Find out the Right Answer: Can You Use Fabuloso On Laminate Floors?

We are familiar with using Fabuloso for cleaning our kitchen and bathroom. What about Laminate floors? Can you use Fabuloso on Laminate floors? Well, Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner, likely utilized for more than cleaning your living areas. 

After applying it on the floor surface, it even leaves a nice smell. I like the lavender scent and prioritize choosing the product with this odor. There is citrus and ocean breeze for you to select. 

Can You Use Fabuloso On Laminate Floors?

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The answer is yes. Fabuloso is an ammonia-free, all-purpose cleanser. Its pH value is neutral, making it ideal for removing dirt, oils, muck, and stains. It can effectively remove stains off toilet seats, textiles, walls, and other firm surfaces. 

It’s unfavorable for your unsealed floor to approach Fabuloso. So make sure that you have double-checked the coating of the floors before using the solution on them.

According to the Fabulosos manufacturers, it contains no harmful components to wood. You could use it to mop or spray on your wood flooring to clean it. 

There are various ways to check if you have sealed the floor perfectly. For example, we have three different methods for you to try:

  • Look on the floor to see a gleaming, smooth appearance since it reflects a coated surface. 
  • Spill water on the floor because a sealed floor won’t absorb water and won’t darken when soaked with water.
  • Find an isolated area of the floor and scratch a little portion of it with a sharpened object. If some tiny clear particles along with wood chips fall out, it means the floor has a coating. 

How To Clean Laminate Floors With Fabuloso?


To begin with, you must prepare Fabuloso multipurpose cleaner products, warm water, a sponge or a mop, and a bucket.

Here is my process. Before carrying out any steps, you would want to sweep and clean any dirt on the floor to ensure a smooth job.

My solution includes 1/4 cup of Fabuloso and a gallon of warm water, which boosts antibacterial powers while also improving cleaning qualities. It’s capable of removing greasy spots easily. 

Then, like how you would clean your floor normally, use your mop to dig in your solution and clean the floor. Just remember to be careful and not to wet the laminate.

If there are any extreme stubborn stains, I will use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to avoid damaging my floor. 

What To Notice When Using Fabuloso On Laminate Floors?

Though Fabuloso seems credible in cleaning your laminate floors, there are still some useful tips to keep in mind.

Do Not Use Tough Tools To Clean Harsh Stains On The Floors

Avoid putting anything abrasive such as steel wool on laminate floors since it can scratch your floor. You‘d better use a smooth broom to sweep up the debris. 

While vacuuming, avoid using attachments that do not include beater bars or revolving brushes since they might damage the surface.

Do Not Use Too Much Fabuloso On Your Flooring

An essential thing to remember is not to overuse Fabuloso. Laminate is a byproduct of the wood industry that will distort when you expose it to excessive dampness.

In Sum

My above instructions answer the question of “Can you use Fabuloso on laminate floors?” based on my experience. To master these skills, you should read carefully and follow my steps. 

The laminate floor might seem easy to use and clean, yet it would be such a challenging task. It’s important that you know how to clean and apply the cleaners properly. Similar to using Fabuloso, I only need to keep the floor surface dry and then clean it. I hope that my post gave you some value!

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