How To Clean A Pillow Pet – The Easiest-To-Follow Tips

Your stuffed buddy gets dirty after being with you for a period, and you want to clean it quickly?

Can you use the washing machine, or you have to wash it by hand? In case your toy has a non-removable battery pack, how can you clean it?

Well, today, I’m going to show you the step-by-step tutorials on how to clean a pillow pet. Follow these steps, and you find that the cleaning process would be as easy as a cakewalk.

How to Wash a Pillow Pet

How To Clean A Pillow Pet? – The Step-by-step Guidelines

What To Know Before Washing A Pillow Pet?

Before washing the stuffed animal, there are few things you need to check out.

First, you need to check for the care instructions on the tag. Due to these instructions, you can know which cleaning method you should use: Using a washing machine, hand washing, or wet cleaning.  

Then, you’d better test the fabric for colorfastness. This will ensure that your pillow pet will not blend color while washing with a small amount of gentle laundry detergent. If any color comes away, you should only use water to clean it.

What’s more?

If you want to save your time and effort while cleaning your stuffed pet, you need to gently vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush to eliminate the fur’s dust. 

Now, let’s step into the washing process and make the pillow pet as soft and clean as new. 

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How To Clean A Regular Pillow Pet?

Step 1: Wash the Pillow Pet

Most stuffed pets can be put in the washer for quick and easy cleaning. However, if it is too soft or delicate, you should wash it by hand to avoid damage. And below are instructions for each type of cleaning. 

  • Machine washing

If you choose to clean your pillow pet with the washing machine, remember to cover it with a plastic or a zippered bag for added protection against wear and tear.

For the detergent, you should go for the mild laundry detergent as the sudsy ones can weigh your stuffed pet down, and may leave it firmly and sticky after drying.

Once you place it inside the washer, choose the gentlest setting, and set the cool water temperature to avoid damages when it gets washed. 

  • Hand washing

What’s about the hand-washing process? Here are the detailed guidelines. 

  1. Fill a large bucket up with water and soak your pillow pet in it. 
  2. Mix the water with mild laundry detergent to avoid damaging or leaving it with sticky suds (you can check the detergent mix directions to determine the suitable amount for your mixture.)
  3. Add a little baking soda (around 90g) to remove the bad odor for your pillow pet (optional).
  4. Dip a cloth in the laundry detergent solution, wring it out to remove excess water, and press it to your pillow pet. 
  5. Continuously rub in circular motions until you have rubbed off all the stains on your pillow pet’s surface.
  6. Gently squeeze the stuffed pet and pat it down with a towel to remove excess water and shorten the drying times. 

Step 2: Dry Your Pillow Pet 

Use a hairdryer on a low-heat setting or on a cool mode to dry the stuffed pet, if the toy’s label indicates that you can do that. 

Another option is to place it on a warm and sunny spot to air-dry. You can choose either place it near a window where it gets lots of sunlight, or hang it up outside.

If outside, avoid drying your pillow pet on a blustery or harsh sunny day. That’s because strong wind either can blow your favorite buddy away or sweep the dust into it, and the harsh sunlight might cause the toy’s color to fade.  

Once it is completely dry, use a soft comb or a brush to fluff it back up, and then you can enjoy your time with a clean and soft stuffed pet.


How To Clean An Electronic Pillow Pet?

Step 1: Remove the Battery and Thoroughly Vacuum the Stuffed Animal 

Before beginning, take the batteries out of the pillow pet and make sure that the toy’s fabric fully covers the battery box. 

Then, use a small vacuum cleaner or brush to lightly vacuum the toy and remove as much dust as possible.

Step 2: Use the Dry-cleaning Method to Remove the Tough Stains

Find a large bowl or bucket, then fill it with water and mild laundry detergent. You can also add baking soda if you want to remove the toy’s bad odor. 

Use the cloth into the mixture, sponge a small amount of suds, and gently scrub the outside of the toy starting at the head. Repeat the scrubbing process, especially in the stubborn dirty areas, until you wipe off all the stains.

Then, moisten another towel with clean water and repeat the gentle scrubbing process to rinse out the suds you’ve just applied.

Pat dry with a clean, dry towel after this step to take most of the moisture out. 

Step 3: Dry Your Pillow Pet 

You can either dry your pillow pet with the natural sunlight or use a dryer on a low setting or on cool.

Although the low heat from the dryer helps to dry the battery pack inside the pet quickly, it might damage the fur if it is too soft. 

Whatever option you go for, remember to check if it is completely dry before inserting the batteries into it. You should also use a soft comb or a brush to groom its fur and make it softer. 

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Routinely washing helps to remove the dust, stains, and other types of harmful bacteria and thereby, to keep your stuffed buddy a clean and safe toy to play with. But it is not an easy task at all!

So, hope that with these above simple steps on How to Wash a Pillow Pet, from now on, you will have an enjoyable time with your clean buddy. 

If you still have any questions about the cleaning process, advanced tips lengthen the toy’s durability, or anything else; please leave your comment below. I’m always here to support you.

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