How to Get Tree Sap Out of Hair and Clothing with Easy-to-Find Ingredients

No one likes the feeling when tree sap sticks into their hair or clothing, and we have to admit that tree sap is hard to get rid of if we only wash it with water or normal mild soap. So, how to get tree sap out of hair and clothing successfully with other affordable ingredients? 

This blog will give you different methods that will help you safely remove tree sap from hair and clothing without destroying them. Stay tuned!


Get Tree Sap Out of Hair and Clothing

There are many ways to get rid of tree sap from hair and clothing. But for hair, we have to be more careful when choosing ingredients. So, we will find out what ingredients are safe for hair and which will work best with clothes. 

How to Get Tree Sap Out of Hair – Save Ingredients for Hair 

How to remove tree sap from hair

Oil-Based Ingredients:

Oil-based products are one of the safest and most effective ingredients for removing tree sap from hair. Unlike other chemicals, oil-based ingredients do not harm your skin and hair. Some of the most common oil-based ingredients are vegetable oil, pine oil, baby oil, or peanut butter. Here is how you can use them. 

  • Step 1: Choose and Apply One Oil-Based Product to Your Hair

Please choose one of the oils we mentioned above, then apply it to the tree sap areas on your hair. You can pour the oil in a small bowl, then use your hand to spread it all over the tree sap. 

  • Step 2: Rub the Tree Sap off

Now, the tree sap is looser than before. You need to use your hand or a small soft cloth to rub the sap off. It is advisable to do this in your bathroom because you might make a mess with oil dropping on the floor. 

  • Step 3: Wash Your Hair Again with Regular Shampoo

Even though your hair would be super greasy when you use oil to remove trees, hair shampoo can take care of them all. You might need to wash your hair a few times until all the oil and tree sap are gone. In case you still see the sap on your hair, go back and apply oil on it again.

Dishwashing Soap or Degreasing Soap:

Dishwashing soap and degreasing can be two other good options. However, they are stronger than oil-based products, so we recommend that you not let them stick on your hair skin. If you let them stick on your hair skin, make sure you wash your hair carefully afterward. 

  • Step 1: Make the Mixture

First, you should mix dishwashing soap or degreasing soap with water. Stir them carefully. 

  • Step 2: Apply the Mixture on Your Hair

In this step, you need to apply the mixture to your hair and then rub your hair like washing it with regular shampoo. Use your finger or fingernails to remove the sap from your hair.

To get the best result, you should wash your hair with water, then check carefully if the sap is still there. If there is any sap, go back to using the mixture again until it is all gone. 

  • Step 3: Wash Your Hair Carefully

As these soaps were not originally made for hair, they might make your hair look hard and not smooth. So, you need to wash the soap carefully and use a hair conditioner if you can.

Vodka (or Some Other Liquor):

The reason why vodka can be a good option for sap removal is that it contains alcohol. For hair, using vodka and some other liquors are safer than strong alcohol products. 

The use of liquor is similar to dishwashing and degreasing soap. First, you apply the liquor to your hair, rub it carefully to remove the sap, then wash your hair carefully with water and hair conditioner if you want. 

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is another safe option for your hair and clothes.  Besides cleaning, people also use it in food-making processes. The reason why we recommend using baking soda is that this compound does not cause harm to anyone or anything. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the sap areas, leave it there for a few minutes and rub the sap off. If the sap does not come off, give it more time, and you will be amazed by the results.

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Get Tree Sap Out Clothing – Best Methods

How to get tree sap out of clothes

Unlike hair, we can use stronger ingredients for removing tree sap from clothing. Here are some effective ingredients we can use on clothes without damaging the fabric. 

Oil-Based Products:

Like hair, we can use oil on your clothes. For clothes, you do not need to use healthy and high-quality oil as what you need to do for hair, but regular oil such as cooking oil can help. It would help if you kept in mind not to use oil with color on your clothes because its color might stick on the fabric and will be hard to get rid of afterward. 

  • Step 1: Pour Oil on the Sap

Put your clothes on an empty sink or bucket, then pour vegetable oil on the sap. Leave the oil-based ingredients there for a while.

  • Step 2: Remove the Sap

If there is just a little bit of sap sticking on your clothes, you can use your finger to remove it off. But in case there is a mess of sap all over your clothes, then a soft brush will make everything easier. 


Freezing is another good way to get rid of tree sap, especially chewing gum from fabric. However, this method works if your clothing is small enough to fit in your refrigerator freezer. 

  • Step 1: Put Your Clothes on the Freezer

Before you put your clothes in the freezer, you can put them in a plastic or fabric bag to protect their surfaces. Leave the clothes in the freezer for around 15 minutes, or until the whole clothes turn solid. 

  • Step 2: Break the Sap and Remove It from Your Clothes

When the sap is already solid, you can break it easily little by little, and get rid of it from your clothes. This process is quite easy, but you should be careful and not remove the sap too roughly because you might damage your clothing. 

In case you see too much fabric fiber coming off from your clothes, you can consider using other methods instead.

Rubbing Alcohol (or Other Alcohol-Based Solvents):

Alcohol can remove tree sap from fabric effectively. You can use many types of alcohol on your clothes, such as rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes, liquor, or even hand sanitizer.  

This ingredient is quite simple to use. First, you need to pour rubbing alcohol (or other alcohol-based products) on your clothes. After that, let the alcohol sit there for a while, then start to rub the sap off. 

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More Stronger Ingredients for Super Stubborn Sap

Even the methods mentioned above were effective and natural, sometimes, they do not work so well if the tree sap is too stubborn. In this case, we can use stronger ingredients, but you should always be careful while using it on your clothes or your hair. 

Ammonia and Powder Detergents

Ammonia is one of the toughest methods, and you should wear gear before doing the job. 

  • Step 1: Mix Powder Detergent with Water

Mix powder detergent and water with the 1:1 ratio to make a paste. 

  • Step 2: Apply the Paste on Your Clothes

Apply the paste on the sap, then leave it there for around forty minutes to one hour. 

  • Step 3: Apply Ammonia on the Sap

Pour ammonia on a spraying bottle, then spray it on the sap. This chemical will do an amazing job. After the sap comes off, you can wash your clothes with a washing machine or by hand.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is a strong chemical, and you should only use it when none of the other methods works. As it is an acetone-based chemical, it might damage some materials, such as nylon and denim. So, before you decide to use this ingredient, make sure your clothes’ material is fine for it. 

  • Step 1: Use Nail Polish Removers on Your Clothes

Drop some nail polish remover on the sap, drop by drop. Next, use a brush or your fingernail to remove the sap from your clothes.

  • Step 2: Check the Results and Re-do the Process If Needed

If the sap does not come off easily, you can leave it there for around ten or twenty minutes, then go back rubbing it again. As you are doing the work, you can always add more nail polish remover when you need to. 

Stain Removers and Detergents

Stain removers and detergents are a strong option for getting rid of sap from clothes if the previous methods did not work. Here is how you can use it.

  • Step 1: Choose the Right Type of Detergent or Stain Removers

As detergents and stain removers can mess up your colored clothing, you need to choose the right products before using them. For white clothes, normal bleach, detergents, and stain removers will be good choices. But for colored clothing, you need to pick specialized products that are safe for the dye. 

  • Step 2: Soak a Small Cloth the Stain Removers or Detergents

It is advisable to use gears if your hand skin is sensitive. Soak a piece of cloth or a small towel on stain remover or detergent, then apply it to the tree sap stains. Leave the detergent there for around half an hour before moving to the next step. 

  • Step 3: Check the Sap Stains

Now, check if the sap stains are dissolved or loosen. You can use the towel to get rid of the sap, wash your clothes by hand, or wash the machine with cold water.

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More Tips for Removing Sap from Hair and Clothing 

Re-Do the Process Many Times

We all want to finish the cleaning process as soon as possible, but for sap, we need to check the results carefully because the sap might be hard to get rid of. Normally, you might need to re-do the process a few times before all the sap comes off. 

Try More Methods If You Are Not Happy with the Results

If one method does not work even after you re-do the cleaning process many times, consider choosing another method. As you know, there are many types of tree sap, and some sap can be much tougher than the other. 

So, when some ingredients do not give you the expected results, you can try stronger ingredients if you need to. 

Check If the Materials of Your Clothes Before Choosing A Chemical

Earlier in this blog, we mentioned some strong chemicals you can use for clothes. But before you choose them, make sure that your clothes’ materials are safe for those chemicals. 

Only Try Strong Chemicals After Other Safe Ingredients Do Not Work

We all want to get the results right away, but before choosing strong chemicals on your hair or clothes, it is better to try other safer cleaning techniques (such as using oil-based products) first. By doing this, you will have a better chance to protect your hair’s health and the quality of your clothing. 

Take Care Of Your Hair After Using Harsh Chemicals

After using chemicals to remove sap, you should take care of your hair, especially when you have long hair. You can use a hair conditioner or other hair products to make it softer and healthier. 

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Last Opinion

Sap is not easy to clean off in most cases, and it can only be removed if we use the right ingredients. 

With the information provided in this blog, we believe that you already knew how to get tree sap out of hair and clothing with different methods. You can choose one or many ingredients, from natural cleaners like cooking oil, to applying strong chemicals like nail polish remover. Do not forget to follow the tips we mentioned to get the best results for your hair and clothing.

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