How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprout is a member of cabbages, normally used to be eaten in edible buds. Brussel sprouts are rich with nutrients, so they are worthy of a wholesome side dish in meals on holidays. 

How to get rid of brussel sprout smell

However, the only trouble that every amateur chef may struggle with is the Brussel Sprouts smell. You should know how to handle this properly to remove the stink of this kind of cabbage. So we’re here to help. Let’s jump to the first part of this guide.

Is It Normal For Brussel Sprouts To Smell? 


The scent of a dish is the first thing you sense when looking at a table full of food, and it drives you to your craving for eating. So Brussel sprouts do it. 

Although the sprouts look perfectly green and crisp in the market, the smell is literally strong for most people. It’s just the original odor of the Brussel sprouts, so don’t be afraid that it’s about to run out. 

Many chefs who have cooked Brussel sprouts dishes for thousands of times said the odor combined between sulfur and a natural, earthy smell. Either way, no matter how it smells, it’s a sign that you’ve purchased very organic Brussels sprouts.

Hence, bitter pills may have blessed effects. You don’t want to miss this super wellness pill just because of its odor. You can make thousands of dishes by any recipe on the Internet. 

Brussel sprouts may bring to your health a lot of benefits: supply antioxidants, vitamins, protect against cancer, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and play an important role in your diet progress.

The only thing you have to do is to handle it properly to get rid of that smell. We have listed some effective ways below for you to apply and make it right in your holiday meals.  

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Brussel Sprouts

God blesses us that we have found some ways to save your day. Don’t hesitate to swipe down to discover how to remove Brussel sprouts odor by using: 


The effect of this method is like baking a batch of cakes or a Thanksgiving turkey. Whenever you enter your buddy’s house on holidays, the first thing you can sense is the odor of roasted turkey or the melted butter of cookies. And then, you have a yen for it right away, don’t you? 

So, the oven in this situation plays the role of the baker. Keep reading to know how it works!

You have to do the first step of baking cakes: heat the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius. After the sound ‘ding’ of the oven, put some cinnamon sticks, 50g of butter in a bowl or herbs. Then,  heat the oven for three minutes at about 125-150 degrees Celsius. 

Cinnamon sticks give a pleasant smell

After all, your house will be full of a pleasant sense of herbs, which is so delightful and enjoyable. The odor of Brussel sprouts finally disappears back then.

Coffee Beans

Image from Amanda

Coffee beans have a powerful smell that may reject other unpleasant odors close to them. In some coffee shops around the world, they usually leave a cup of coffee beans in the bathroom to remove the smell of sewage. 

So can we use coffee beans for Brussel sprouts? Yes! You can use coffee beans to get rid of its odor. Here’s how to do it:

First, you have to place coffee beans or the ground coffee in the big bowls and leave it around the kitchen. Depending on your kitchen dimension or the level of the Brussel sprouts smell, you will decide to put how many bowls in your space. We think two cups of coffee beans may help the 16-meter square kitchen. However, it’s up to you. 

For about two or three hours later, your space odor will be back on track after suffering the bothersome smell from Brussel sprouts.

A Cinnamon Stick Or Clove

Here is the method some organic lovers use to make natural and fresh sense for their house without using air freshener or artificial extracts. You can choose the smell you like to apply this method, such as lemon, orange, cinnamon, ginger, or even a combination of it. Your house will be so freaking natural and fresh as the forest after a summer rain. 

No more beating around the bush? So now we will jump into the main progress.

You have to put some slices of lemon, orange, and cinnamon sticks into a pot of water. Then, you will set it on the stove and boil it until it simmers. In the final step, turn the temperature down to its lowest setting and keep it for an hour till the Brussel sprouts smell disappears.

Vanilla Extract

If you want to clear some Brussel sprouts smell out from your house, vanilla extract is an ideal resolution to assist you in this situation.

Prepare some cotton balls and about 20 milliliters of pure vanilla extract. Because the more purity it is, the more odor it can remove. You need to pay attention to the ingredients table on the bottle of vanilla extract. 

Let’s dip the cotton balls in the extract and then place it around your house. Wait for about an hour, and your house will be full of vanilla smell without the annoying smell of Brussel Sprouts.

The Last Thing

Generally, we have recommended you three different methods on how to get rid of the smell of Brussel sprouts. We hope that this info can help you remove this kind of mini cabbage odor. 

The above methods we have mentioned bring the organic and fresh sense from nature as lemon, orange, lime, and cinnamon. We appreciate the organic lifestyle and avoid the artificial smell, so we hope you like it, too.

If you have any questions or problems while applying these methods, please comment below for an immediate resolution.

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