Watch Out For: When Are Hardwood Floors Beyond Repair?

Hardwood floors always give us a warm, cosy feeling, and we love them more than any other flooring. However, they are not so easy to take care of: problems start to emerge after a while.  Some problems are easy to solve; others are not. In the worst-case scenario, the condition of the planks could get … Read more

Get Some Helpful Tips For How To Fix Uneven Stain On Hardwood Floors

Everyone has that one room in their home where they can’t seem to keep the floor clean for more than a few days. Mine is my kitchen, and I’ve been struggling with how to fix uneven stain on hardwood floors. Well, today, I’m going to share some helpful tips from someone who has been there … Read more

Precise Guide On How To Rehydrate Wood Floors

Your house’s overall beauty depends much on how well your floors look, especially if your house has wood flooring. The wood floors have a cozy and eye-catching appearance, but they normally face some severe issues that are hard to deal with, such as dehydration.  Seeking help from the experts surely costs you a certain amount … Read more

Vinyl Flooring On Stairs Pros And Cons – Should You Get Vinyl Flooring?

We all know that vinyl flooring has grown so popular in recent years. It comes in a variety of shapes and designs and can brighten up any room or stairway.  Still, can you install vinyl flooring throughout the entire house, including the stairs? Would vinyl work well on stairs? Would it be long-lasting, or would … Read more

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I was talking to a friend about how I don’t have enough room in my dorm for a mini-fridge, and he said that he puts his on the carpet. At first, I laughed because it seemed ridiculous, but then I further thought it through.  It was quite a possibility, right? So I did some research … Read more

How To Lay Carpet Without a Knee Kicker?

If you are installing carpet in the office or your home, then you’ve probably seen the knee kicker. That pesky tool is used to hold down the newly installed carpet as it’s being stapled into place. It can be a pain to use and really hard on your knees after a while. I know what … Read more

Carpet Vs Laminate In Bedroom – Which One Is Best-Suited For You?

I never realized how much a carpet could add to the overall feel of a room until I switched from my old, beat-up carpet in my bedroom to laminate flooring. The room just feels so much brighter and more cheerful when you have that extra layer of light reflecting off the floor. Plus, it’s easier … Read more

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Painted Wood Floors Pros And Cons – DIY Advice

Ever since I moved into our new house, I’ve been on the hunt for a way to cover up the ugly, worn-out wood floors. My first idea was refinishing it as we had in our last home. It didn’t take me too long before I realized it wasn’t as easy as it sounded! Still, I … Read more

Can You Lighten Dark Hardwood Floors? – How To Implement?

After a long period of time, you possibly get sick of the dark-toned hardwood floors and want to change them into lighter colors. Undeniably, the floors with light tones perpetually bring not only a new light-hearted mood but also a sense of freshness.  Yet, can you lighten dark hardwood floors at home without professional help?  … Read more

Can You Put Epoxy On Hardwood Floors?

Using ceramic tiles, granite, or wood to line the floor has become familiar and common today. But have you heard of beautifying the floor with epoxy paint? If you are unfamiliar with this special paint, you miss out on a great option to help your floor look perfect. The following article will help resolve the … Read more

Can You Put Hardwood Flooring On Stairs?

As hardwood floors have high-end aesthetics and durability, they are widely favored and installed in many rooms of a house. Are you planning to reconstruct your house and also decide to give it a brand new elegant look with the help of hardwood? Yet, is it possible to install them throughout the house or only … Read more

Nine Simplest Steps On How To Make Hardwood Floors Less Slippery

Hardwood floors play an important role in making your home sophisticated and luxurious. However, everything has two sides. One of them is how to make hardwood floors less slippery. The main cause of slippery floors is mainly because the floor surface is rubbed a lot, leading to wear. When this happens, walking on the floor … Read more

How To Remove Ceramic Floor Tile From Plywood: Detailed Instructions With Tips

There are quite a few reasons for changing ceramic floors, like renovating or changing your house’s look. In my case, I did not want to do this whole process just to change my space’s look, but I only did it when there was some damage on the ceramic floor.  With the tips taken out of … Read more

Get the Right Answer: How Long Does Grout Take To Dry?

You are finally finished with your tile, grout, and sealant job. But when you try to clean up the next day, it’s not working! Your hands feel like they are sticking to the floor, and your sponge is just making a mess of things. Believe it or not, this issue possibly comes from the lack … Read more

Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe For Vinyl Floors? – Alternatives And Solutions

I’ve been doing a lot of research on polypropylene rugs lately, and I thought I would share what I have learned. Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber, making it great for indoor spaces because it doesn’t hold dirt as natural fibers can. It also has an anti-static property that prevents dust from sticking to the rug … Read more

Does Vinyl Plank Flooring Need To Acclimate? Is It Important?

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the favorite choices of homeowners. However, this type of flooring needs time to adapt to the new environment before installation. To allow it to become accustomed to this new environment, you must first acclimate your vinyl flooring!  Trust us; it would be your biggest mistake if you neglect this … Read more

How To Keep Outdoor Rugs In Place On Concrete

If you are like me, then your backyard is the place for entertaining friends and family. You want everything to look nice and neat, but also feel relaxed and inviting! One of the most important items in this equation is keeping outdoor rugs in place on concrete.  Yet, it can be difficult at times because … Read more

How Difficult Is It To Replace Floor Joists? Should You DIY Or Hire A Pro?

The floor joists are the main support for any home’s structure. When they become weak or damaged, it is time to replace them with new ones. After many years of hiring professionals doing this job for me, I started to wonder, “how difficult is it to replace floor joists?” Can I carry out the job … Read more

How To Refinish Terrazzo Floors And Polish Them

I love terrazzo floors because, for me, this type of flooring is quite artistic, especially when it is polished. However, when the surface becomes dull with scratch, dirt, or the color changes, it looks really bad. So for me, keeping this kind of flooring polished, clean, and new is important. Then, what if your floor … Read more

Get The Best Answer – What Is Rubberwood Flooring?

If you’re thinking about paving your floor, you’ll probably have to consider what type of flooring is best for you.  Stone flooring brings class and elegance, but its cost usually puts people off. On the other hand, eco-friendly flooring such as wooden floors guarantees top-tier quality, but this type of floor needs careful maintenance.  If … Read more

How To Install Baseboard Molding On Uneven Floor

Probably, you’re thinking – what the heck does this have to do with me? Well, I’m glad you asked! If your floor is uneven and there’s no way of fixing it (or at least not without ripping up all of the floorings), then the chances are that you’ve been living in a world where baseboard … Read more

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor Effectively And Easily

Have you ever noticed your furniture is not sitting still because your floor is uneven? If you do, you should learn how to level furniture on uneven floors as soon as possible because this situation can become dangerous.  For me, fixing the whole floor is too expensive and complicated, so I chose to level my … Read more

Does Laminate Flooring Need to Acclimate? – Notes When Installing Laminate Flooring

I know that you are excited after receiving boxes of laminate floors; however, there are bunches of work you need to worry about. Does laminate flooring need to acclimate? Why do they need to acclimatize? How to let them acclimatize? I got the same questions when I first purchased these floors. After surfing the Internet … Read more

How to Fix Bubbles on Laminate Flooring and Maintain Its Quality

After using my laminate floors for a while, they started to have bubbles on their surfaces because I didn’t protect them carefully. At first, the bubbles only made the floors look bad, but these bubbles soon expanded and caused the floors to curve.  As a DIY enthusiast, I’ve attempted to learn how to fix bubbles … Read more

Step-by-step Guide On How To Hand Scrape Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring is my all-time favorite, as it provides a warm atmosphere and a retro but natural look. However, I realized an issue with the hardwood floors in my home over time: they all develop splinters over time!  After several days of consideration, I decided to begin a DIY project of hand scraping the wood … Read more

Can Hardwood Floors Be Recycled? – Proper Ways To Solve Old Wood Floors

As wood lovers, we’re always proud when people drop by our house and compliment the classic vibe of its hardwood floors. But as time passes, the floor quality decreases along with the house aesthetic. Buying new wood floors may be a good choice, but what to do with the old ones? Can hardwood floors be … Read more

Termite Damage In Hardwood Floors – What To Do [The Best Guidance]

Termites, as we all know, are well-known wood-boring insects. However, I did not notice them until they caused significant damage. For years, termite colonies ate my hardwood floor, making it visible and weak in infested areas. Are you facing the same issue? If so, I am glad to share with you my experience in coping … Read more

Can You Paint Travertine Tile? If Yes, How To Implement It?

Travertine tile has recently become one of the most popular construction materials for home decor. However, the tiles in my house have gradually faded and lost the aesthetic beauty of my living space.  I decided to renew and furnish them with brand-new colors to make them brighter and more vibrant. Although it was not an … Read more

How To Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating

Vinyl plank flooring is becoming extremely popular even though some people prefer hardwood floors because it closely resembles hardwood floors, to the point that you might not realize the difference.  There are several vinyl planks in the market, ranging from less expensive ones to more expensive floor types, and they all keep up well over … Read more

Is AdvanTech Flooring Waterproof? – Answer as Desired

AdvanTech Flooring has recently become the new trend in the construction industry and favorited among householders. The product is so good that it has been dubbed a “pioneering innovation for the construction sector.” If you are also a fan of this type of floor, I guess that you could not deny its numerous benefits, including … Read more

How To Repair Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring? Best Tips For You

Vinyl flooring is the most popular interior choice in a range of finishes due to its low cost, water resistance, and suitability for house renovations. However, scratches and cracks will destroy your floor’s beautiful surface over time! The luxury vinyl will then turn old and ugly as a result. What to do then? Can you … Read more

You Want to Kow: Is Regrouting Worth It?

Looking at your old and ugly grouted tile, then wondering if you can fix or turn it into a brand new look? Is regrouting worth it? If yes, how can you do it by yourself? How much does regrouting cost you, then?  If you are lost in those thoughts, this post will be your savior! … Read more

Drywall Vs Drop Ceiling Cost – A Detailed Comparison

Choosing drywall or drop ceiling for installation projects mainly depends on the cost. Before sticking with the final choice, it is necessary to understand the key elemental costs, the fee for add-ons, and many other related factors. Let’s check out our comparison on drywall vs drop ceiling cost to discover the relevant information! Drywall Vs … Read more

Staining Maple Floor – How to Stain Maple Floors Properly

Maple is a type of flooring that I love due to its light color, high hardness, and smooth grain. Maple wood is perfectly suitable for lining modern-style houses, always ensuring the space with a clean, bright wooden floor surface and a natural look. However, maple flooring has a distinctive appearance because it is mainly creamy … Read more

Best Type Of Flooring For An Unheated Sunroom – Which One Will Suit You?

Unlike a heated sunroom with a heating system, an unheated sunroom receives warmth directly from the sun. For this reason, there is hardly anything placed in the room as decoration except for the flooring layer.  Finding the best type of flooring for an unheated sunroom is quite challenging for people who have first designed an … Read more

Worst Toilet Paper For Septic Systems You Need To Avoid

When it comes to choosing toilet paper, people often focus on certain attributes: sturdy, supple, and pleasant when using it. However, few realize that good paper towels also aim to degrade fast once flushed since the materials used and their thickness can impact the lifetime of your septic tank. So, which is the worst toilet … Read more

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Carpet Without A Stretcher

Do you have a stubborn wrinkle in your carpet that just won’t come out? You’re not alone! I’ve been there and done that all.  I have earned some experiences and tips for how to get wrinkles out of carpet without a stretcher! Give them a try and enjoy the smoothness again! How To Get Wrinkles … Read more

Green Living Lifestyle: Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Normal toilet paper might be cheap and commonplace, but its usage has affected the environment a lot. I also have researched several eco-friendly toilet paper, and the result turns out surprisingly well. However, some people might question whether these kinds of bamboo toilet septic are safe. Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? As a loyal … Read more

How To Strengthen Floor Joists From Beneath

What are floor joists exactly? Floor joists support the floors that are not immediately linked to a concrete subfloor. They provide flooring the strength to bear the weight of humans, animals, and many other things in the house.  However, as time passes by, floor joists can lose their supporting strength and may sag or bounce. … Read more

Is Cork Flooring Waterproof? & How to Maintain It

Recently, the appeal of green, or eco-friendly products, has sparked new interest in cork flooring for homes. I am a lover of products from nature; for this reason, I have chosen cork flooring for my house. I find it to be quality materials, affordable, and easy to clean and maintain during use. But, is cork … Read more

Is It Better To Glue Or Float An Engineered Wood Floor?

Engineers design engineered wood floors to have a perfect balance of strength, stability, and wear resistance. But what’s the best way to install them? The most popular installation methods are gluing or floating. So is it better to glue or float an engineered wood floor? In many cases, it will depend on your preference as … Read more

Is Bamboo Flooring Waterproof? – Benefits Of Using Bamboo Flooring

What makes you feel most tired or worried thinking about your floor? Is it because they are porous and moist?  Porous flooring can cause many problems such as staining, discoloration, flaking, damage, and insect attack. This is the reason why some people accept to spend a lot of money to get waterproof flooring.  However, instead … Read more

Things You Should Know: Pros And Cons Of Sealing Concrete Driveway

My driveway is a mess. When I first bought my house, the driveway was in great condition. But now it’s full of cracks and potholes that can’t be fixed with any kind of sealer or resurfacer. So what should I do? This post will explore the pros and cons of sealing concrete driveways to help … Read more

How To Refinish Pine Floors – 7 Steps To Have A Shiny Floor That Looks Like New

After a period of use, your pine floors will eventually discolor or get scratches and cracks. This not only makes your room look unsightly but also an ideal environment for termites to thrive. Therefore, you must fix the issue right away. But how to refinish pine floors properly and correctly, then? Don’t you have any … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Fiber Mesh Concrete: Is It the Future of Building?

Fiber mesh concrete is a new and innovative form of construction that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is designed to replace traditional forms of concrete, like the rebar or wire mesh, with an environmentally friendly alternative. This blog post will tell you about some of the pros and cons of fiber mesh … Read more

What To Do After Removing Popcorn Ceiling? Useful Information for You

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when seeing an old and outdated popcorn ceiling in your home? If yes, you were the same as mine one year ago.  I felt sick each time looking around at my house and decided to renew it. Still, you should not rush to start removing the popcorn ceiling right away. … Read more

How To Keep Carpet Edges From Fraying – Preventions And Repairing

If you are reading this blog, chances are you have felt annoyed because of your frayed carpet edges. I am no different. For some reason, my carpets started to fray, and it is not nice to see the fibers in the edges being ripped away.  However, there are several things you can do to prevent … Read more

How To Stop Concrete Floor Sweating Under Carpet?

The air humidity in my house is considerably high, making my concrete surfaces appear to be dripping with sweat. This condensation of water causes me several irritating problems like slipping or falling incidents.  Even though stopping concrete floor sweating under carpet is not an easy task as other DIY projects, I have eventually succeeded with … Read more

Can Bamboo Flooring Be Refinished? -Guide on Refinishing Your Bamboo Floor!

Since bamboo flooring first appeared in Asia, it has expanded quickly to Europe and North America. Nowadays, it is leading the flooring market as a new eco-friendly material.  I also adore bamboo floors for their cooling effect during summer and winter. Though it might easily get scratched or even crack during usage, it is still … Read more

How Do You Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors?

Even though laminate falls on one of the toughest flooring types and is suitable for high-traffic areas, scruffs, scratches, and damages are always there, waiting to take a toll. Many people like me choose laminate floors because they can last for decades. On my way to discover what would best benefit my laminate floors, I … Read more

Why Does My Hardwood Floor Look Cloudy? – Solving Floor Problems


After undergoing a number of cleaning and maintaining processes, your classy retro hardwood floors get a cloudy look out of nothing? You start panicking and wondering, “Why does my hardwood floor look cloudy?.”  Do not panic! It’s not that terrible to spend an amount of money fixing or replacing new floors! Believe us; you can easily … Read more

Six Simplest Steps On How To Protect Wood Floors From Furniture Scratches

If you love luxury and retro style, wooden floors will always lay on top of your house decorate list. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but it is also famous for its timeless durability.  Yet, you definitely know that the biggest drawback of having hardwood floors is that it is easy to get … Read more

How Long Does Polyurethane Take To Dry? This Post Is Your Answer

Polyurethane is an indispensable element to process wonderful wood floors. The polyurethane coating will protect and polish the wood floors at the same time.  But, how long does polyurethane take to dry? No more people know the exact answer to this question. This results in a consequence of polyurethane’s improper effect on the wood floors.  … Read more

How To Cut Vinyl Tile Around Toilet? – Detailed Guidelines And More!

If you are in the midst of a bathroom renovation and wonder how to cut vinyl tile around toilet, look no further! This article will teach you everything you need to know about cutting vinyl tile. I’m not going to lie, this is a pretty difficult project. But it’s also really rewarding when you’re done. … Read more