6 Rules On How to Get Someone To Clean Up After Themselves

Your house is in a perfectly tidy state before you leave in the morning. However, it always turns into a messy show whenever you come back. What happened?

Most of us are not willing when it comes to cleaning up after a stressful working day. A countless pile of dishes is still waiting in the sink. And the dirty, damp bathroom keeps driving you insane. 

Well, we’ve all gone down that road before! 

But it is not worth making these people unhappy by nagging continually. Why don’t you try our six rules of how to get someone to clean up after themselves? They may help to improve the situation. 


How to Get Someone to Clean Up After Themselves?

We have six rules in total. And now, let’s start from Rule No.1!

Rule 1: Talking to Them 

As for the first rule, “Talking to them,” there is something that we need to prepare for “pitching”. Your preparation will decide how other people will understand and start cleaning up after themselves. 

Choosing the Right Time 

Undoubtedly, your conversation will backfire unless you choose the right time to talk. For instance, people tend not to pay much attention when they are busy working and studying. Or it is also not a good idea to discuss this issue at the dining table. 

Maybe, your request should go with a “Good Night!” for a better result. Besides, we also suggest a conversation during a tea break. 

Calming Your Nerves

You had better express the idea with a warm and kind attitude all the time. Getting angry and blaming cannot solve the problem. 


UCLA researchers pointed out that living in cluttered homes can boost women’s cortisol level while no change happens in men. The spike produces abnormal changes in the body and causes several health problems over time.

Hence, everyone needs to know about the impact of a messy living space. Moreover, letting everyone know about the benefits they can get from frequently cleaning up should also be a part of the discussion. 

Rule 2: Making the Cleaning Task Fun 

Honestly, cleaning is a tiresome task to do. Why don’t you try to turn it into a fun and exciting activity with appealing rewards?

Firstly, cleaning the house is a reward itself, giving you a clean environment to live in. Secondly, all family members will get a reward if they take care of the house regularly. It can be a mini-party on the weekends. Or you can hold a “movie date” after completing all cleaning tasks. We know for sure that rewarding keeps you motivated.   

Sometimes, ineffective cleaning up is also a cause of boredom. At that time, you need to change the methods. For example, it would help if you tried out interesting ideas and made use of free space. We recommend the Marie Kondo series that show people how to arrange things in the Japanese style on Netflix for reference. 

Rule 3: Guiding by Example

Someone hates cleaning up because he/she doesn’t know how to do it properly. So, you will be a teacher showing them how. 

Rule 4: Respecting Individual Space

There is no problem when you ask someone to keep common areas in the house clean. However, the individual spaces are a different story that you need to show respect. Your standard of neatness should be more comfortable there. It is such an impolite manner to nag other people to do something with their own space. 

Rule 5: Dividing the Cleaning Tasks Evenly

To maintain the cleaning habits, a roster hanging on the kitchen wall may work. Whenever your family gets the cleaning task done, mark it there. If the activity goes on regularly for about a couple of weeks, it will become a habit. 

Rule 6: Being Appreciative

Compliment wastes no money, so do not hesitate to appreciate other people’s cleaning habitual improvements. Like rewarding, appreciation plays a vital role in keeping everyone motivated and trying their best later on. If you keep complaining, they may feel that they are useless.


Many of our friends manage to apply these six rules of how to get someone to clean up after themselves. Do they work for your case?

We are eager to hear about your experience. And feel free to drop us a line if you need more advice!

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