How Often Should You Clean Laptop Fan – Be The Intelligent Laptop User?

If many programs are running simultaneously, your laptop can stand a chance of overheating, which leads to badly affecting your laptop performance. To this issue, the cooling fan plays an important role in cooling down your laptop temperature.

And physically, the fan will gradually gain dust while rubbing the air. It causes the lower rotation of the wings. Therefore, you should clean the fan regularly. And how often should you clean laptop fan? This article will discuss this question.  

How often to clean laptop fan?

How Often Should You Clean Laptop Fan?

The answer to this question is it depends on your laptop and how dusty the environment is. In detail, it is highly recommended that you should clean your laptop fan every six months or at least once a year.

Under some specific circumstances, your laptop is too hot, or its applications run too slow, which corrupts your work and study. It is time you considered cleaning your laptop, especially the cooling fan.

How To Clean Laptop Fan

If you are afraid of damaging your laptop by detaching the cooling fan out of it, you can use compressed air therapy, which is still effective in cleaning out the dust.  

If You Can Open Your Laptop

  • Step 1-Take out the bottom panel: The cooling fan is definitely visible after you expose the inside of the laptop.
  • Step 2-Tight the fan in a fixed place: Tight it by your finger to prevent it from rotating. Never detach the fan if you don’t have knowledge of the hardware, or you could damage any decisive part of your laptop.
  • Step 3-Use a cloth to clean the fan and the vents: Clean the surface of the fan first, then carefully wiping the dust and dirt away. Do the same cleaning technique with the vents. 
  • Step 4-Softly blow the fan: This action means to wipe away the remaining dust completely. Done this step, then you can attach the laptop cover.


Never remove any hardware on the computer if you don’t have advanced knowledge. Besides, never consider any vacuum cleaner to clean the fan; the force can ruin vulnerable hardware.

If You Cannot Open Your Laptop

This is a can of compressed air <Via>

You have to shut down your laptop before you start and dismantle the battery if you can. Remember to attach the nozzle of the air duster to the vents (or as close as possible) and start the blowing process. Try to stop the fan rotates turning by using some long plastic stick since the spinning fan will make the cleaning much harder.


The dirty cooling fan must cause a lot of trouble for your laptop’s activities. It could decrease the productivity of your work and study. As a result, keeping the fan clean is really important.

With this article, we hope you will find out the answer to “How often should you clean laptop fan?” and “How to clean it?”. Solve them, then not only will your laptop work smoother, but it will also be used longer.

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