How Often Should I Clean My Coffee Grinder – Tips For Beginners

Are you fond of drinking coffee? Do you want Percolator, French Press, Espresso, or Turkish? Ok, it would help if you made them totally at home with a coffee grinder. 

Nevertheless, in order to ensure the hygiene and consistency of coffee for the next use, must the tool also be washed regularly? Again, you ask: “how often should I clean my coffee grinder“? Of course, shortly after sharing, we do not hesitate to respond.

How Often Should You Clean The Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinders Need To Be Cleaned

While tidying the grinder, you should not dismantle it entirely and wipe it down. In case that is the method you like, you ought to ask an expert for advice because it could be hard, particularly when handling all steps together.

The biggest thing to concentrate on when washing the grinder is the buildup of oil. You may find a lot of oil buildup in the dosing chamber – a place where the ground coffee often winds up as well as the hopper where the coffee beans are kept.

Over time, the oil which is left behind will go acidic and stale, and this can greatly unpleasantly affect the coffee taste.

How Often Should I Clean My Coffee Grinder?


We would like to give you a little advice on how much you clean the coffee grinder and what to do once you wash it. 

Cleaning can be done in two forms:

Setting Schedule

Depending on how much coffee you experience, the larger the amount and the more often it has to be cleaned, you could set up a proper schedule, such as once a week.

As Required

With your naked eye, you could clear the areas as needed as soon as you see oil by building upon the grinder’s surfaces.

How To Clean The Coffee Grinder

How to Wash The Hopper

In particular, when you are in the coffee-making industry, you must keep your eye on the hopper. As consumers will see time the hopper does not look clear, and they do not want to taste the coffee too.

To clear this part, you should get a decent paper towel and tidy it up after any grind to avoid the build-up of oils. If you do that, the grinder would not need to be washed too much at all.

Please shut off the electricity and then unplug the power. Then, shut your slide off at your hopper base of the grinder. You can lift it from the grinder and you are able to avoid the pouring of beans. Next, tidy all the beans in a pan or bag.

From the peak of the coffee grinder, scoop out the beans. To get off all the remaining beans and dirt from the top of your grinder’s blades, you use a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Use a soft detergent to extract all the oil, wash the hopper with warm water. It will be able to damage the plastic. Hence, while cleaning it, you must be careful!

Rinse it well to make sure it is completely dried before taking it back on the coffee grinder whether you plan to use it soon again.

It would help if you replenished it with coffee beans until the coffee hopper had been dried and replaced, plug the electricity back in. Finally, you implement a simple exam to make sure whether it runs smoothly or not.

How to Wash The Dosing Chamber

In the dosing chamber, you could have a screw-on top. In this case, you can start by removing the screws before getting into the section.

Through the use of the dosing knob, clear your dosage chamber. To cough up any dust that may cling to the chamber floor, use a mini vacuum cleaner.

A heavy, moist cloth may come in handy in cleaning the inner sides. Then you have to dry out the chamber with a lint-free rag. Make sure it is dry until you are satisfied with how clean the dosing chamber is.

How to Wash The Blades 

To make sure that the grinder’s blades can dispose of smells and stains, it is recommended that you get cereal-based Grindz. You have to empty the grinder of the coffee. And then, add the Grindz to your hopper and grind it through.

Apply a cap on a little grinder and two caps on a larger one. When this job is finished, you wash the dosing chamber and wipe off any residue. Once a month,  you could ‘re-season’ your coffee grinder by renewing it to your desired set up in order to grind and insert more coffee again.

Our Verdict

No matter what inspiration you have for crushing coffee beans, taking care of your machine is always vital. A grinder not washed as well as possible will lead to the taint in the coffee flavor. And this is not good for your health.

So how often should I clean my coffee grinder? If you do not want to clear it after use, get used to doing these steps above to reduce time for a clean grinder.

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