How To Clean A Blanket Without Washing It – A Detailed Guide For You

It is such a daunting task to keep your blanket clean all the time without washing frequently. The matter is that there are some types of blankets cannot be washed roughly. Then, how to clean a blanket without washing it?

We are willing to help you out with a detailed guide below. Do not hesitate to give this site a check. 

Ways to Freshen Blankets Without Washing

How To Clean A Blanket Without Washing It

Some blankets can be machine-washed, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, but others are not. In those cases, you can refer to two simple ways that we are going to introduce you so that you can keep your blanket clean without washing it. 

Rest assured that they are safe enough to keep your blanket still high-quality. Let’s get started! 

Using A Brush To Brush Out Dirt

This way is considered the easiest and simplest one that anyone can try. What you need to prepare is only a soft-bristle brush used for fabrics. This fabric brush is available in most stores of laundry goods. Also, you can buy it online for more convenience.  

But first, let’s hang it up to air-clean. You can find some indoor places with a lot of air circulation to hang the blanket. Shake it thoroughly to remove any dirt and dust clinging to it. 

It is worth noticing that you should not hang it outside under the harsh sun, or else the blanket’s colors will fade significantly. Similarly, do not utilize any other heat sources, such as hairdryers, in these cases.  

After that, you can spread your blanket out on the floor and keep it flat before using the brush to clean. Take the specified brush to dislodge any remaining dust and dirt.  

It will be best if you brush in one direction to keep your blanket remain and make sure that all the dirt has been removed. 

No doubt, this way also saves you much time and trouble. But remember that it is only perfect for those blankets are dirty because of dust. If your blanket has some stubborn stains, let’s move on to the second method for deeper cleaning.   

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In some special cases, we highly recommend spot-cleaning for your blanket. 

Of course, it is much more effective if you deal with the stains as soon as possible. Once you spill anything on your blanket, let’s clean it immediately before this stain begins to set. 

For deep-cleaning, you need to prepare a cleaning solution by mixing distilled white vinegar and water with the ratio 1:2. Then, fill this solution into a spray bottle. 

Let’s spray the mixture on a white cloth until it gets damp. Be careful prior to cleaning. You can test a small area to see whether it ruins your blanket’s color or not. Then, use your damp cloth to dab the blanket gently. 

In case the stain is relatively stubborn, we advise that you should pour enough solution to soak this area. Remember not to scrub or it will spread the dirt around over the surrounding area. Instead, let’s take a dry cloth to blot up the dirt. 

If this way is not doing the job, let’s think of use mild detergent and water for higher efficiency. The process is the same as the previous way. Fill the spray bottle with a tiny drop of mild laundry detergent and warm water. Spray the blanket and blot it with a fresh dry cloth afterward. 

Mild detergent is the best option here because it is effective yet still safe for sensitive skin. For this reason, you should not use anything harsher than it. 

Additional Tips You Should Know

Here are some useful tips that you cannot miss out on when cleaning a blanket without washing it.

First and foremost, always read the care instructions from the manufacturer to see if your blanket is hand-machined, wash-machined, or dry clean only.  

Check the blanket’s material to find out if you can scrub it or not. For example, scrubbing wool blanket is never allowed. 

Besides, always pick up the gentle cleaning solution instead of harsh chemicals to not damage the fabric. Hot water is not highly recommended as it is a bit too harsh for the fabric. Warm or cold water will be much gentler for you to clean your blanket.  

Last but not least, take better care of your blanket by storing it properly. 

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Final Words 

How to clean a blanket without washing it? We bet that you have found out a satisfactory answer after reading our guide. Now you can gain enough confidence to clean your blanket to ensure your sleeping quality.

Thanks for reading! And do not forget to share your experience in the comment section below. Of course, you can share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

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