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Shampoo is something we use daily but little do we know about it. If you are finding the answer to the question: “How does shampoo work on your hair?” and other things regarding this cleansing product, this piece of information can meet your requirements.


What Makes Your Hair Dirty?

Have you known that there are many factors affecting our hair condition? However, we should mention the natural sebum produced by our skin to protect the hair.

Although this kind of oil is beneficial, it is one of the causes that make our hair greasy and oily. To solve this problem, you cannot simply wash your hair with water because water alone is not powerful enough to clean your hair. That is why we need shampoo.

How Does Shampoo Work?

How shampoo works on hair

Shampoo is a familiar hair care product which usually appears in the form of viscous liquid used to clean our hair. The way to use this product is very simple: you just need to apply it to wet hair, massage it into your hair, and then rinse it off. 

The purpose of using shampoo is to remove unwanted dirt in the hair without releasing too much sebum.

#1. Commonly Used Ingredients in Shampoo

At the top of the shampoo‘s ingredient list must be Sulphates. This is the main ingredient in almost every shampoo product. 

Besides, there are Sodium Chloride, fatty alcohol, salicylic acid, preservatives, and fragrance in shampoo. The components are changed according to the target customers that the shampoo company is aimed at.

#2. Cleansing Mechanism of These Ingredients

Sulfates are used to soften the water and create lather. Sodium Chloride, which is salt, serves to adjust the viscosity and make your hair fuller. Alcohol is included in the shampoo to moisturize your hair. 

Salicylic acid or BHA works well on your hair to remove bacteria or pores just as the way it does on the skin.  In addition to these main ingredients, Quatemium-15 and Polyquatemium are added to provide the hair with moisture, fullness, and fungicidal preservatives.

These ingredients can be called surfactants, which can emulsify the sebum when combining with water. After rinsing the hair, the water will take all the dirt and grease contained in the emulsion.

When you see there is less lather, that means a lot of grease is attached to the surfactants.

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Tips for Choosing Your Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair – Clairoliviawayman

First and foremost, to know which shampoo is suitable for you, you should know what your hair type is. Secondly, you should learn how to read the ingredients labeled in the shampoo and their uses. 

Usually, there are three types of hair, including dry, oily, and normal hair. It is quite easy for people possessing normal hair to choose the hair care product because this type of hair does not require special care. Regarding dry hair people, you should search for shampoos containing hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. 

On the other hand, for the oily scalp, you should look for the labels of balancing, strengthening, or volumizing ingredients because they can help remove excessive oil.

In A Nutshell

That is it. Now you have figured out the answer to the question: How does shampoo work on your hair?, right? Hopefully, you can find out your best way to take care of your hair and be ready to shine.

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