How Often Should You Dry Clean A Suit – Best Guidance

You are a prosperous entrepreneur; you have an expensive, luxurious wardrobe suit. Nevertheless, what is the best way to preserve these adorable costumes?

In general, people tend to wash the salon too many times when it is unnecessary. So how often should you dry clean a suit? And can you dry clean at home? We will be more than happy to give you a few simple tips right here.

How often should I dry clean my suits

How Often Should You Dry Clean a Suit?

The frequency of dry cleaning for suits depends on how often you wear them at the workplace and the amount of clothes you possess. People wearing suits often have very different working days. 

Maybe they take responsibility for a lot of duties. Or else, they often change workplaces constantly in order to ensure accountability.

As usual, you should only dry your suits dry an average of one to two times a year, or only if it gets dirty. On the other hand, if you wear suits on average three times per week, of course, you need to dry them more often. Once or twice in a month, it does not matter.

Hanging your shirt on a hanger and gently removing wrinkles with the steam iron also helps extend the time between dry cleaning trips.

Further details, for barely-worn suits, it is sufficient to wash them once or twice a year. Do not need to wash them as often as skirts, pants, T-shirts or shirts.

For gently-worn suits, the general formula for dry cleaning is after the sixth wear for coats, after the second for skirts, pants, and shirts.

Finally, for hard-worn suits, you will have to dry them more often in order to keep their beauty.

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How to Clean Dry Your Suit at Home?

Exterior cleaning is often very expensive. Hence, it would be best if you bought quality washing machines exclusively for the precious suits. It is also costly, albeit in return, you will not need to take the clothes out as often as you can, and you will also benefit from doing your washing at home.

Buying yourself a steamer is also a good idea. They are quite effective with slim suits. What’s more, you should immediately equip the following knowledge to do dry cleaning at home simpler.

Check The Label

Wondering if you should wash this garment in a washing machine, the first thing you need to do is check the label. As normal, clothing care information is shown on these labels in the form of symbols.

Many labels have the words “dry clean only,” a clear message that you need to bring the garment to the cleaner. 

Similarly, the circle icon also means the item is dry cleanable, and normally, the circular icon will come with a guide that informs the user what solvent to use for their clothes.

If you get a crossed-out circle, that means you must not dry-wash this kind of item.

In case your suits are made of wool, cotton, silk, or linen, yet the label indicates dry cleaning, you absolutely could wash them at home or by machine.

That’s all you have to learn about cleaning clothes safely.

Try Dry Cleaning at Home

Try dry cleaning a few of your suits at home and observing each part of the fabric. This aims to see if anything occurs with your suits.

Firstly, you apply a little bit of water to a small garment area, then add a little detergent and fabric softener to this part.

Secondly, you go on taking a cotton swab over the washed part. If any of the dyes are on the cotton swab, you need to dry-wash the garment. Conversely, you do not need to dry clean the suit at once.

You will also complete the same checks as above for the jacket linings as these linings are easily visible when you wear them, too.


After testing, it is high time to dry your laundry. Dip the suit in a bowl of cold water prepared with Persil Silk & Wool. Soak the clothes for a while to gently clean, and you rub the stains (if any) to let them go.

In case you would like to use the washing machine, put the suit in the net bag after turning the garment out. Select the lightest wash mood and make sure your clothes are cleaned in a cold wash program. Finished, you take the garments out flat and drain only.

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Tips to Shorten Time for Dry Cleaning

To minimize dry-cleaning too many times can lead to high-priced and time-consuming. It would help if you had good tips to keep your suits fragrant and fresh even without dry cleaning many times.

What are some good tips for preserving your suits? Is there a way to save money and still keep the color of your precious clothes? We could rely on you: “Yes, of course.” 

When you take care of your clothes, cautiously, your garment could remain new for many years. 

Hang Properly

If you only wear your suit now and then, you store it in a breathable suit bag. It will help if you keep the suit in breathable cloth bags, not plastic or nylon bags. Do not try to pack them in closets that are too tight, either. 

Anyway, the clothes can escape the moisture and avoid odors. Hang your clothes 2 inches apart also to prevent creasing and losing original form. Wooden hangers are considered the best way to save the original shape of clothes, dresses, and skirts while avoiding unsightly wrinkles.

Shop Basic Items

You ought to shop and wear classic clothing, as trendy garments always run with fads, and your outfit will rapidly turn obsolete.

Prevent Mold Growth

If your item is damp, do not store it in the closet. The darkness, humidity, and low air circulation will provide a good condition for mold growth, damaging your suit. Let the suit dry in a well-ventilated area for at least one hour.

Deal With Stain

Thirdly, if something spills on your suit, soak it. Remember not to scrub it too hard. If the spill is already dry without causing odor or leaving a stain, do not worry. In case this stain is serious, you should let the experts handle your garment instead of taking it at home by yourself.

Hang a Suit Correctly in Office

Take the habit of keeping a wooden coat hanger in the office. When not wearing your jacket, hang it properly.

Steamer, Not Iron

You ought to use a steamer instead of iron. One is a quality steamer that always helps to get rid of wrinkles quickly with no consequences.

Lint Brush

Next, the lint brush is essential to re-brush the suit after each time of wearing. This tool removes hair, flakes, or debris before they settle into the fibers. Another tip, you can use an adhesive lash roller in place of a brush.

Avoid Insects

Next, dry-clean suits are made of heavy wool, then hang them carefully in a wardrobe. Otherwise, you will attract moths and harmful insects as they often search for a tiny grain of food on your garments’ woolen fabrics.

Get Your Suit Cared by Dry Cleaner

Likewise, if you would like to get your suit cleaned by a dry cleaner, you still have to follow whether your suits are cared for thoroughly or not. And let them deliver your orders back to you at your home or office. Dry cleaners with the best services always treat your clothes precisely. 

Save Wardrobe Space

You should buy two or three pairs of pants, shirts, or skirts corresponding to each jacket. To expand your wardrobe, you only need to purchase different things like accessories or outfits as long as it matches the outer suits. 

The fabric’s quality evenly affects the wearer’s sophistication and limits the need to change too many suits. For instance, a solid navy blue suit goes well with elegant gray or plaid pants or dresses, doesn’t it?

Our Final Word

You are beginning to build your professional wardrobe with navy suits, dress suits, or charcoal. But how often should you dry clean a suit? It all depends on how you take care of your clothes rather than dry them after each wear.

Workwear (suits, vests) is that any successful businessman wishes to own. Their prices are not low, and you must also know how to preserve and store worth suits. Of course, this is quite costly, not just tossing it all into the washing machine.

Bear in mind that you do not need to dry-clean too many times when taking care of the right suit. I hope it is helpful to you!

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