How To Get Soy Sauce Out Of Clothing

Soy sauce, a special spice in Asian cuisine, is a dark condiment that brings extra flavor to the dishes. However, soy sauce can be an obsession when it gets spilled on clothes.

Don’t worry, let’s follow some tips on how to get soy sauce out of clothing.


How To Get Soy Sauce Out Of Clothing – A Detailed Guidance

Step 1: Blot the Excessed Soy Sauce 

Using a clean tissue to blot the grimy area will prevent the liquid from seeping deep into the fabric. You blot lightly on the stain instead of spreading unless you want the stain’s area becomes wider.

Step 2: Wash Under Fresh Water 

It would be best if you left dirty areas under the running of the tap. Next, use fresh water to remove the remaining liquid from the soy sauce, making the stain fade quickly and easily. Do not forget to perform this step because it is the foundation for the next steps.

Step 3: Spot Clean with Laundry Detergent 

Next, you need laundry detergent and your hands to rub these stubborn stains gently. Depending on the type of clothing, you should choose washing liquid for work attire and washing powder for casual clothes. 

It would help if you washed these clothes at least 10 minutes before doing the next step. Depending on the width of the stain, you should get a laundry detergent accordingly.

Step 4: Use Bleaching Detergent 

If laundry detergent is not powerful enough to get the garment’s stain, let’s use a bleaching detergent. You need to pour a small detergent into a bucket and bleach the garment in warm water.

The difference between laundry detergent and bleaching detergent is the latter enhances the cleaning power for bleaching, disinfecting, and helping remove tough stains. 

Let’s make a ratio of about 1/5 between bleaching detergent and warm water. It means you should mix 100ml bleaching detergent and 400ml to have a suitable mixture for the garment. It would help if you washed lightly because bleaching detergent can negatively affect the material of the garment.

Step 5: Soak the Clothing 

Not all fabrics types are suitable for bleaching, especially silk, leather, spandex, wool, and mohair. The colors can change, and damage may appear on the surface. 

But if the sauce is too sticky, you can soak the stain areas first. In about twenty minutes, the soy sauce will disappear completely.

Step 6: Flush the Garment and Dry

We are sure that all the stains will be removed after you follow all the steps. Then you can flush the garment as usual. If you want the garment to be leaner and more fragrant, rinse it with a little detergent without bleaching. Finally, dry them in the sun and wait for them to dry.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if the measures mentioned above are taken, you will know how to get the soy sauce out of clothing easily. We believe that all steps we suggest will be useful for you and help you clean the clothes scientifically.

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