How Often Are Hotel Carpets Cleaned?

In the service industry, one of the most crucial things that keep the business running is cleanliness. Especially in luxury hotels, the cleanliness is even more appreciated.

The most common floor that almost every hotel chooses is floors covered with carpets. So how often are hotel carpets cleaned? Being the trickiest material to maintain, will carpets give you a hard time cleaning them?


How Often Are Hotel Carpets Cleaned?

How and how often the hotel staff clean the hotel carpets decide the lifespan of the carpets. If you give them proper care, they will be soft and smooth and might last a long time. 

Other than manners and frequency, there are a few factors that also affect your carpet’s lifetime: carpet material, the traffic in the area, etc.

Back to the main issue, how often should hotel carpets be cleaned? The answer to that question is every six months. Of course, it depends on where you place the rug, customer density, etc.

If your carpet is located near the door, where everyone comes in and out, you will have to clean it more often. But if it lies along the hallway, twice every year is a perfect number.

A Three-Step Cleaning Guide

The human eye cannot see tiny dust particles. Therefore, carpet cleaning is essential to prevent dust and oil from getting caught in the fabric’s fine threads. Here is a three-step cleaning guide on how you can wash your hotel carpets:


Do you know what the most economical but effective way to clean a carpet is? It is vacuuming. But most importantly, you must remember to pick the right kind of vacuum. The vacuum you are going to use must suit the carpets in your hotel. 

It would be best if you moved the vacuum in east-west and north-south directions to make sure you get rid of the dust and dirt completely. You should vacuum heavy traffic areas more often, up to 3 times a day if you have to.

For lighter traffic areas, like storage rooms or offices, you do not need to vacuum as much. But ensure to vacuum at least 3-4 times a week. And for guests’ habitations, you should clean every day to maintain a hygienic environment.

Spot Cleaning

The next step is to spot cleaning. This might be considered the most sophisticated stage in the three-step cleaning process for treating stains and spills.

Although vacuuming takes away dust and dirt, it can not take away the stains on the carpets. 

No one likes seeing carpets with stains all over it. Sometimes, hotels forget about that issue until the customers complain. That is when they have no choice but to replace their stained carpet with a new one.

The sooner you get it cleaned, the less money you need to spend on buying a new one.  It would help if you kept in mind that any hard rubbing actions or scrubbing can risk damaging your carpets, so avoid doing so.

Apply a cleaning solution to your hotel carpets, then follow the instructions written on the label. You will have to repeat the procedure a few more times for the stains to disappear for some heavily stained carpets.

Once it is done, wash off the residue with clean water. 

Preventative Cleaning

To maintain your carpet’s quality, you need to add this final step to the three-step cleaning procedure: preventative cleaning. 

This will mean even though your carpets aren’t due to be washed; you still have them professionally washed to keep them clean, in the best possible condition. Here are set time intervals:

  • Have a professional clean your hotel carpets at least once a month for heavy traffic sectors (maybe more if necessary).
  • Have a professional clean your hotel carpets 4 times a year for low traffic sectors.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning

When cleaning your hotel carpets, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • First, never use bleach to treat the stains because it can ruin your carpet. 
  • Second, poor care does more harm to your carpet than good. So if your carpet can’t be cleaned anymore, do not regret money to buy a new one. 


Did you find our article on “how often are hotel carpets cleaned” helpful? Cleaning carpets is not as hard as you may think. Follow these steps to properly and effectively wash off the dirt, and your beautiful carpets will make the best first impression on the customers.

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