Find out How Often to Clean Motorcycle Chain

The enjoyment of driving a motorcycle is fantastic, but sometimes we also hear an annoying sound from the friction of unclean chains. So how often to clean motorcycle chain to avoid this noise? 

Clairoliviawayman have a secret to help you figure out when your motorcycle chain needs to be cleaned. Let’s have a look!

How Often to Clean Motorcycle Chain?

Because of many elements, it is sometimes such a difficult task to recognize whether the chains need to be cleaned or how often to clean motorcycle chain. One of them is the way we drive. If we are driving in mud or dirt, we must immediately have the chain cleaned. 

The dirt clinging to the chain will prevent the connection of gear and chain. They don’t work properly together, so more fuel will be burned for moving, costing you an extra. So after a long trip to the mud area, it will take you longer to clean the chains.

Another element affecting the determination of cleaning motorcycle chains is weather or where you live. If your living place is dry, but rainy sometimes, the likelihood of your motorcycle chain becoming rusty because of suffering from unusual weather will be much higher.

It will increase the friction so the chain will make an annoying sound as a warning for you. We recommend you check the chain once a month to recognize the current state of rather than get an alert.

Cleaning & Lubricating Our Motorcycle Chain Process


You are wondering how you can take care of your motorcycle chain effectively. Now I will provide you with a 4-step basic process to clean and lubricate your motorcycle chain.

Step 1: Clean with Water

This is the step in removing a lot of dirt and rust from the chain. We need a hose with a high amount of fire to blow away a lot of mud and rust on the surface. And a towel to dry is also essential.

Step 2: Spray the Chain with Cleaner

At this point, we need some chain cleaner to wipe off the grime cling and dirt particles that exist between the space of the chain link. We can buy a chain cleaner in any garage nearby.

We can also use Kerosene at a lower price but still gain the same result; however, it will be less effective because the Cleaner is intensive for this process. Moreover, the rust cannot be easy to get out without the cleaner.

Step 3: Scrub the Chains

The step requires a brush that can be used to scrub the chain. At first, you scrub strongly on the surface, which will help get dust and dirt out of the chain easily. Next, go to detail as the space between the chain links.

Step 4: Lubricate the Chains

After cleaning the chain and letting it dry, it’s equally important to pour the oil on the chain. This action provides a smooth combination of gear and chain to protect the chain from friction. You should use wax instead of oil as it is very economical.

The Bottom Line

Of course, because many elements can affect the time and the way you have your motorcycle chain cleaned. But it’s better for you to get your motorcycle chain cleaned once a month.

Remember that the more careless of us in taking care of motorcycle chains, the more damage we cause to your motorcycle.

Let be an exemplary motorcyclist, be kind to our motorcycle every day, take care of “him” as a true friend. I believe my experience can help you partly consider how often to clean motorcycle chain.

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