Does Laminate Flooring Need to Acclimate? – Notes When Installing Laminate Flooring

I know that you are excited after receiving boxes of laminate floors; however, there are bunches of work you need to worry about. Does laminate flooring need to acclimate? Why do they need to acclimatize? How to let them acclimatize?

I got the same questions when I first purchased these floors. After surfing the Internet and asking relatives, I finally found an answer to my query. If you are curious about the answer, please scroll down!

Does Laminate Flooring Need To Acclimate?

Do I need to let Laminate Flooring Acclimate

Yes, we certainly need to leave boxes of floors uninstalling at least 48 hours until they become accustomed to the new temperature, humidity, and other conditions in our home.

The industrial wood flooring has a porous structure consisting of melamine plastic and fiberboard material, which you can only see under a microscope. 

This structure type allows air and humidity inside, making planks swollen. Though the swelling might be tiny, it may cause blank spaces or break the locking systems across the floor.

I did spare some time for the planks to acclimate with the humidity and temperature of the room uniformly. After the acclimation, I started installing the floors. All the planks are flawlessly smooth, side-by-side, making me so satisfied.

In general, the industrial wood flooring is not different from ours. If you need some time to get used to the new place, so do the floors. Acclimation is important for laminate floors; hence do not forget this step before installing.

What Conditions To Acclimate Laminate Floors?

For me, the industrial wood flooring can beautify other furniture, usually a fireplace or new paint. Therefore, you should keep the indoor environment stable for the acclimation process to be promising and equal.

Please be aware of the environment (exposed sunlight, opened windows, or framed-in walls), or else the acclimation and installation will be pointless. 

Here I enclose some detailed information about primary conditions for the house, including temperature and humidity:

  • The temperature should vary between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius.
  • The flooring temperature should be above 15 degrees Celsius.
  • The ideal space humidity level is between 25 and 70%. It would help if you prepared a hydrometer to measure humidity in your room. A tabletop hygrometer is a reliable recommendation.
  • If your floor has a radiant heat system inside, you should turn it on at 26.7 Celsius degrees for three days before installation. 

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How to Acclimate Laminate Flooring?

I started acclimating laminate flooring after checking the room conditions. Firstly, I placed boxes in the middle of your floor, side-by-side without removing shrink wrap, and then opened them. Secondly, I left them for a total of 48 hours before installing them.


Does laminate flooring need to acclimate? Yes, of course. It is like a formality when you give your new laminate planks time to adjust to the new house.

By welcoming the new floor, my home has a supportive beautifier for the heating. My children love playing in front of that warm place. It is such a pleasure looking at how beautiful our new laminate flooring is.

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