How To Get Rid Of Dog Scratches On Hardwood Floors – A Simple Guide

Dogs and hardwood floors do not always go together. Your hyperactive furry friend can ruin the surface and the core of the wood planks one way or another, whether you are looking or not. It’s not an easy task to host them both under the same roof, and it will require you to have some solutions in hand. 

Luckily, there is a way to get the two to get along. Read this article on removing dog scratches on hardwood floors and preventing them from happening at all. Read this short article to find out more now!

How to fix scratches in hardwood floors from a dog

How To Get Rid Of Dog Scratches On Hardwood Floors?

Before getting your hands dirty on dealing with the scratches on your hardwood floors, you should map out the dents and categorize them into either “bad” or “not that bad” categories. Don’t make the same mistake as I did, like jumping straight into work; instead, know your scope of work and identify the problem areas first. 

Prepare The Ingredients:

To start with the process of cleaning up dog scratches, I advise you to prepare these things:

  • A bottle of specialized hardwood cleaner: You can buy these at any hardware store or directly from your manufacturer!
  • A bottle of protective topcoat: Polyurethane is the most popular and effective choice, but be sure to consult your installer for the best choice.
  • A hardwood floor-stain marker pen
  • A soft clean cloth
  • A piece of 150–grit sandpaper
  • A putty knife of your choice
  • A bundle of steel wool
  • Some mineral spirit
  • A scouring pad
  • A wood putty
  • A few sticks of wax just in case
  • A fine mop
  • A brush
  • A bucket of lukewarm water

Tackle Light Scratches First:

Here’s how you can start with the not-so-bad dents:

Work with the surface first:

Take out your dust mop or broom to remove any dust on the floor and within the cracks. Dip a clean cloth into a hardwood cleaning solution and make sure not to leave any sticky spots on your floor.

After removing the floor cleaning soap with water, you will end up with an easier canvas to work with. I would vacuum the floor to make sure there’s no dust!

Apply the protective coat:

Pull out your sealing agent and apply it to the dents using your fine brush. Make sure to stuff and spread the gel into the scratches so they become more even with the other areas of your floor.

You will need to leave the seal dry and harden for at least a full day before anyone and any dog can walk on that patch again. You should have a relatively smooth floor after that.

Cover up:

If the scratches also cause discoloration on your floor or simply do not look nice even when filled, you can use a stain marker of the same tone as your wood floor and cover the spots up!

Fill Into Deep Scratches & Dents:

Deeper dents are harder to deal with, but they are not impossible. Here is what I did:

– Clean the surface, as we have mentioned before.

– Remove the old protective coat:

Start by sanding away the prior layer; this should carry away with it the rest of the floor’s more stubborn dirt. Once that’s done, you can sprinkle mineral spirit on the scouring pad, prepare and scrub the scratch area away, and use a putty knife to scrape the coalesced coating away.

– Fill the dents:

With the same putty knife, you may fill the deep scratches with wood filler to the brim. You should wait for a full day for the substance to dry and settle before using the sandpaper to make the area even with the other spots.

– Cover up:

Ensure the spot is free from debris or mud before you brush on a sealing agent as usual. The floor, once again, will need to stay after a day for you to walk around again! I tried touching the floor while the floor was still drying, and it felt sticky.

How To Prevent Dog Scratches On Hardwood Floors From Happening

Keep Your Dog’s Nails Short:

If your dog’s nails are short, he won’t be making a mess any time soon! You can do this at home with an intended clipper or have a vet do it instead. Do be careful not to clip it too short, or you will hurt your pup.

How to keep dogs from scratching wood floors

Use Protective Layers:

Aside from the typical sealant, there is another way for you to give your floor a shield. Your dog likely has a place it likes to scratch, and that is the exact place you can install a carpet or a rug!

Buy Doggy Shoes:

With a pair of shoes indoors, your pup won’t be able to scratch the floor. The shoes are soft and safe for dogs to wear, so they are very popular with hardwood floor owners. You can find these types of footwear/dog accessories in all sorts of pet stores!

Help Your Dog Get Used To The Floor:

Any activity that allows your dog to burn off excess energy will stray him away from decimating your floor. Walking, chasing, fetching, etc., are great ways to help your dog become less hyperactive indoors while strengthening your relationship with him!

Final Note

That is exactly how you can get rid of and prevent dog scratches on hardwood floors!

With a little potty training in addition to my tips, your canine friend and your family can all enjoy the beautiful floorboard together. Just be sure to give the floor a good check every week or so, and you’ll be okay!

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