Can You Use Goof off on Hardwood Floors?

Goof Off is widely known for its capacity to clean up the toughest stains on your floors, including paint, glue, tar, asphalt, and even nail polish. Those who have used this product would know that it is safe to remove hard stains on different surfaces.

However, will Goof Off damage hardwood floors? Can you use Goof Off on hardwood floors without harming the quality of the wood or make the floors’ color change?

The answer to this question is not clear in your mind. So, keep on reading because this is exactly what we will talk about in this blog!

Can You Use Goof off on Hardwood Floors? 

Can you use Goof Off on wood? (Image by Mike Mozart)

The answer to this question is Yes, Goof Off is safe for wooden floors. If you access the official website of Goof Off, you will know that it is used on hardwood floors to get rid of tough stains and grease that other mild detergents cannot.

Goof Off is so powerful that it is one of the must-have products for professional house cleaners, hobbyists, and homeowners. Yet, you should be careful before using it on hardwood floors and better test on a small area with the solution first.

How To Remove Tough Dirt From Hardwood Floors With Goof-Off?

Step 1: Prepare

To start cleaning with Goof Off, you need to prepare simple clearing tools like a vacuum, mop, hand gears, a water bucket, and Goof Off. 

Step 2: Wear the Hand Gears

As we mentioned earlier, Goof Off contains some harmful chemicals as it was made to clear tough hard stains. To protect your hand, we recommend wearing your hand gears during the whole cleaning process. 

Step 3: Vacuum the Floors

Even though this step is optional, we suggest you take this for the best result! Specifically, it would be easier to clean up at the end of the floor, it is cleaner, and the stains have no extra dirt on them. You can choose to sweep or vacuum the floors first.

You should vacuum the floor first if it has too much dirt on

Step 4: Apply Goof Off on the Stains

Before applying on a bigger area, apply it on some small area first and watch the result. In case the floor looks fine without any damage, pour an amount of Goof Off enough to cover all the stains and leave it there for around five minutes. For harder and thicker stains, you can apply even more solutions for better results. 

Step 5: Wipe Goof Off off the Floors

After five minutes, pick a cloth and wipe all the Goof Off solution off your floors. If the stains still remain, apply Goof Off on it again!

  • Warning

It will help if you are careful while using Goof Off and only use it for the tough stains that other detergents cannot clean. Trust us; it is a big mistake if you misuse this product!

In detail, Goof Off contains methanol and ethylbenzene (check the label), and these two chemicals can be harmful to pregnant women and cause cancer. (Read more here


Can you use Goof Off on hardwood floors? Yes, but with caution. 

Until this point, you must understand more about Goof Off and how it can help you with your cleaning process. This product is a two-blade sword – It’s strong enough to remove the toughest stains and also strong enough to leave serious consequences to human health.

Lastly, please test the product before using it to maintain the best quality of your floors.

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