Dyson Overheating Reset – Detail Guide to You

Currently, the Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the best quality vacuum cleaners on the market. Dyson vacuums are made with the most advanced technologies, and the engine can last for a very long time without any problems, so there is usually no direct reset button.

However sometimes Dyson also overheats, which leads to many problems, and that does require a reset. Some people still do not know how to fix it. 

So, Dyson overheating reset – How to do it? The article will show you!

Dyson Overheating Reset – Temporary solution

When the Dyson vacuum cleaner overheats, there’s a temporary solution for you. You just need to unplug and turn off the vacuum cleaner, leave it on for 1-2 hours. In this simple way, Dyson vacuum cleaner motors can cool down before you use it normally.

Although simple, this is only a temporary solution because it makes the vacuum cool, it does not mean that the problem has been fixed. As such, it could continue to happen. That’s why you have to use other ways to fix them.

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Dyson Overheating Reset – Simple Way to Follow

When you use the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may find it sometimes suddenly turns off, has a strange sound, does not suck out dirt as expected. It could be a problem with your device or long term use. What you can do – Dyson overheating reset. Here are the errors and how to reset.


Turning off the Dyson machine’s vacuum filter is one of the most common reasons for overheating. You should clean the vacuum filter quickly to remove all dirt and bacteria every time you use the vacuum. To do that,  you need to remove all filters gently. 

Then wash them only with cold water, not with any types of soap, detergent, or dishwasher. Continue rinsing until the water runs out, about ten times. After that, you need to squeeze out the water and let it dry in warm places for one day, do not microwave or use a dryer.

Once done, replace it and use it as usual. That will solve your overheating problems; however, if you cannot maintain your filter cleaning regularly or the filter has become clogged and damaged, you can replace it with a new filter from service centers or online.


Brush head not spinning (Via Michael Aulia)

Similar to how clogging a tube can overheat a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a blockage in the brush bar prevents the device from rotating the brush, that is to say from cleaning, meaning the engine has to work harder. 

When the machine works, the brush heads always pick up dust from the environment, hair, bristles, etc so it is easy to get clogged up, making the vacuum cleaner harder to maintain its efficiency and have to work harder to paint. As such, dirt slowly affects the function of the engine and causes it to overheat. 

The cylindrical brush with bristles inside the vacuum nozzle picks up dirt so it can become clogged due to debris accumulation. In that case, you can access the bar and remove the debris that accumulates, then hit the on / off button, and you’re ready to go.

You can do that by the following: 

First, you need to unplug, turn off the vacuum cleaner and turn the vacuum cleaner head upside down. Observe it and two things happen:

If you have a hammer or movable style head, then use a screwdriver and push it downwards to leverage the vacuum cleaner head. Unscrew the soleplate and use a coin to reach the bar by turning it clockwise to open. It’s currently free, and you can check for any congestion build-up using it.

But if it didn’t spin freely, something would have clogged it, you need to take scissors and carefully remove dirt, glass, hair, and another part of the clog that builds up in the bars. After that is done, you can go. Reassemble the peak and return everything as it was, and turn on the Dyson vacuum.


The garbage is half full of trash bags, so you should clean (Via Charles Williams)

Attention should be paid to changing the vacuum bag when it is half full, which eliminates the bag and filter from getting stuck with debris and Dyson overheating vacuum. Keep an extra bag so that when you dispose of it away, you can replace a newer one right away.

You should make sure that the vacuum bags are restored without delay as too much debris in the airbag can create excess pressure on the vacuum, which in turn will overheat the engine.  When you pay attention to this problem, you have limited the overheating of the Dasyn vacuum cleaner.

Internal Failure

Sometimes technical problems in your vacuum can also cause overheating or worn engines. Although this is rare, we can not rule out its possibility. Therefore, even if you have carefully checked and removed the debris, checked the vacuum cleaner, and still find it hot and unusual noises. It makes Dyson not perform. You can contact the vendors, service, shops, etc, for inspection and repair.

Primarily, you take care to ensure that the filter or brush is not clogged up to decrease the pressure in the Dyson vacuum motor, thus keeping its effectiveness for a long time.

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Dyson Overheating Reset – Some Notes

  • Do not clean the Dyson vacuum cleaner body with chemicals cracks will appear in the body.
  • Do not use the device continuously for a long time, so the machine should rest for 15 minutes after 30-45 minutes of vacuuming.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not fill the dust bag with garbage, only half of the bags. 
  • Clean the dust filter regularly. 
  • Use the correct suction mode for the vacuum cleaner to use for a long time.

In Sum 

Thus, we have shown you the errors that cause the Dyson vacuum to overheat switch and have shown you how to fix them. So, we’re sure that you know how to deal with this issue – Dyson overheating reset.

We hope that you will use this helpful information to fix this problem at home. Thank you for reading!

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