 Celsius degree). However, you will need to ensure your steam cleaner is good enough for this job. 

Steaming is also a good way to reach the carpet’s corner and kill the fleas there. If your pet no longer has fleas on their body, you will be more likely to kill most fleas only after a few steam cleaning times.

This Method Might Not Be Strong Enough for Fleas’ Eggs

As adult fleas are living pets, they can be killed much easier under the strong heat. However, as fleas’ eggs can live in many harsh conditions, this method might not work for them. Moreover, fleas’ eggs are really small, and they can stay deep in the carpet and are less likely to be affected by the heat. 

For this reason, if you choose to steam cleaning the pests, you might need to do it every day for a long time until all the eggs become fleas and get killed. A better way to consider is to pay for professional house cleaning services. It would help if you also made sure there are no fleas on your pet’s body to make this method work. 

How to Steam Clean Carpet and Kill Fleas? Step-by-Step Instruction

Step 1: Choose Your Cleaner

Before steaming, you should prepare some specific detergent for your carpet or use flea shampoo to get rid of as many fleas as possible. It will even be better to choose the shampoo brands that can kill both adult fleas and their eggs. 

Step 2: Clean Your House and Remove Fleas

First, you need to clean your whole house in the normal way. You can choose to dust the house, mop it, and vacuum it carefully to get rid of as much dirt and fleas as possible. 

It is really important to carefully clean the house before cleaning because when you remove most fleas, the next steps will be more effective. 

Step 3: Pour Water and Detergent/Flea Shampoo in the Right Container

The ideal cleaner to use in this situation is flea shampoo. As steam cleaner’s heat can already kill most of the fleas, the shampoo will make this process more effective by killing more small fleas and eggs. If you do not have flea shampoo, then normal detergent is alright. 

You can pour the detergent directly in the water container or in the steam cleaner separate container made solely for detergent, depending on the model of your machine. Moreover, it would help if you also read your cleaner’s instructions on how much detergent you should use for the best results.

Step 4: Steam Clean the Whole Carpet Correctly

Now, let’s steam clean the whole carpet and start from the corner of your room. The best way to do it is carefully steam the carpet line by line and move it back and forth so the heat can affect all the fleas. Make sure you do it slowly enough to allow the heat to work and kill the fleas.

Move the cleaner line by line to get the best results

Step 5: Let It Dry

After you are done with the cleaning process, let the carpet dry completely before laying down or sitting down on the rug. You can open your room to allow natural wind and sunlight to get in or turn the fan on to speed up the drying time. 

What Should I Do to Make Steam Cleaning More Effective? 

With the step-by-step instruction above, you can successfully kill and get rid of fleas and most of their eggs. However, besides the steam cleaning method, you also need to do extra things to remove all the pests and their eggs completely and prevent them from coming back.

Groom and Restrict Your Pets

No matter how hard you try to remove the fleas, your whole house will have the same issue sooner or later if your pet is still carrying them. For this reason, the first thing you need to do is to restrict your pet from one certain area. 

When fleas still infect your pet, you can keep them in a cage, a room, or with a leash and treat the fleas with many different methods until all the fleas and eggs are gone. 

Clean Your Clothes and Beddings with Hot Water

When you have fleas on your house, you should know that they also try to go and stay in anywhere they can, So, make sure you clean your house, beddings, and other fabric belongings with hot water and flea shampoo to get rid of them.

Wash beddings and clothes to remove all the fleas

Use Chemicals or Homemade Flea Controlling

Flea shampoo is pretty good for treating fleas, but if it is not available in your house at the moment, you can use other home ingredients for cleaning, such as baking soda and vinegar. 

The mixture of these two kitchen ingredients can be really effective when it comes to killing fleas. Moreover, they can also make your floor shinier. 

Clean and Vacuum Your House Frequently

This simple habit can help you in the long run when treating fleas and their eggs. As you see, fleas’ eggs are hard to get rid of, and it might be impossible to remove them all at once. For this reason, cleaning and vacuuming frequently will give you a chance of removing them over and over again until there are no fleas and eggs left in your house. 

Call a House-Cleaning Service

If you find it too hard to deal with fleas and eggs or cannot get rid of them after doing all the methods listed above, it’s time to call for a house-cleaning service that can remove the pests for you. The cost for sure will be higher, but the results will also be guaranteed. 


As much as we love our furry buddies, no one wants to have anything to do with fleas. Fleas are not only bad for our pets but also harmful for us as they carry worms. When you have fleas on your house, especially your carpet, you need to get rid of them immediately, and steam cleaning is one of the simplest methods to choose from. 

Does carpet steam cleaning kill fleas? We hope you already found the answer in this blog. With all the information and guide we provided you during this article, we hope you can find it useful and finally get rid of all the fleas and their eggs successfully.

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